Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why I will not vote in these elections

Why I will not vote in these election

     The first election I voted in was in 1972. I had
been out of the Marine Corps two years, and
wanted to atone for my participation the Vietnam
War. I voted for George McGovern.

     Though Richard Nixon won 49 states he lost in
my home state of Massachusetts; a 49 - 1 route!
We had bumber stickers and T-shirts that said:
"Don't blame me, I'm from Massachusetts."

     Atoning for my participation in that war has come
in the form of ´speaking truth to power.´

     At times that meant protesting, and even taking
over the Statue of Liberty on June 6, 1076. Other
times (continuously) it meant, and still does writing
articles or letters to the editor of newspapers on
something my government was doing.

     I opposed and spoke out against the first Gulf
War from the beginning of the propaganda in August
1990 after Saddam Hussein had his forces invade

     When propaganda for the war against Iraq began
I wrote and then spoke out against it in 2003.

     I opposed every US war since I returned from Vietnam.

     To me, voting for Romney, or Obama is a joke. I
believe it would be better if not one person in the whole
country voted at all.That would expose the system as
being bankrupt.

     Obama talked about ´the rule of law´ to set himself
apart from the lawlessness of the Bush administration.
We were in three wars then: Afghanistan, Iraq and
Pakistan (it´s an "Act of War" to bomb countries as we
were doing to Pakistan).

     But, President Obomba the US has extended its wars
to four more countries making the total seven. They are
Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and now Yemen, Libya,
Somalia and Syria.

     That does not count the special mission (JSOC) troops, CIA
and other mercanaries in many African and also South American
countries. The American government is at war with the world.

     The American government has also been at war against the
Palestinian peoples for decades, and the American people.

     Now, Obama claims the right to be able to detain American
citizens indefinitely just as the US military and CIA continue to
do at undisclosed locations.

     Mr. Obama, and Romney there is only one way to vote under
such a corrupt banker-plutocracy-national security-military
industrial regime (An Evil Empire is what America is), and
that vote must be for revolution of the masses of people...the
99% against your kind. There is no two ways about it.

     The American government has waged a war of genocide against

the American Indians for well over 200 years. America and its land
belongs lock stock and barrel to the tribes who inhabitied this land
before any European set foot on this country.

     To the American government, bankers, military, CIA and the national
security apparatus if you are concerned with helping a people gain its
freedom, then recognize that you are illegal immigrants, and turn over
everything to the tribes who were here before you, and make slave reparations!!

     There can be no compromise with a government hell bent
on World War.

     To Americans, whoever you vote for you cannot see the dark
forces that stand behind them, and really rule America.

     American people : Wake up.Revolution is the only solution.

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