Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nov. 22cnd JFK, Thanksgiving and Being Divorced

     Nov. 22cnd JFK, Thanksgiving and Being Divorced

     Today is Thursday, November 22, 2012. It is a day
with significance to me on many levels.

     First, this is the day when President John Fitzgerald
Kennedy was executed, murdered in cold blood at
approximately 12:32 p.m. (Central Time).

     He was killed by the bankers and military-industrial
complex that President Eisenhower had warned about in
his last speech in office.

     The ´hit´ was done with the cooperation of criminal
elements within the CIA, the Pentagon, the Secret Service,
which was entrusted with the protection of any President´s
life. In this case the Secret Service withdrew the normal
protection of agents on either side of Kennedy and riding
on the rear of the car. See ´JFK assassination: Secret Service

     The driver of the car slowed down to about 10 mph
as Kennedy rode through the ´killing zone´ and did not
speed up until the job was done.

     The FBI was involved. They tore up the notes of the
interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald after he was executed
by Jack Ruby on Sunday, 24 November 2012.

     The mayor of Dallas at the time was Earle Cabell. His
brother, Charles Pearre Cabell, was a former General in the United ,
States Air Force, and deputy director of the CIA until President
Kennedy forced him to resign on January 31, 1962 following the
failure of the ´Bay of Pigs Invasion´ between April 17-19, 1961.

     The doctors who worked on JFK at Parkland Memorial
Hospital in Dallas knew that he suffered a major wound to
the front of his head that blew away a section of the back of
his head.

     Mrs. Kennedy knew that the shooting was coming from
the front...that is why she tried to escape over the back of the
car until a Secret Service agent, who should have been stationed
there during the whole ride jumped on the back and had her get
down. It was only then that the car sped away.

     Many of the people near the killing zone ran to the
"Grassy Knoll"    Proof Positive: People & policemen
DID run up The Grassy Knoll - " The Hill Alongside Elm Street "


     I remember that day well. I had turned 13 on October 28th, and
was in the eight grade - my last year at St. Charles Borremeo primary
school. Or, as we used to say "I had an eight year sentence;" like in prison.
I was stunned to see the nuns crying; these same ones who day-in-and
day out smacked us with their open hands, or used the yardstick to come
crashing down on your outstretched palms. Some of them could weild
those sticks like a sword on the battlefield.

     But, they were sobbing; they were human. We left school a bit earlier
than normal I think, and I saw many people crying. Adults. My father
looked stunned. His mother had died less than two years before, and he
seemed to have that same look. Stunned. And, my mother was as well
and cried.

     The killing - execution of Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24th
compounded things. And though the nation grieves for the Kennedy
family Oswald did not commit a crime. He did not shoot at Kennedy,
but he was trained by the CIA; that is he worked for them.
 (See: De-Classified Document Admits Lee Harvey Oswald Was CIA)

     There is no national outpouring of sympathy for the family and
children of Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24. He was the man that
the CIA and FBI blamed and then had executed before he could speak.
The only thing that he did say was "I´m just a patsy!"

     November 22cnd is also the birthday of my father (died in 1990).
He turned 40 the day that Kennedy was killed. He shared that birthday
with his younger sister, my aunt Helen. Deceased.

     Every birthday after that must have been strange.
     In 1964 there was an attempt on the life of Sen. Ted. Kennedy
(See ´Ted Kennedy’s Bizarre 1964 Plane Crash Still Haunts Him´)

     And in 1969 Chappaquiddick incident occured and stuck with
him, a young woman died. He had told those close to him that he felt
drugged that night.

    On April 4, 1968, the Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was
executed as was the President in 1963. and, less than one month later on
June 6th, 1968 Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy was cut down in another
execution by the evil who run America.

     I am listening to this now...a speech given by Robert Kennedy on the
´Day of Affirmation Address at Cape Town University´ on June 6th
1966 delivered 6 June 1966, Cape Town , South Africa.
(See: You Tube: ´Robert F. Kennedy: Day of Affirmation Address in
South Africa (aka 'Ripple of Hope') - FULL
     My favourite version i am listening to now is ´Edward M. Kennedy -
Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy.´

     This November 22cnd is also the American holiday of Thanksgiving.
I realized that  there is nothing to celebrate for the Indian peoples of the
Americas  (The Dark Historical Roots Of Our 'Thanksgiving' )           

     Yet what I have always like of it was the coming together and sharing
with people. Yet, I feel sad as since my separation in 2002 and divorce
I have lost the most important relationships...with my children. I
haven´t had a coming together and Thanksgiving with my children,
my family since 1999 or 2000.

     One has not talked to me in over three years, and when I saw her
twice in Cork, Ireland, once on Memorial Day, May 31, 2010 and
again in August 2011 she turned her head away as if I were invisible
and not just a few feet away.

     I had almost delivered her, but thankfully the doctor returned in time.
I was a father at home and raised her alone for a bit, and we had a wonderful
relationship. We hiked, went into the woods..I had a special place...climbed
trees, played wiffle ball-baseball together and shared many hugs and love...much.

     On Thanksgiving I made my favourite bread with their healp; Challah.
Much much more that pictures attest to, and her letters to me.

    My son has been kinder, but my criticism of Israel´s treatment of the
Palestinian people was labelled racist and there´s been no meaningful contact
in five months. I can understand that; at one time I was so sure of the truths
about the Vietnam War being my country helping the underdog gain its freedom.

     Later, with knowledge of war, and death, killing and love, destruction and
just trying to stay alive...I searched for the truth, and that truth is much like the
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of before he was murdered in cold blood
(while the CIA and FBI which had him under surveillance and bugged his phones
and others...knew he was going to be killed)...Dr. King said that in every corner
of the earth the United States stands with the land owners, the rich and powerful
in maintaining the unjust order.

     ´Israelis Soldiers refuse to serve in Gaza´ are voices
of conscience who like many increasingly did in Vietnam they refused to serve
as the oppressor´s tool.

     It is the lies and untruths that my ex-wife has said and does about me out
of bitterness, (as her last letter expressed), and I cannot change that. When I
asked her what she planned to do to help improve relationships between my
children and myself she says "It´s not my problem." She enjoys the present state;
the father out of the picture of not just her life, but the children´s life.

     This is what happened to her after her parents separated and divorced, and it´s
what her mother told me happened to her when her parents marriage ended.

     I cannot change that, but to have one´s children turn their back to you is soul
crushing, and it kills the spirit. But, it is not their fault. Yet, whilst my ex will enjoy
their company this day, and in this life...there is a judgement day and I console
myself with that, and with what I have been told. I amglad I kept the letters
written to me by her since early in our marriage.

     In time, children see that life is more complicated that what they had believed.

Peace and Blessings to all


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why I will not vote in these elections

Why I will not vote in these election

     The first election I voted in was in 1972. I had
been out of the Marine Corps two years, and
wanted to atone for my participation the Vietnam
War. I voted for George McGovern.

     Though Richard Nixon won 49 states he lost in
my home state of Massachusetts; a 49 - 1 route!
We had bumber stickers and T-shirts that said:
"Don't blame me, I'm from Massachusetts."

     Atoning for my participation in that war has come
in the form of ´speaking truth to power.´

     At times that meant protesting, and even taking
over the Statue of Liberty on June 6, 1076. Other
times (continuously) it meant, and still does writing
articles or letters to the editor of newspapers on
something my government was doing.

     I opposed and spoke out against the first Gulf
War from the beginning of the propaganda in August
1990 after Saddam Hussein had his forces invade

     When propaganda for the war against Iraq began
I wrote and then spoke out against it in 2003.

     I opposed every US war since I returned from Vietnam.

     To me, voting for Romney, or Obama is a joke. I
believe it would be better if not one person in the whole
country voted at all.That would expose the system as
being bankrupt.

     Obama talked about ´the rule of law´ to set himself
apart from the lawlessness of the Bush administration.
We were in three wars then: Afghanistan, Iraq and
Pakistan (it´s an "Act of War" to bomb countries as we
were doing to Pakistan).

     But, President Obomba the US has extended its wars
to four more countries making the total seven. They are
Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and now Yemen, Libya,
Somalia and Syria.

     That does not count the special mission (JSOC) troops, CIA
and other mercanaries in many African and also South American
countries. The American government is at war with the world.

     The American government has also been at war against the
Palestinian peoples for decades, and the American people.

     Now, Obama claims the right to be able to detain American
citizens indefinitely just as the US military and CIA continue to
do at undisclosed locations.

     Mr. Obama, and Romney there is only one way to vote under
such a corrupt banker-plutocracy-national security-military
industrial regime (An Evil Empire is what America is), and
that vote must be for revolution of the masses of people...the
99% against your kind. There is no two ways about it.

     The American government has waged a war of genocide against

the American Indians for well over 200 years. America and its land
belongs lock stock and barrel to the tribes who inhabitied this land
before any European set foot on this country.

     To the American government, bankers, military, CIA and the national
security apparatus if you are concerned with helping a people gain its
freedom, then recognize that you are illegal immigrants, and turn over
everything to the tribes who were here before you, and make slave reparations!!

     There can be no compromise with a government hell bent
on World War.

     To Americans, whoever you vote for you cannot see the dark
forces that stand behind them, and really rule America.

     American people : Wake up.Revolution is the only solution.