Thursday, December 27, 2012

Barack Obama: You are the Biggest War Criminal on Planet Earth

Barack Obama: You are the Biggest War Criminal on Planet Earth

"to initiate a war of aggression . . . is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

Barack Obama you are a war criminal and your crimes

are far greater than the crimes of Bush. It´s like Bush is
jogging and you´re running with the speed of a Carl Lewis.

There were two wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) went you
took office.
Then it was drones in Pakistan; an act of aggression.

Then, the killing of an American, Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen.

No criminal charges.

No Grand Jury indictment

No arrest.

No preliminary hearing before a judge to see if there was a

´case to prove.´

No. Just plain cold-blooded murder!

Barak Obama You are a cold blooded murder with the blood of
innocent people your hands from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen,
Gaza (the United States pays for the planes, bombs, rockets and
ammo that the IDF uses on innocent people). Successive American
governments have been at war with the Palestinian people for decades.

Bush, Cheney, and let´s not forget the military generals and
admirals they are major war criminals because they know
that what they did was thebblog stuff that had German military men
walk the plank in Nuremberg and have a thick rope fitted snuggly
around their throats, and hang for those crimes!
But, you, you promised change. ´Respect for the Rule of Law.´
Does that ring a bell. Those were just bullshit words to fool
the people who were dying for change.

You´re a constitutional lawyer and you have torn the constitution
into shreds.

You declare the unilateral right to detain and imprison Americans
in American gulags with any due process!

You´ve declared the right to, and have in Yemen (Anwar al-Awlaki)
kill Americans with any due process!

You have a ´Kill list´ like some Mafiso.

You are waging war on the whole contintent of Africa to grab
its resources. does this ring a bell?

Following were the charges leveled against the defendants
under article 6(b):[12]
1. Brutal murder and ill-treatment of innocent civilians in
occupied territory and on the high seas.
-Abu Ghraib
-The Salt Pit
2. Deporting civilian population of occupied territories for
the purpose of enslavement.
3. Viciously murdering prisoners involved in the war and
members in the armed forces of opposition countries and
also for killing and ill-treating people on the high seas.
4. Murdering hostages.
5. Stealing and ransacking public and private property.
6. Illegally taking advantage of collection penalties.
7. Recklessly destructing villages, cities, and town and
not being to justify their act as a military act.

Fallujah, Basra...

8. Illegally enlisting civilian labor.

9. Forcing civilians living in occupied territories to swear
allegiance to hostile power.

These were some of the charges at Nuremberg, but they are
the same as what America has done.

Following were the charges brought against the defendants
under article 6(c):[13]

(A) Killing, enslaving, and deporting civilian population a long
with other inhuman forceful acts, before and during the war.

(B) Maltreatment on racial, religious as well as political ground
in execution of and in connection with the common plan mentioned
in count one

You with Israel waging a war against Islamic nations and peoples.

To those of us with any sense of justice the American war
marchine must be resisted and defeated!

     Secondly, all of those involved in the planning of  9/11, which
was a False Flag attack carried out, most likely with mini-nukes,
or neutron bombs to the planning and execution of every
subsequent war must face a war crimes tribunal as did their
predecessors - the Nazis in WW II...

     And take the well-deserved penalties

I stand by this 100%
Paul Meuse
combat Marine Vietnam veteran 1968-1969.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Breaking News:´They nuked New York!!´ It´s War! What are We The Ordinary people going to do?

Breaking News:´They nuked New York!!´ It´s War!
What are We The Ordinary people going to do?
No. I´m not talking about Iran, I´m talking about 9/11.

The evidence is irrefutable!

´Mini-Neutron Bombs: A Major Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle´

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Irish Budget 2013? ´Pushing the Masses into Serfdom´

The Irish Budget 2013? ´Pushing the Masses into Serfdom.´

In a nutshell that´s what it is!

Pushing the Masses into Serfdom, and why?

To pay the criminal Banksters what they demand.

The Banksters created a crises by just saying
we´re in big trouble if you (the People) don´t give
us money to stay afloat.

Then the politicians came before the people and hit
them with an ´economic 9/11 and relayed the message
to the people.

The put it as a fait accompli. You the people have
no choice you have to accept this ´tough medicine.´
And, maybe in a decade or more...things will get

Feck them.
Any politician who is a part of this ´Bankers-want-
more-money schemes, and works for the bankers
in getting it over on the Irish people is nothing more
than a corrupt criminal.

Over €2.Bil in cuts this time...cutting more off the
Meanwhile...there´s over 160 bankers collecting
pensions of €100,000 a year!

Politicians pay is untouched!

They take it from the elderly, children, families
women, men and the disabled.

Irish politicians are corrupt criminals!!!
I´ve seen it on both sides of the Atlantic.
Boston, Chicago, et al and in Ireland.

The people must say NO, and march in their
millions and tell these pimps of the bankers that
No we will not let you destroy our families, our
lives and nation. We consider what you are
doing to be criminal...and since no prosecutor,
police-Garda, nor anyone else will arrest you
then we will and schedule trials...but for the
safety of the nation we will confine you until trial.

I stand by it

Paul Meuse

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Netherlands:Where Santa´s helpers look like black faced Minstrels in America

The Netherlands:Where Santa´s helpers look like black faced Minstrels in America

     I lived in the Netherlands from August 2006 until
August 2010. I was pusuing an L.L.M. but left unfinished.

     There were many things that I liked about the Netherlands.

     I loved walking along the canals; it was peaceful. I really
enjoyed taking the canal cruise boats. They put me to sleep.
The water.

     And, there are so many people that I met and liked and respected,
Paul, from Amsterdam; Ton, from Zaandam; Naima, Saskia, whom
I met at the Prix d´Ami coffeeshop. Jeremy too at both the Rokerij and
later the Prix d´Ami.  It was a good laugh. Guillamo, Josune (?) Too
many to name. Stella, Mary, Jacintha...

     Jackie, from Austrailia by way of Chicago...I have never forgotten
having those meals on Friday.

     All of my teachers at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Harmen,

     The one big shocker was Santa´s, or (“Sinterklaas,” in the Netherlands)
helpers. They were not the elves that I had grown up used to in America.
No, these reminded me of the performers I´d seen in America´s minstrel
shows. White actors and actresses with blackened faces....playing derogatory

     The only minstrel performers that I saw live was in a skit...part of a show
put on at my school. It was a Catholic school, St. Charles Borremeo, in
Woburn, Massachusetts, which is outside of Boston.

     In the Netherlands, Santa, is known as “Sinterklaas.” December 5th is the
day children receive their presents from “Sinterklaas.”  You will not see reindeer
with Sinterklass. He has helpers named Zwarte Piet, Black Pete, who is the
attraction for children.

     I don´t  remember seeing  Zwarte Piet, (Black Pete) my first  Christmas
(2006). I don´t know why...except I was consumed with school, cramming for
exams and more. I also went to Köln that Christmas. But, in 2007 I moved to
Haarlem and saw plenty of  Zwarte Piets. They are both men and women. My
son was with me, and I remember when we walked around a corner and saw
some with children.

    My first thought was that you wouldn´t see this in America, and most likely
not even in Cape Town, South Africa. When I asked about  Zwarte Piet, and
offered my thoughts that it smacked of racism I was told that the black face was
supposed to be soot from the chimneys, but that doesn´t account for the kinky
black hair, or the lips.

     Most Dutch are adament that it is not racist at all; it´s a tradition. But, this
tradition does not have a long lineage. It begins between 1845-1850. The Dutch
outlawed slavery in 1814, yet it continued in some colonies until 1863.

     Both America and the Netherlands among many countries were slave owning
and trading countries, and America´s minstrel shows began in the same era.

     The spread on the civil rights movement in America helped to eliminate many
of the minstrel performances. The Dutch people who defend these racist characters
should ask themselves "What did we do for more than a thousand years until
1850 when Zwarte Piet came into being.

     It is also is this character demeaning. Yes, it is offensive. Can the Netherlands
do without it? Yes, slavery was abolished, and many other negative things. This
one has to go.

     This issue was blown open when Quinsy Gario, a performance artist from the
Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao was arrested and brutally beaten last  November
for wearing a T~shirt that said "Zwarte Piet is racism."

There are some links to videos below

Dutch tradition caught in racist accusations


Criticism of Dutch "Black Pete" tradition grows

Monday, December 3, 2012

´Russel Means Interview´ The best I´ve seen

“Like I have always said we are the Palestinians of America,
and the Palestinians are the American Indians of the Middle East.”
                                                                                  - Russel Means

  Russel Means Interview

Russel Means died on October 22cnd of this year. He was a founder and
leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM) until his death.

This is one of the best, if not best interviews that I have ever seen. He speaks
with eloquence and from a history of fighting against oppression and injustice.

When our family moved to Vermont in June 1987 I became acutely aware that
the very beautiful land that we lived on, even the whole state, and every inch
of America was stolen from the Indian people who had lived there for thousands
of years.

The Abenaki tribe leader Homer St. Francis was a force that stood up for the
native people´s rights, and in doing so help to educate this man. I saw him
on TV, read about him and the confrontations he had with the state when
asserting the rights of Indian peoples.

Though the deed and history of the property we lived on referred to the farm
that it once was; there was no mention that the whole place once belonged to
the Indian peoples. But, I never forgot that, and felt awkward about that fact,
and did not know what was the right thing to do...I have Micmac blood in me -
Nova Scotia, but it is miniscule.

Listen to Russel. He speaks from the perspective of the dispossed...just like the
Palestinian people are. Both the Indian people of what is now called America,
and the Palestinian people are dispossed, and the victims of ´Ethnic cleansing´
A crime against humanity, and also genocide.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nov. 22cnd JFK, Thanksgiving and Being Divorced

     Nov. 22cnd JFK, Thanksgiving and Being Divorced

     Today is Thursday, November 22, 2012. It is a day
with significance to me on many levels.

     First, this is the day when President John Fitzgerald
Kennedy was executed, murdered in cold blood at
approximately 12:32 p.m. (Central Time).

     He was killed by the bankers and military-industrial
complex that President Eisenhower had warned about in
his last speech in office.

     The ´hit´ was done with the cooperation of criminal
elements within the CIA, the Pentagon, the Secret Service,
which was entrusted with the protection of any President´s
life. In this case the Secret Service withdrew the normal
protection of agents on either side of Kennedy and riding
on the rear of the car. See ´JFK assassination: Secret Service

     The driver of the car slowed down to about 10 mph
as Kennedy rode through the ´killing zone´ and did not
speed up until the job was done.

     The FBI was involved. They tore up the notes of the
interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald after he was executed
by Jack Ruby on Sunday, 24 November 2012.

     The mayor of Dallas at the time was Earle Cabell. His
brother, Charles Pearre Cabell, was a former General in the United ,
States Air Force, and deputy director of the CIA until President
Kennedy forced him to resign on January 31, 1962 following the
failure of the ´Bay of Pigs Invasion´ between April 17-19, 1961.

     The doctors who worked on JFK at Parkland Memorial
Hospital in Dallas knew that he suffered a major wound to
the front of his head that blew away a section of the back of
his head.

     Mrs. Kennedy knew that the shooting was coming from
the front...that is why she tried to escape over the back of the
car until a Secret Service agent, who should have been stationed
there during the whole ride jumped on the back and had her get
down. It was only then that the car sped away.

     Many of the people near the killing zone ran to the
"Grassy Knoll"    Proof Positive: People & policemen
DID run up The Grassy Knoll - " The Hill Alongside Elm Street "


     I remember that day well. I had turned 13 on October 28th, and
was in the eight grade - my last year at St. Charles Borremeo primary
school. Or, as we used to say "I had an eight year sentence;" like in prison.
I was stunned to see the nuns crying; these same ones who day-in-and
day out smacked us with their open hands, or used the yardstick to come
crashing down on your outstretched palms. Some of them could weild
those sticks like a sword on the battlefield.

     But, they were sobbing; they were human. We left school a bit earlier
than normal I think, and I saw many people crying. Adults. My father
looked stunned. His mother had died less than two years before, and he
seemed to have that same look. Stunned. And, my mother was as well
and cried.

     The killing - execution of Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24th
compounded things. And though the nation grieves for the Kennedy
family Oswald did not commit a crime. He did not shoot at Kennedy,
but he was trained by the CIA; that is he worked for them.
 (See: De-Classified Document Admits Lee Harvey Oswald Was CIA)

     There is no national outpouring of sympathy for the family and
children of Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24. He was the man that
the CIA and FBI blamed and then had executed before he could speak.
The only thing that he did say was "I´m just a patsy!"

     November 22cnd is also the birthday of my father (died in 1990).
He turned 40 the day that Kennedy was killed. He shared that birthday
with his younger sister, my aunt Helen. Deceased.

     Every birthday after that must have been strange.
     In 1964 there was an attempt on the life of Sen. Ted. Kennedy
(See ´Ted Kennedy’s Bizarre 1964 Plane Crash Still Haunts Him´)

     And in 1969 Chappaquiddick incident occured and stuck with
him, a young woman died. He had told those close to him that he felt
drugged that night.

    On April 4, 1968, the Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was
executed as was the President in 1963. and, less than one month later on
June 6th, 1968 Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy was cut down in another
execution by the evil who run America.

     I am listening to this now...a speech given by Robert Kennedy on the
´Day of Affirmation Address at Cape Town University´ on June 6th
1966 delivered 6 June 1966, Cape Town , South Africa.
(See: You Tube: ´Robert F. Kennedy: Day of Affirmation Address in
South Africa (aka 'Ripple of Hope') - FULL
     My favourite version i am listening to now is ´Edward M. Kennedy -
Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy.´

     This November 22cnd is also the American holiday of Thanksgiving.
I realized that  there is nothing to celebrate for the Indian peoples of the
Americas  (The Dark Historical Roots Of Our 'Thanksgiving' )           

     Yet what I have always like of it was the coming together and sharing
with people. Yet, I feel sad as since my separation in 2002 and divorce
I have lost the most important relationships...with my children. I
haven´t had a coming together and Thanksgiving with my children,
my family since 1999 or 2000.

     One has not talked to me in over three years, and when I saw her
twice in Cork, Ireland, once on Memorial Day, May 31, 2010 and
again in August 2011 she turned her head away as if I were invisible
and not just a few feet away.

     I had almost delivered her, but thankfully the doctor returned in time.
I was a father at home and raised her alone for a bit, and we had a wonderful
relationship. We hiked, went into the woods..I had a special place...climbed
trees, played wiffle ball-baseball together and shared many hugs and love...much.

     On Thanksgiving I made my favourite bread with their healp; Challah.
Much much more that pictures attest to, and her letters to me.

    My son has been kinder, but my criticism of Israel´s treatment of the
Palestinian people was labelled racist and there´s been no meaningful contact
in five months. I can understand that; at one time I was so sure of the truths
about the Vietnam War being my country helping the underdog gain its freedom.

     Later, with knowledge of war, and death, killing and love, destruction and
just trying to stay alive...I searched for the truth, and that truth is much like the
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of before he was murdered in cold blood
(while the CIA and FBI which had him under surveillance and bugged his phones
and others...knew he was going to be killed)...Dr. King said that in every corner
of the earth the United States stands with the land owners, the rich and powerful
in maintaining the unjust order.

     ´Israelis Soldiers refuse to serve in Gaza´ are voices
of conscience who like many increasingly did in Vietnam they refused to serve
as the oppressor´s tool.

     It is the lies and untruths that my ex-wife has said and does about me out
of bitterness, (as her last letter expressed), and I cannot change that. When I
asked her what she planned to do to help improve relationships between my
children and myself she says "It´s not my problem." She enjoys the present state;
the father out of the picture of not just her life, but the children´s life.

     This is what happened to her after her parents separated and divorced, and it´s
what her mother told me happened to her when her parents marriage ended.

     I cannot change that, but to have one´s children turn their back to you is soul
crushing, and it kills the spirit. But, it is not their fault. Yet, whilst my ex will enjoy
their company this day, and in this life...there is a judgement day and I console
myself with that, and with what I have been told. I amglad I kept the letters
written to me by her since early in our marriage.

     In time, children see that life is more complicated that what they had believed.

Peace and Blessings to all


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why I will not vote in these elections

Why I will not vote in these election

     The first election I voted in was in 1972. I had
been out of the Marine Corps two years, and
wanted to atone for my participation the Vietnam
War. I voted for George McGovern.

     Though Richard Nixon won 49 states he lost in
my home state of Massachusetts; a 49 - 1 route!
We had bumber stickers and T-shirts that said:
"Don't blame me, I'm from Massachusetts."

     Atoning for my participation in that war has come
in the form of ´speaking truth to power.´

     At times that meant protesting, and even taking
over the Statue of Liberty on June 6, 1076. Other
times (continuously) it meant, and still does writing
articles or letters to the editor of newspapers on
something my government was doing.

     I opposed and spoke out against the first Gulf
War from the beginning of the propaganda in August
1990 after Saddam Hussein had his forces invade

     When propaganda for the war against Iraq began
I wrote and then spoke out against it in 2003.

     I opposed every US war since I returned from Vietnam.

     To me, voting for Romney, or Obama is a joke. I
believe it would be better if not one person in the whole
country voted at all.That would expose the system as
being bankrupt.

     Obama talked about ´the rule of law´ to set himself
apart from the lawlessness of the Bush administration.
We were in three wars then: Afghanistan, Iraq and
Pakistan (it´s an "Act of War" to bomb countries as we
were doing to Pakistan).

     But, President Obomba the US has extended its wars
to four more countries making the total seven. They are
Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and now Yemen, Libya,
Somalia and Syria.

     That does not count the special mission (JSOC) troops, CIA
and other mercanaries in many African and also South American
countries. The American government is at war with the world.

     The American government has also been at war against the
Palestinian peoples for decades, and the American people.

     Now, Obama claims the right to be able to detain American
citizens indefinitely just as the US military and CIA continue to
do at undisclosed locations.

     Mr. Obama, and Romney there is only one way to vote under
such a corrupt banker-plutocracy-national security-military
industrial regime (An Evil Empire is what America is), and
that vote must be for revolution of the masses of people...the
99% against your kind. There is no two ways about it.

     The American government has waged a war of genocide against

the American Indians for well over 200 years. America and its land
belongs lock stock and barrel to the tribes who inhabitied this land
before any European set foot on this country.

     To the American government, bankers, military, CIA and the national
security apparatus if you are concerned with helping a people gain its
freedom, then recognize that you are illegal immigrants, and turn over
everything to the tribes who were here before you, and make slave reparations!!

     There can be no compromise with a government hell bent
on World War.

     To Americans, whoever you vote for you cannot see the dark
forces that stand behind them, and really rule America.

     American people : Wake up.Revolution is the only solution.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reflections: 28 October, 2012 I turned 62. “God is Good” as the Irish say

Reflections: 28 October, 2012 I turned 62. “God is Good” as the Irish say

     I actually count my birthday as beginning when I was born,
and my deceased mother always said it was about 7:30 pm or so..
So,  at 20:14 (8:14) pm...hey I´m 62.

     Mostly, despite hard times in my life, and good times I feel
blessed. I know that I have been.

     I grew up in "The Brick Jungle." It was a housing project,
or "housing estate" as they say in Ireland; that name sounds a
bit more ´posh.´

     "The Brick Jungle" was the name the older kids gave it. It
was a place that my mother  (deceased, 1996) once told me
"Don´t tell people where you live."

     I was running out of the house to play ball when my mom
said "Paul."

     I said "Ya?"

     And she said "Don´t tell people where you live." It was a
statement, but at 10 years old I was proud that I knew how to
give directions, and told her "I know how to give directions."
 But, she said, "I don´t care. Just don´t tell people where you
live okay?"

     I said "Okay." and ran out of the house to join the other kids.
When I got to the crowd I said to no one in particular, “You know
what my mom said?”

     A few said “What?” I said she told “don’t tell people where
you live.” I told her that I know how to give directions, but she
still told me not to tell anyone where I live.” The older boys burst out
laughing. I said “What?” It was Albie Cail who said “She means ‘the
projects’.” I said “Oh, I know that.”

     It was that kind of place to ´outsiders,´ but it was home to me
until I was 14. Two kids died before I was 12, and I eventually fought
the kids involved in their deaths; one was unintentional. The other was
´suspicious.´ That spurred my parents to get out. In 1999 I went back
to my city to see "Albie", (as we called him) Cail to thank him.

     Albie might of only been 5´ 6." Yet, he did not let anyone bully
anyone else. So most parents, like mine, who saw him, and his brother,
"Gordie" as tough guys and probably worried about their children were
hanging out with them had no idea that they were the best ones to hang
out with.

     From growing up their I learned how to defend myself. If I told my
dad that someone beat me up; he said me "What do you expect me to
do? Go back and beat them up yourself, and be careful who you pick
fights with." It was a schock to me.

     But, I learnt to always fight on my own terms, or favourable terms.

     My father also taught me that inside a bully is a coward. In my
9th year at school, three boys, two of who were in their 12th year; one
was 6´ 9" got and held  me so a fella my own age could punch the shit
out of me. As the did it I called them p*ssies because of the way it was
done...even though I was on the ground crying and gasping for air. I
wouldn´t give them any satisfaction.

     When I came home and my father saw me; he took me to the
basketball court where they were, and went right up to the big fella 6´ 9"
and said he´d gladly pay the court fines and kick the shit out of all of them,
and teach them a lesson. But the big one first. My dad was 5´10." They
had tears streaming down their faces begging my father not to. I was a
bit gobsmacked.

     My father showed me and told me that day that there´s a coward inside
a bully, and I never forgot it.

     Growing up in the worst housing project in miles and miles, and cities
was a blessing.

     I feel I was blessed by Allah in that I had good parents who taught
me good, and I was protected.

     I´m 62. Yikes; 62. I don´t look, nor feel it. I quit drinking at 28, and
that was a blessing. I thank the many people who told me I shouldn´t
drink. One in particular was "Brother West" of the Aberjona Post of
the VFW. "Brother West" was a bartender, and whenever I came in
Brother West would say "What are you doing in here?" and that I was
smart and should be going to college and not waisting my time in there
like the others drinking.

     That You Brother West wherever you are, and may Allah bless
you well.

     I remember being in Vietnam and another Marine friend
pointed at a Sgt. ( Sergeant), and said "he´s 30." I said, "Man,
that´s ancient." Well, i´m more than double that now.

     This is being written from Lisboa, Portugal, and I feel blessed
and thanked God - Allah, or  whatever name you choose.

     First, I thanked God for creating me; my soul.God didn´t have
to, and there may have been times when Allah must have thought
"What did I do?" Or, "What was I thinking?" because I´ve survived
many things, and as a Marine Corps ´Grunt´ (rifleman), and Vietnam
veteran I´ve done my share of crazy things. I did things even as a boy.

     But, I thank you God for creating me in the first place. Out of the´s not zillions, but zillions squared to the highest factor,
and then zillions more..of things that have been created I was one.

     That tells me that Allah has a sense of humour. I thank God for the
parents that I had. Though, not perfect, they struggled and did their best
like most parents do. I pray that they, more so my dad will be forgiven
of their sins on the Judgement Day.

     My own father was an alcoholic, and a Marine Corps veteran of
World War II who was tormented by his experiences. I was the first-
born and a rebel. He drove those ´Amphibious Tractors´ that brought
Marines from the ships to the beachhead during the island campaigns
of World War II in the Pacific.

     If anyone has seen Saving Private Ryan they get the picture. The
ramp door would go down and my father would witness the slaughter
of his human cargo before they got out of the craft. Machine gunned,
mortared or toasted to death by a flamed thrower. He drank.

     I was a rebel from the beginning against his emotional, psychological
and physical abuse. A 1 punch TKO when I was 15 or 16. I got up, and
didn´t give him the satisfaction of seeing a single tear. He prepared me
emotionally and psychologically for combat in Vietnam without meaning to.

     I have my own terror and grief from Vietnam that I have to live
with daily.

     During a night sapper attack on Fire Support Base (FSB) Cunningham
in the A Shau valley I and my team leader had two Marines come running
towards our bunker in panic screaming that they were being surrounded.
We put knives to their throats and sent them back.

     Minutes later we were listeningto them scream in terror and the agony
of their last seconds of life as they were being knifed by a sapper to keep
them in the bunker until his satchel detonated. They were fifty feet away.
One cried aloud ‘Oh God’ just before the explosion. It was awful; beyond
description. the next day I had to clean the bunker of human remains. There
was and is no training for that. It was the worst thing I´ve ever done in my life.

     War is criminal. But, I was guided and blessed to come out of it with
all four limbs. Some I took care of in a hospital lost all four.

     I was blessed to be with the best Marines I could ever be with. Second
Platoon (Plt.) "Goofy" Golf Co. 2/3, Third Marine Division.

     I went twice, and the only reason I´m alive is that I was protected.
And, I had the best team leader. Paul Bowers, a Seminole Indian, who
saved my life. I was ´walking point´ and he stopped me and came up for
a look of the hill and noticed a trip wire flat against my chest. My next
step and I, and others would have been blown to bits.

    There was an anti-tank mine on one side of me, and an anti-personnel
mine on the other side.

     I had an alcohol problem for my first two and one half years after
discharge, and prayed to God for help. Somehow the compulsion to
drink was lifted from me. I slipped after three years, but quit for good
at 28.

     I went to college in the 1970s and was not expected to long before that.
I did not finish then.

     I thank God for the challenges, faliures and successes. I am enriched
by them.

     I married in December 1980, and had two especially wonderful
children from our marriage. I went back to college and finished my BA
and got a masters in counseling in May 1993.

     Our marriage, never smooth ended in separation in 2002, and later
divorce. It´s been three years since I´ve heard from my daughter (and
we were especially close for a long time - I was a home father, and my
ex used to be jealous of the bond between my daughter and me).

     It´s been months without meaningful contact with my son.

     Everyday I bless and forgive them, and ask Allah to do so as well,
for I love them.

   It is the things said by an ex-wife...bitter over the loss of my love.
But, in every thing I thank God for each day. I console myself that there
will be a Judgement Day, and then my children will know the truth.

     I had a serious health challenge in December, and am still not 100%,
but a switch to a vegan diet in May made a huge difference. In that I
prayed and prayed.

     I am thankful to Allah for the friends, and even enemies, who have
enriched my life, and for the gift to make people laugh.

     I have met many, many lovely and sweet women. The first was
my cousin Bernadette. But, beyond was Mimi in Yokosuka,
Japan. She has a special place in my heart.

     I am 62, and there were nights in Vietnam when I didn´t know if
I would see the next day. Thank you Allah, and all whom I have known.

     There are so many people along the way that to name some would
leave others out. Jim Nance, how are you? And, Hall? I wish you
weren´t so nice to me and tried to show me how to handle a grenade
fuse in the dark.

     Paul Bowers, I´ll get that long overdue letter to you this week.

     I did his my way...I didn´t let anyone know.changed my birthdate to
December 28, now I can change it back. :-

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To The Irish People: Say No More to the banker´s Robbery: F*ck them!

To The Irish People: Say No More to the banker´s
Robbery: F*ck them!

     I have been in Portugal for awhile, and am impressed
with the differences between here (and Spain and Greece)
with that of Ireland and the United States in one respect.

     There have been mass demonstrations of tens of
thousands of people in Lisboa, and many thousands in
other cities across the country. They are not passive.

     On 15 September 2012 I saw banners  that read
‘Fuck the troika! We want our lives!’  ("Foda-se a troika! Queremos que nossas vidas! " I believe is the translation).
Ahh, there is nothing like some English swears.

     But, it is relatively silent in Ireland. Raise your voices,
and do not accept what the banks are doing to you!

     Charlie Weston, Personal Finance Editor of the Irish
Independent hit the nail on the head with his article:
"Banks 'despicable' for setting limits on family spending"

     The people are being told that these bailout will help the
country get back on its feet. His article was shocking for it
showed that the banks are telling parents how much they
can spend on their teenage children, ´health insurance´,
´mobiles phones´, ´entertainment´ and ´Christmas.´

     The banks are telling the politicians how much they
must cut so they will, sort of, not ´default´ on the money
promised to the banks.

     The banks are saying
-cut Child benefit
-cut dole payments-increase the retirement age...on and
on and on.

     This is not a "bailout." It is a criminal robbery of the
people and the resources of Ireland. The bankers won´t
go without at Christmas. They will have health insurance,
and they will have Champagne, or wine if they wish!

     If the people of Ireland stormed the Houses of the Oireachtas,
and every bank and had the Gaidai and the Attorney General´s office "Freeze all assets" of the bank. Put Gardai and a people´s
committee with them (to supervise any actions).

     In Iceland the bankers and politican´s who stood over this mess
are being thrown in jail. Iceland - the West´s oldest democracry!

     Why not Ireland. The Gardai know the government is corrupt,
and the bankers as well. Why is there no investigations of the
bankers and politicians before the get a fecking penny!

     The banks run the country lock, stock and barrel. It is up
to the people to take it back and put these criminals where they belong!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

UFOs and extraterrestrials. They exist

     I post things about UFOs and extraterrestials, and
other phenomenon because I believe that we
are not alone in this universe of ever-expamding

The Milky Way galaxy is estimated to have between
"200-400 billion stars."  That´s just our own galaxy.

And, there are estimated to be between  100-200 to
500 billion galaxies in the universe!

I believe that it would be the height of arrogance, or
lack of intelligence to believe that we are the only planet
inhabited in this whole universe.

It would be a shame...our loss so to speak if we had
no neighbours.

Mostly I believe that the greatest creative mind
in the universe - God - Allah- created all kinds of diverse
life forms just as we see on this planet from the oceans,
forests to the polar regions.

UFOs are not a recent development. They are not
´weather balloons,´ meteors, comets or mirages like
when you drive on a highway on a hot day and you see
what appears to be water on the road ahead.

Ufos appear in cave art (up to 17,000 years ago
UFO Cave Paintings )


Weather balloon? I think not!

There are many paintings of the Madonna and
Christ child with UFOs in the background.
(UFO Sighting in Madonna Painting )

Weather balloon. Nope.

this will be added to

Friday, October 12, 2012

Genocide in the Americas

                               Genocide in the Americas

     When we think or talk about genocide it is always in a distant
country. Rwanda, or Sudan, or what is thought to be the "Big One" -
the Holocaust of WW II where Hitler tried to exterminate Jews.

     His wars also killed 25 million people of many nationalities, races
and religious beliefs in Russia. 25 million.

     But, more than 500 years ago (about 510 is closer to the mark)
Columbus landed on San Salvador island, in what is now the Bahamas.
Guanahaní was the name at the time.

     Columbus stayed for one year, and his troops on the island brutalized
the Taino, and they killed his troops. When he returned he had the Chiefs
to a place for a meal, and then Columbus had the small hall burnt to the

     Within several years almost all Taino dead, mostly from disease.
So we celebrate Columbus Day!!

     When Mexico was finally conquered the Holy Roman Catholic Church
owned 50 percent of the land in Mexico. "My Kingdom is not of this earth."

     In Massachusetts, a year or two after the first so-called Thanksgiving the
colonizers got on their knees and gave thanks to God for the plague that wiped
out most of the nearby Indian population. Many, many Indians died from the
plague, smallpox and influenza.

     The colonizers openly talked of "wiping them out," and deliberately wiped out
the buffalo.

     The indians did not scalp their opponents in battle. "Scalping was introduced
by the Europeans, particularly it was like what one would do if gathering furs
you needed fur to be paid...that practice carried over.

     I believe that all land must be returned to the native peoples. Any non-indian
is an illegal immigrant, or the decesendant of one!

     All the profits from the banks, and major corporations must be returned to the
tribes. It is theirs...and a large sum should be given to the decendents of slaves.

     It must be left to the tribal elders to decide what to do with those who are on
their land! Send them back to Europe, put them in reservations, or let them stay.

     It is their decision.

     There are only two groups that have a legitimate claim to being in America:
the indigenous peoples, and those brought there as slaves.

     But, there will no justice until the land returns to the native people as foretold.

     That is my view

     Paul Meuse

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Someone posted something very funny about a woman ´farting´
in a jewelry shop. I´m writing a novel and it reminded me of
something funny and about ´farting´and ´´shitting. ´ There´s no
other way for me to say it as I had dysentary in Vietnam. It
persisted for two months or more until I was medevaced to the
Chelsea Naval Hospital outside of Boston.

The Mystic River ("Love That Dirty Water"  by the The Standells-
1966) separates Chelsea from Boston.

As a small boy I learnt a lesson that was crucial for my survival.
It was simply this: never go into the bathroom after my father if
he had been in there longer than 30-60 seconds. Piss time.

I remember running upstairs, pushing the bathroom door open
and closing it as I had an urgent need to piss. I immediately
began gasping for air: I thought I was going to pass out. That
was a huge mistake-breathing in. I ran downstairs to my mother
almost crying. She asked my father why he didn´t open the window
after he "took a dump?"

As I grew older I knew why; he didn´t want the neighbours, or
anyone below on the front porch to hear him farting and worse!
We lived in a housing project.

So, if I had to go I would ask my mother if my dad had been in
there, and if he had did he take a shit? Other times I would approach
the door with caution as if my nose were like a sniffer dog´s . I did
rush in a few times and got ambushed. It felt like my nose and lungs
were singed.

Being in the car with my dad on a freezing winter´s day was ´Risky
Busniness.´ All the windows were shut tight. But, he also had three
small children who could retaliate as it were. And, if we did, especially
silently, that really pissed him off to no end. And, he got pissed off if
it was audible.

There´s just no pleasing some people:-

Once when I farted out loud-that was a new toy too just like squeezing
my dick-my dad angrily told me "If you have to go to the bathroom then
go!" Well shit-no pun intended- I told him I didn´t have to go. He told me
that if I had to do that-fart-then go to the bathroom and do it.

And, he really got pissed off when I said "You do it, and you laugh."

It seemed crazy to me to go to the bathroom just to fart, so I ignored
him, and learned to be silent. I was the oldest of three children so I
could blame someone else, or say "it wasn´t me."  And, if everyone
did what my dad said, then the bathroom would never be safe.

My dad said he didn´t mean to it was accidental. Parents
are good at lying and making excuses. I learnt to see the hypocrisy
in all things.

We had a dog named´"Smokey." When he died my parents got
another dog and named him..."Smokey." Creative. Few things are
as bad as a dog´s fart. It´s a friggin anbush when it´s silent. When the
dog farted it was ´red alert time.´ Get him out of the house and open the

Nobody said "Good doggie." When Smokey farted my dad father reacted
almost the way I did, when as a small boy I walked into the bathroom after
he had..."Pinched a Loaf" as they say. The crazy part was that my parents felt
bad for inconveniencing the dog; they felt bad. So, when the dog was let back
in they fed him cold cuts while saying "Oh Smokey, good doggie." That was
a sure way; a guaranteed way of making the dog fart again.

As I grew up I loved the times when "Smokey" farted quietly as he slept
in my parents room. He had to sleep (fart) downstairs. My brother and I
would laugh when he farted in their room.

This is just one bit that will be added to. But, to say I´m not perfect, there´s
two fellas, Jimmy P and Ed D (NJew York) who rememeber an incident. We
were in Chicago attending a meeting of Vietnam Veterans Against the War
(VVAW), and on our last night had a nice meal.

I ate huge amounts of hot chilli. The next day we got into Jimmy´s small
Volkswagon bug and began our trip all the way back to Boston. Well
guess what? I had to fart, and quite often. So, I did so silently. Ed and Jimmy
were up front. At first I pretended not to notice anything, then said it wasn´t me
for the next 12 hours.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To elviswinehouse

To elviswinehouse

Though you follow my´s somewhat
infrequent I do not wish to have someone with the
Nazi symbols following me.

You may drop the symbol if you wish. That
is my preference.

You seem to want justice, but the Nazis were
everything against that. Six Million Jews,
Twenty-Five Million Russians were murdered by that
criminal regime, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Elvis, you say you´re anti-racist but you can´t hate people
of colours or ethnicity and say you´re not racist.

There is a difference between Jewish people and Zionists,
just as there was a difference between Germans and Nazis.
Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Germans were Nazis.

I grew up in America, and seeing your Nazi symbol is akin to
seeing someone choose the KKK robes.

Please either remove that offensive symbol on my
page or I will have to. I leave the option to you

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Must SEE: Evidence of Revision (1 of 6) The Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald.(full movie)

President John F. Kennedy October 1963

“If the United States ever experiences
an attempt at a coup to overthrow the
Government it will come from the C.I.A.
The agency represents a tremendous power
and total unaccountability to antone.”

Project Avalon has this to say about Evidence of Revision:

"This is the mindblowing 6-part video documentary series
Evidence of Revision whose purpose is to present the publicly
unavailable and even suppressed historical audio, video and film
recordings largely unseen by the American and world public relating
to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the little known classified
"Black Ops" actually used to intentionally create the massive war in
Viet Nam, the CIA "mind control" programs and their involvement in
the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre and other important
truths of our post-modern time. The U.S. Government's Orwellian
"Office of Public Diplomacy" has been in existence in various forms
and under various names since World War ONE. The union of
American governance and American corporate interests began in
Abraham Lincoln's day and the massaging of "public truth" began
even before the Roman Empire. The more you know about "real
history" versus "official history", the better equipped you are to see
behind the lies of our times, even as they are told to you.
Evidence of Revision sweeps "official truth" into the dustbin of
history as it may be revised even as it is being written. Each part
cca 100 min. long, 8 hours all together. A must see for everyone"

Part 1: The assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald as never seen before

Part 2: The "Why" of it all referenced to Viet Nam and LBJ

Part 3: LBJ, Hoover and others. What so few know even today.

Part 4: The RFK assassination as never seen before

Part 5: The RFK assassination continued, MK ULTRA and the Jonestown massacre...

Part 6 MLK Conspiratus .. all related."

I have watched the first three videos and they are amazing. They
show documentary evidence never seen before in relation to both
Kennedy and the Oswald assassinations.

It also shows that killing people who speak out, or witness events
is the way that our rulers. When you watch just the first video
you may realize that had John F. Kennedy not been killed our
world today would be quite different.

He wanted an end to the Cold War and threatened vested
financial interest.

Evidence of Revision (1 of 6) The Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald.(full movie)
Evidence of Revision (2 of 6)The Why of it all referenced to Viet Nam and LBJ.(full movie)
Evidence of Revision (3 of 6) LBJ, Hoover and others.What so few know even today(full movie)
Evidence of Revision (4 of 6) The RFK assassination as never seen before (full movie)
Evidence of Revision (5 of 6) RFK assassination, MK ULTRA + Jonestown massacre (full movie)
Evidence of Revision...Part.6...MLK.Conspiratus.(full movie)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Some Thoughts on BDS...Why is America and NATO Friends Exempt??

My question is ´When is it America´s turn´ to be the target of a
BDS campaign??

How can everyone who is engaging in BDS of Israel ignore the
actions and history of the Government of the United States?

I am a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. I volunteered twice. I have
seen what war does...from Vietnamese children with missing limbs
(mines and cluster bombs; both are bombs), to faces scarred from
shrapnel (the chunks of metal that go flying and kill, wound or maim
people when a projectile (motar, bomb or artillery shell) explodes
and sends metal flying at high speed.

The first dead Marine I helped carry had no mark that I could see;
but his face had what I call ´Frozen pain.´ It´s what happens when
the body is hit with a massive explosion that causes instant death.
His was from a mine left over from the French-Indochina War.

I saw others like ´The Girl I Met on Christmas Day 1968-Da Nang.´   Her eye was missing, and she did not have so
much as a patch...something that would´ve cost less than $1.00. She
didn´t wear an American uniform!

I saw how nervous the Vietnamese people were in Da Nang, Mai Loc,
Quang Tri, or Cam Lo ville because they had so many heavily armed
troops (young 18-22 year olds like me) all around. And, we literally
had a license to kill.

The U.S. sprayed about 20 million gallons of Dioxin (better known as
Agent Orange) all over Vietnam, the eastern part of Laos and Cambodia.
Estimates are that between 1962-1971 it killed or maimed 400,000 and
another 500,000 children were born with severe birth defects.

Dioxin changes peoples genes, and does the same with animals, fish...
anything it comes into contact with.

No one has ever been held accountable for those crimes, including what
Justice Robert H. Jackson, the Chief US Prosecutor at Nuremberg called
´The Supreme Crime´ under international law: the planning, preparation
and execution of an aggressive war.

The United States conducted a four (4) year long ´secret war´ bombing
campaign in Cambodia. No one has ever been held accountable for that.
Yet, the US and its NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) allies
demanded that Pol Pot be dragged before a tribunal on charges of ´genocide.´
That´s very rich.

The United States has been involved in Nicaragua´s affairs since 1850! In
1912 the US sent troops there. This is what Major General Smedley D. Butler
who led the troops into Nicaragua later had to say about the reasons for the
invasion and occupation:
I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers
in 1909-1912. Finally in 1979 the revolutionary forces of the Sandinista´s-a
peoples revolution  took back control of their country. Then the United States
under Ronald Reagan and the CIA created, trained, armed, financed and
directed the ´Contra´s (Counter revolutionaries..but called ´freedom fighters´
by Reagan), and waged  war against Nicaragua for almost a decade.

By the way the U.S. and CIA created al-Qaeda BEFORE the Soviet Union
went into Afghanistan in 1979. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's National
Security Advisor from 1976-1980 said that his goal was to drag the Soviet
Union into their Vietnam. to that end they (CIA) created, trained, armed,
financed and directed a group who came to become known as the Mujahideen,
and later al-Qaeda.

Their first goal was to cause enough internal instability to get the Soviet Union
into Afghanistan.  It´s ´The Supreme Crime´ under international law: the
planning, preparation and execution of an aggressive war!!

We now see this type of action going on from Libya to Iran.

In the 1970s I protested against the South African Apartheid regime.

But my question now is when does the US and it´s NATO puppets rate-
deserve a BDS campaign to be directed against them?

The Israeli invasion, occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine was
supported 100% and still is by the U.S. and its allies.

Look what the U.S. has done since 2001 alone and now its allies in
Libya, Syria...When the F*ck will people do the same to the US?

Instead it´s ´Buy American.´

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where Are We Now?

How Far Are We From the Outbreak of WWIII?

Well, I don´t have a crystal ball, so I can´t say on what day and time?
With the US and NATO´s (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) driving
straight ahead to Libyaize Syria, and then Iran-overthrow another government
we are much closer to that fateful day and hour.

Israel has been pretty quiet about Sryia. That´s very odd since the neo-cons
(read Zionists) who drew up the plans for American domination of the world
owe their Pledge of Allegiance to Israel; not America.

What has been going on for some time...years has been ´Acts of War´ by the
US in an attempt to provoke China, particularly, and also Russia to fire the
´first shot´ as it were. That way the US can play the victim of an unjust attack.

I am speaking about the number of US military HAARP induced attacks. One
in particular was the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China. Loom at the very strange
and bright colourful clouds that appeared in the sky 30 minutes before the quake.
Sichuan earthquake in China: 

China blames the US HAARP Program For Catastrophic Earthquakes

That quake destroyed a new nuclear weapons lab deep underground in
a mountain and reportedly set off two nuclears weapons.

One result was that Chinese Generals threatened retaliation for the
attack.  It´s called ´Tectonic Warfare.´ The US HAARP facility in
Alaska shoots up something like 100 billion watts into the ionosphere, and it
comes down directed at the target.

Hugo Chavez, the Russians and others claimed that the Earthquake that
hit Haiti was a HAARP induced quake. part of the purpose when used against
smaller countries is perfecting the weapon for use against the main targets. China.

Some in Japan have said that HAARP has been used as a weapon of extortion
against the Japanese government.


All of these post 9/11 wars were the result of 9/11. Some of the principles involved
belonged to Project for aNew America Century (PNAC) pushed for global domination
by the USA.

 The entire Middle East was to be redrawn according to an American plan(Zionist).
PNAC’s recognized that the American people will not support their goals; war "absent
some catastrophic catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor."
(PNAC, Rebuilding America’s Defenses (1997), p.51)"

They got it on 9/11

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th "It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government."

July 4th "It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government."

Today, July 4th, is a day full of patriotic speeches that talk about
the ´American Dream.´ It was a nightmare for the native peoples
from Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic to Tierra Del Fuego
at the bottom of Argentina.

American Independence meant genocide for the Native peoples.

The Declaration of Independence did not free slaves, nor grant the right
to vote to women. Even men had to own a certain amount of property.

The Declaration of Independence was in reality more like Ian Smith's
´Unilateral Declaration of Independence´ from the United Kingdom on
11 November 1965 when he was the Prime Minister of Rhodesia; a racist

Our political and military leaders will use today as emotional blackmail
saying that we cannot ´let our troops down´ and such phrases, and that we
must continue to support our troops.

´We cannot let our troops down.´ Such talk is a pile of ´shite´ as the Irish say!

We have been at war with other peoples, mostly who live in oil rich regions.
And in every war the civilian population and the troops tire of war.

To the American people: you are not free. You are, like the people of Europe,
you are serfs of the bankers, and the military-industrial complex. And, banks
stand behind and fund them and the war.  And, are we not always at war?

At one time in history for hundreds of years the population of Europe were
under the control of the Catholic church. It was called ´Serfdom.´ A form of the church!

Today, the banks have replaced the Catholic church, it is no different. From
credit cards, mortgages, to car and personal loans the banks have the people
chained in a new form of serfdom. And, they never let, nor intend to let them
get out from under them.

Consider these points:

77% of JP Morgan’s Net Income Comes from Government Subsidies

´JPMorgan receives a government subsidy worth about $14 billion a year
or about 77 percent of its net income for the past four quarters

When a bank´s existence is predicated upon the fact that 77% of its net
income comes from the government...who the F*ck owns who?

Here is another one from WashingtonsBlog

Big Banks Have Become Mafia-Style Criminal Enterprises
Banks Conspire to Fleece the Public

By WashingtonsBlog

See this short video:

PROHIBITION: Too-Big-To-Fail-Bailed-Out Banks Use Drug
Money They Launder To Keep Afloat In Crisis 

The banks in America and Europe are dependent on DRUG MONEY and
stripping the people of those countries from their cash.

So today, Americans will go out to see parades celebrating their independence,
and have BBQ´s, drink beer and then watch fireworks. They will tell themselves
that they are the greatest nation of the Earth. But, there is nothing great about what
our leaders are doing to the peoples of this Earth in the name of the American people.

America is always, constantly at war allegedly for some evil like communism,
al-Qaeda, terrorism or any handy excuse. I think that Jesus/Isa could more readily
accept the principles of communism than free market capitalism. The latter
is more worthy of the devil.

Sir Josiah Stamp – Bank of England: “Banking was conceived in
inequity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it
away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and
with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it
back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great
fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for
this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish
to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the costs of your own salary,
let them continue to create deposits.”
All the present wars and killing goes back to 9/11, a joint operation between
traitors to our country within our military, and Mossad. General Richard B.
Meyers step forward and take a bow for your role in neutralizing American
fighter jets from responding on 9/11.

The help of certain elements within the government was indispensible on
9/11. Mr. 5 draft deferments during the Vietnam War...Dick Cheney, please
step forward into the limelight and take a bow. And, all your co-conspirators:
Donald Rumsfeld
Condi Rice
Paul Wofowitz
Both Bush, Sr. and W
the whole Zionist cast of PNAC

And, tell me isn´t it a bit odd that Rahm Emanuel was Obamba´s right hand man?
When of military age he did not serve in the American armed forces, but in the
Israeli Army of Occupation. Is or was he working for Mossad? I think that´s
a fair question.

If he were Arabian and served with the Saudi army, or if he were Chinese America
and served with the People's Liberation Army of the People's Republic of China
would people turn their heads and not raise any questions?

Serving with the Israeli Armed forces is serving with terrorists!

But, again on this day American´s are not Independent or Free.
They are serfs of the banks, the military-industrial complex, and it
is the Banks who provide them with the money to wahe wars

The big bankers are criminals: murderers!! Americans often say about war
and the killing of others ´it´s okay as long as it doesn´t happen here.´ It

President James Madison: “History records that the money changers have used
every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their
control of governments by controlling money and itsissuance.”
Henry Ford: “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped
in the flag and carrying the cross"
-- Sinclair Lewis


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Animal liberation...a few thoughts

Animal liberation...a few thoughts

I was in a restaurant when a group of men and women,

mostly men walked in with black shirts with white lettering
and pictures. They all had one thing in common: ´Animal

I lived in the country for 10 years; North Cambridge, Vermont.
And, I learned one thing, and that is that animals live off each
other. They hunt each other mostly at night.
I used to sit outside with a cup of tea at night to watch the stars,
and shooting stars, and every so often I´d hear an animal scream.
It was muted because the hunter killed quickly.
One night a racoon got into the chicken coop of my neighbours.
I found out the next day, and hoped the racoon got the rooster-
the ´cock´ because i´d seen how he asserted his dominance over
the females. It wasn´t nice. He had them by the back of the neck
while he did the business.
The male goose was worse. He got the female in the pool of
water and mounted her while he pushed her head below the
surface of the water. Yikes.
And, a porcupine whacked our Siberian Husky in the face.
Boof! He was dead the next morning. His mistake? He hung
around and climbed a tree. He was taken out the next morning
by a neighbour. Two shots. I had no gun.

But back to the ´Animal Liberators´ I agree that animals shouldn´t
be put in zoos. That also means that if animal lovers want to see
their favourite animal, then go to their natural habitat.

You like Polar bears, then pack and go on an exciting journey.
Be careful, because Polar bears have no fear of humans. Get
out and enjoy nature.

Hey, you like to see a King Cobra? Then, just pack up and go
trek into where they are. Be careful. I did during the Vietnam
War, and believe me I wasn´t looking forward to seeing one.
While on patrol once I saw a viper come out of the grass.
It was green, and as it came on the brown dirt road guess
what? It changed colour to a brownish, then back to green
as it entered the grass on the other side of the road.

I checked me bed gear (kicked it) every night from a distance.
What I thought of while watching these fine men and a woman
who are into Liberation ´Big Time´ is to go up to them, and earn
their trust, and say I know where and how we could score a big
victory for ´animal liberation´ and liberate hundreds.

Then, I´d get a few Vietnam vets like me…meet the liberators and
go to the zoo. We of course would be armed so no one could back
out:- Then, I´d give the keys to the Polar bear cage and say “hear,
let him out, and when you do say ´You´re free brother.´ and shake
his paw.”

Then, there are the lions, tigers, hippos, deadly snakes who are far
Away from home…the same…I say “hey pat the lions, and tigers
head and say “You´re free brothers and sisters.” Try and get on
one for a ride. You deserve it:-

That´s all…did I say my sense of humour was a bit twisted? Do
you think I´m kidding? ;.-

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My first night in Marine Corps boot camp...and a bit more

This was written earlier, but just finished...more to add.

My first night in Marine Corps boot camp June 22 1968

Today, actually this night at about 23:00-23:30, 21 June 2012
is 44 years to the day that I entered U.S. Marine Corps boot camp
at Parris Island, South Carolina. Mostly, it was June 22, 1968, but
we got in before midnight.

I left Boston by train with Tommy Lizotte and Gary Arbuthnot.
I had joined the Marines on or about 26 February 1968 on the
120 day delay program, which meant I would enter boot camp
after I graduated from high school. When Tommy joined the
recruiter, a helluva of a guy, Staff Sgt. Frank Ramos, signed us
up on the ´buddy system´ which meant that you and your friend
would go through Boot camp in the same platoon.

Gary was also supposed to be with us in platoon 384 (´the best
in the corps´as we sang), but I think that he ended up in platoon
385.  But, I didn´t complain about the mixup. That´s because
within the first few days of boot camp a drill instructor from
another platoon asked the recruits if they had any outstanding
questions or problems.

One man raised his hand and told the DI that he joined with
his best friend under the ´buddy system´ and his friend was
placed in another platoon. So, the Drill Instructor (herein DI)
said "so you miss your buddy? We might not be able to change
things, but you want to see your buddy?" The man didn´t know
what do do, and the DI asked for the name of his buddy.

They DI´s got his buddy, and brought both of them in front
of the whole series (four platoons of 80 men in a training
series). Then, the DI said "Say hello to your buddy."

Your, man said "Hi" to his friend. The DI came over and
said "I said to say hello. This is how you say hello." And,
with that the DI smacked the man who missed his buddy
across the face. Then he ordered him to say hello to his

He hit his friend, but not enough for the DI, so the DI
again smacked the man knocking him off his feet, and
said "Say hello to your buddy." He smacked his friend
hard to avoid another smacking by the DI. Then, the DI
said to the recruit who was smacked "Say hello to your

This went on for about 5-10 minutes. Smack, smack, smack...
so, a lot of people who´s friends ended up in the wrong platoon
decided not to complain. Hello Parris Island!

I guess that you could call the ´buddy system´ not only having a
friend go through that experience, but it was also witnessing each
other getting abused, beaten and more by the Drill Instructors.

I knew Gary much longer as we had gone through our first 8 years
of primary school together in a small class at St. Charles Borromeo
in Woburn, Massachusetts.

We took a long train from what I thought was an Army base in
Boston not far from South Boston, and there were many stops.
As we were from Boston and the Boston area we were the
smartest, cockiest wise guys. But, we would have to share that
with those from other cities...notably New York.

Our first stop was at Brockton, and it set a pattern; every new
group thought that they were the baddest. The next stop that I
remember was New York, but there were others before it. We
also stopped at Philadelphia; I don´t know about Baltimore.
But, we stopped and got out for a bit in Washington D.C.

I remember that stop because many buildings were boarded up
as there had been five days of riots in the African American
community after the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
I wasn´t interested in seeing national monuments; I wanted beer,
or a place that sold it. I came up empty.

We then moved on to Richmond, Virginia, a city that I liked very
much in the last several months before I got out of the Marines,
and went there on weekends several times. On a Lance Corporal´s
(L/Cpl) pay hotels were too meant trying to meet
a woman the first night...and having someplace to stay...and

I enjoyed going through Virginia very much, especially the
approach to Richmond. I saw graveyards and communities
that you don´t see if you´re on a highway, and I saw poverty
in someplaces.

I don´t remember how many stops there were beteen Richmond
and Charleston, South Carolina, but I remember one in particular.
We stopped at a small place in South Carolina in the African-
American part of town; it was a short stop...maybe 10-15 minutes.

I got off the train and raced to the central area, and as I ran my
ass off I called out to people asking where the bar was...´crazy
white boy.´ I didn´t think about segregation, or have a clue.
Although on May 17, 1954 the U. S. Supreme Court outlawed
separate educational facilities based on race, and Congress
passed ´The Civil Rights Act of 1964´ that outlawed major forms
of discrimination against African-Americans and women racial
segregation still existed and does mainly through housing segregation
by race.

I was the first one to the bar and got two beers, and left a good
tip; I was happy. I did the same six months later in the Anchorage,
Alaska airport...running and asking where the bar was. I was going
to Vietnam for my first time.

The train ride was also very interesting and educational. I was
seeing lots of farmland...fields of yellow and other colours for
miles. But, I also saw poverty, and what shocked me were the
small grayish one floor small houses that spoke of abject poverty
among African-Americans. I never forgot that.

It also is a fact in the North, and I grew up in a housing project
that the older kids called it ´The Brick Jungle´ (the name I use
in my novel) for my first 14 years. The project was for families
that were near the bottom economically.

We got into Charleston, South Carolina late probably about 11pm,
and switched to a bus for the 5 mile ride to the Marine Corps
Recruit Depot, Parris Island. It was very dark as we crossed the
distance from the main land.
I had good training for Marine Corps Boot Camp. My father was,
in the years he drank, my own personal Drill Instructor. In 1987
a counselor and later colleague told me that my father helped
prepare me emotionally for war in Vietnam; that is to withstand
it not only emotionally, but also psychologically. So, I knew I
could handle boot camp.

I knew that Drill Instructors (herein DI´s) smacked and beat
recruits, but my dad smacked me, and when I was 14 he scored
a one punch TKO on me. And, I didn´t give my dad the satisfaction
of seeing me shed a tear! So, I knew that I could take a beating,
and come back. That´s a terrible statement about your childhood,
but I was also prepared for war by him. Now,  I consider that a

One of the best pieces of advice I got was from Charlie M who
was a couple of years ahead of me at Woburn High, and in the
Marines earlier. He said to get a seat at the front of the bus that
took us to Parris Island, preferably the first row. There was a

When the DI came on the bus he said that we were now at Parris
Island, Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Then he said ´Your mama
and papa ain´t here. We are your mama and papa. When I tell you
to get off this here bus you run your slimy civilian ass off and get
into that barracks. You got 30 seconds and 28 off them are gone

And as Charlie had warned the DI had a night stick (in Boston
we called the policeman´s night stick a ´Billy Club.´ After all,
they just don´t use them at night. In Boston a Billy Club used
to be called a ´Paddy Whacker.´ Paddy as in Irishman.

Charlie had also warned that even if I were in the front seat (I had
the aisle seat behind the driver) to get offfast  because the DI may
turn around and try smacking us just because we were at the front
of the bus. He did turn around, and I ducked. He didn´t want anyone
to get away free. I was happy that I avoided his club.

However, as soon as I got off the bus to run into the barracks
there was another DI waiting and screaming ´What The Fuck
are You Doing Taking a Stroll?´ These guys would smack whoever
they felt like. There was another one past him even more menacing.
I was running my ass off, but to them I was ´walking.´

The last one was waiting on the wooden steps at the top of the stairs.
He had it best; everyone had to pass him within feet, and then they
turned left into the barracks. Inside the white wooden barracks were
tables put together lengtht-wise so they were about 15 feet or so,
and there were about five rows of these.

A DI walked on the table in some rows and we were being screamed
at by half a dozen DIs; it´s hard to remember when you´re traumatized
and not able to count. We had to empty our pockets and all possessions
onto the table. I remember seeing a DI´s leg extend and his foot strike
a recruit in the face and there was blood on the table. That put fear into

I expected punches and beatings, but Holy Fuck kicking a guy in the
face? This is worse than I imagined, and I spent a fair amount of time
imagining to prepare myself. It was over in under three hours, and
then we were taken to a temporary white wooden barracks until our
new drill instructors got us. It turned out that we had another 24 hours
in those barracks. We survived our first 24 hours.

One thing was clear there was no way that we could move fast
enough for any DI. I doubt Jesse Owens could please them in that
regard. It was a constant throughout the nine weeks of boot camp.

We spent another 24 hours in the temporary barracks, and then
our DI´s came. While we had been waiting for our three Drill
Instructors for the next nine weeks to come so we would be out
of limbo so to was not better.

During all of boot camp if a DI caught you looking at him he would
scream ´What the Fuck are you looking at? Do you want to Fuck
me?´ Or, are you trying to eye Fuck me?´ Believe me, there was
no right answer to that question. If you said "No" you weren´t looking
at him, then you were a liar! You´d hear "Are you calling me a lair?"
Once you said "No" after saying that you hadn´t been looking at him,
then you went back on what you had you had lied!

And, if you said No to "Do you want to Fuck me?" then for sure
you´d here "Why, I´m not good enough for you?" I´ll give you a
hint. A yes or no answer is bad. That´s what it was like. It´s called
a mind fuck! One gigantic mind fuck.

Whenever you had to ask a DI a question you had to say "Sir, Private
Meuse requests permission to speak to the Drill Instructor", or whoever
it was. The answer might be "Speak hog." That was one of the many,
many new names that they had for you. ´Queer´, ´faggot´, were others,
and ´you´...oops the private didn´t complain unless he wanted a beating.

And, you could never say ´you´ because a ewe is a female sheep,
and the DI would again ask if you wanted to F*ck him." That was
a no-go area.

Our three Drill Instructors for the next nine weeks were Senior DI
Staff Sgt Ross. And, I thought that my dad was scary? My father just
got me ready for the likes of Sgt. Ross et al. He was about 5 feet 10
inches, a bit thick with a reddish freckled face that was either the
result of the sun or drinking or both...I think it was more the drink.

He was a scary dude and prone to outbursts of rage and anger. Ross
seemed like a man just waiting for a  reason to punch, or beat up
someone. He didn´t need a reason; he had 80 recruits to train and
abuse if he felt like it.

I experienced his wrath, and remember one time in particular. He was
screaming within inches of my face and the next thing I knew I was
on the cement floor, and he was screaming at me. ´Who the Fuck gave"
me permission to get down on the floor´ when he was talking to me?´
Shit, he had slammed my chest hard with his fist. I goy up fast as I

Then, there was Assistant Drill Instructor (ADI) Sgt. Braswell. He
was the youngest of the three, and most  felt that he was a sadist;
me too, yet I had seen a human side of him. Being a sadist was a role
he played. I got his ´special attention more than once.

When growing up in my housing project, ´The Brick Jungle´ dentists
visits were...when really needed. A tooth pulled. So, my first time to
the dentist in boot camp he pulled eight teeth. It hurt, and they don´t
waste too much medication on recruits.

I got back to our red brick barracks on ´light duty.´ Within 20 minutes
Sgt. Braswell came walking through the door, and we all stood up to
attention and yelled out ´Platoon Attention.´ It actually sounded like
platoon Aten hep. I could barely open my mouth, so I did my first Lip-

Unfortunately, Braswell caught it out of the corner of his left eye; he
missed nothing. He came right over and got in my face and said "What
makes you so special, Miss Meuse (yes that´s one of the kinder things
they call you). I didn´t get a chance to explain because his fist slammed
into my mouth. There was a bit of blood, but that was nothing to a DI...
all in a day´s work so to speak.

But, Sgt. Ross called out to him and waved him to the duty table
where he quietly said something about it not being a good time to
hit me. After all, he had nine weeks.Sgt, Braswell came back to me
and was a different man. He seemed concerned, and said he did not
know that I had some dental work. He even asked me if I was allright...
i.e. do you need to go back to the dentist. I nodded that I was allright;
I thought it best not to mention the fucking shock and pain. That might
really piss him off.

He actually suggested that I go lie in my top rack (bed). For a split
second. I worried that if I started to I would find that it was a bad
joke. But, I was hurting, and thought he meant it. He was nice to me,
and while lying in my bed I was thinking he´s sure gonna get back at
me for this one. And, he did; more than once. The worst was a slam
to my adam´s apple.

Another time we came out of a rifle class, and Braswell said "Miss
Meuse remind me of something when we get back to the barracks."
The whole way back I was thinking ´did I do anything?´ No, I stayed
awake in class. What could it be? I hadn´t pissed him off. Maybe it
was nothing. No, a DI like Braswell wouldn´t call you up for a chat.
This must be bad shit.

When I went up to the duty table I requested permission to speak to
him. Got it, and said he told me to remind him of something. And he
said "Oh yeah. Get over in the corner." There was a space after the
last bed of about four feet wide and six feet long. Braswell immediately
said "On you back. On your feet, On your knees...back, feet, knees,
prone...for three or four minutes.

He screamed at first when I didn´t understand what he meant, and I
thought I was in for a beating, but I just did what he said. It´s called
´grass drills´, but I was doing them on the concrete floor. The problem
is he´s barking out the orders in rapid fire, and you (oops the private)
is always 2-3 commands behind him. After a few minutes you´re wiped
out. What a blast it must´ve be for him

Sgt. Braswell was in the habit of saying that he was getting ´out of the
Corps,´ and when he did he couldn´t wait to sit down with a beer to
watch the late news on TV and see us getting our asses shot off!

I liked him and his sense of humour, but not then.

Sgt. Fondaw was the other ADI, was around the same age as Sgt. Ross,
30ish, or was a career Marine like Ross. He was by all accounts best
liked...I think. I had seen him angry, but I don´t remember him beating
up on someone the way Staff Sgt. Ross or Sgt. Braswell did. but, you
didn´t want to piss him or anyone off.

That´s enough  proof read abit...I´ll add to it.