Friday, November 18, 2011

trips, falls and head whacks off for a few days

I was supposed to leave Lisboa today.
I can´t afford where I´m at; though
the people are nice.

Since the end of August i´ve been living in
hostels in Spain and Portugal.

Today, I was in a restaurant that I´ve gone to
for my first coffee, and bolo de arroz (rice cake).
It´s shaped like a tall muffin; thin.

I was seated at a table for the first time; I usually
stand. A delivery man came with his arms full and as
he was trying to open the door I got up to do it for him.

I tripped over a strap of my backpack, and went flying.
I landed on my knees. My hands (L) (and arms(mostly Left),
mostly broke my fall; they were like shock absorbers). And,
then my head wacked the floor on the right side hard.

Something very similar happened in February 2011. I had a
small seizure while taking a shower. It was a small bathroom
(Cork, Ireland), and I had touble getting up. That time my hands
and right side of my head...same area as today took the full impact.

My concern? The shower was running, and would get the floor wet:-
Shit, can´t let that happen:-

My arms couldn´t move me that day in February. I was stunned.
I finally laid there and let myself feel the injury....and
from somewhere deep down I said to myself ´you´ve got a stun
injury...get up,´ (beside the physical ones), and I struggled
with where was the best place for my hands...they kept slipping.
After several slips I found it and my way up.

When I finished the shower I took out my shower bag and took out
a spray bottle of iodine...looked into the mirror and covered the
injured area. I had very little ice, but used it all, and then
covered the injured area.

Since I came back from Vietnam I learned to carry my own first aid
kit as it were. Not much, antiseptic, band-aid and a roll of gauge.

I wanted to cry, but suppressed it. I always had a good relationship
with my children, particularly me daughter...I was a stay at home dad,
and raised her much in the early years. And my son is a wonderful human
being as well.

But, since my ex-wife and I got separated...eventually divorced I came
to realize that how good, nice and loving (and firm when they needed a
parent to be)all those nice times are gone...and it wouldn´t matter if I
couldn´t get up, and was found there.

Sometimes children realize and remember how nice you were after you´re
gone. That´s what I thought of that day, and others days when I had
seizures. If I texted that I had one there was no response. So I stopped.
It´s not their fault; it´s the lies and untruths that have been said by
their mother as happens in these things.

Today, I felt and feel worse now. The woman cashier at the restaurant
came over with a good ice bag, and sprayed antiseptic on the cut. She´d
make a good combat medic. There were a couple of areas. mostly a good hard

I told the man not to worry; I would be okay; I hurt myself, but I said
I have a ´stun injury.´

I went back to the hostel and in bed. Later I felt the pain in my right
knee. My right knee, right side of the head, and left wrist, and arm were
the shock absorbers today.

I got up a few hours later, and had trouble lifting and turning my left arm
and wrist. I didn´t want to see a doctor. God that costs money.

But in 1987 our family was moving into a new home in Vermont from Boston,
and I was unloading more things from the truck when I had waves of small
seizures, and fell of the back of the truck. I landed on my back and heard
three snaps or pops. I thought oh shit.

I tied and wiggled my toes, then fingers, arms and hands and got up. My
right elbow was sore I brushed it off mentally. In the morning when I woke
up my right arm was across my chest. I knew my elbow was broke. I went to
the local doc. He took Xrays and said no break. I said my elbow´s broke.

Later I went back to Boston, had Xrays...and my arm was in a sling:
it was broke.

Today, I finally went to the hospital, and after seeing the doc he told
me no breaks; i´m okay. He asked if I needed pain killers. I told him I
take seizure medication and don´t want to add to it, and that I was in the
Vietnam War...and that there are different levels of pain.

I felt more pain when I got the bill €160 cash.

If I´m off for a couple of days i´m healing. I feel, much worse than I did
that day in February 2011. nausea and more pain. it´s time for a good rest.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Occupy Movement: Stop the Police in their tracks from brutalizing people

I have watched scenes of policemen who thought
and felt that they were big tough beat people up,
and commit other criminal acts against American citizens
who have been exercising their First Amendment Rights to
exercise their freedom of speech, and assemble peacefully.

The police are suppose to protect citizens in the exercise
of their rights. When they brutalize them,
when they pepper spray peaceful assemblies of citizens
petitionioning the Government (and the Real Government-
the moneyed interests) for a redress of grievances,

then the police are no longer protectors, of the people,
nor are they guardians of their rights and liberties...
when the police beat up 84 year old women,
when they break up lawful assemblies,
when the pepper spray citizens exercising their rights,

then the police are a criminal force, not a police force,
then the police are a criminal gang who are protecting
the 1%... the moneyed interests who are the Real Government.

When the police do so, then they become, and they are,
the enemy of the people and destroyers of the rights, and
privilages of the American people.

The American people have a duty, they have an obligation
to defend themselves, their fellow citizens, and future
generations from what is becoming a criminal force.

When the police of New York find millions of people chasing
and hunting them down, then perhaps they will think about what
they are doing.

When a police force of thousands in New York gets ready break
up a lawful assembly as sees that they are quickly being surrounded
by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who break up their
unlawful assembly...perhaps they will think twice about what they do.

And, the America armed forces should ask themselves why are they being
used abroad to brutalize nations into submission at the same time that
the police forces in America does the same to the American people.

Perhaps, they will consider taking over ships, airfields, military bases
and refusing to let them be used against innocent people accross the world.
And, they should confront the police forces and mercenaries in waiting to
stop the brutality against the American people.

Meanwhile, the American people have the right to arm themselves and stop
the police from acting like criminal thugs, and must do so in as peaceful
way as possible. But, they have the right to disarm and strip these thugs
from doing further damage to the people.

Below is the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Perhaps we should occupy the police stations. Print the names and
addresses of the offending officers, and demand criminal prosecution
against those who are see to do criminal acts against the people

Yours...without spellcheck:-
Paul Meuse
Revolutionary since Vietnam

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
or abridging the freedom of speech,
or of the press;
or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Vatican stunned by Irish embassy closure´ Yahoo news comment separate

Vatican stunned by Irish embassy closure

By Philip Pullella | Reuters – 1 hour 9 minutes ago 4 Nov. 2011

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Catholic Ireland's stunning decision to close its embassy to the Vatican is a huge blow to the Holy See's prestige and may be followed by other countries which feel the missions are too expensive, diplomatic sources said on Friday.

The closure brought relations between Ireland and the Vatican, once ironclad allies, to an all-time low following the row earlier this year over the Irish Church's handling of sex abuse cases and accusations that the Vatican had encouraged secrecy.

Ireland will now be the only major country of ancient Catholic tradition without an embassy in the Vatican.

"This is really bad for the Vatican because Ireland is the first big Catholic country to do this and because of what Catholicism means in Irish history," said a Vatican diplomatic source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

He said Ireland informed the Vatican shortly before the announcement was made on Thursday night.

Dublin's foreign ministry said the embassy was being closed because "it yields no economic return" and that relations would be continued with an ambassador in Dublin.

The source said the Vatican was "extremely irritated" by the wording equating diplomatic missions with economic return, particularly as the Vatican sees its diplomatic role as promoting human values.

Diplomats said the Irish move might sway others to follow suit to save money because double diplomatic presences in Rome are expensive.

It was the latest crack in relations that had been seen as rock solid until a few years ago.


In July, the Vatican took the highly unusual step of recalling its ambassador to Ireland after Prime Minister Enda Kenny accused the Holy See of obstructing investigations into sexual abuse by priests.

The Irish parliament passed a motion deploring the Vatican's role in "undermining child protection frameworks" following publication of a damning report on the diocese of Cloyne.

The Cloyne report said Irish clerics concealed from the authorities the sexual abuse of children by priests as recently as 2009, after the Vatican disparaged Irish child protection guidelines in a letter to Irish bishops.

While Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore denied the embassy closure was linked to the row over sexual abuse, Rome-based diplomats said they believed it probably played a major role.

"All things being equal, I really doubt the mission to the Vatican would have been on the list to get the axe without the fallout from the sex abuse scandal," one ambassador to the Vatican said, on condition of anonymity.

Cardinal Sean Brady, the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, said he was profoundly disappointed by the decision and hoped the government would "revisit" it.

"This decision seems to show little regard for the important role played by the Holy See in international relations and of the historic ties between the Irish people and the Holy See over many centuries," Brady said in a statement.

The Vatican has been an internationally recognised sovereign city-state since 1929, when Italy compensated the Catholic Church for a vast area of central Italy known as the Papal States that was taken by the state at Italian unification in 1860.

It has diplomatic relations with 179 countries. About 80 have resident ambassadors and the rest are based in other European cities.

The Vatican guards its diplomatic independence fiercely and in the past has resisted moves by some countries to locate their envoys to the Holy See inside their embassies to Italy.

Dublin said it was closing its mission to the Vatican along with those in Iran and East Timor to help meet its fiscal goals under an EU-IMF bailout. The closures will save the government 1.25 million euros (864 thousand pounds) a year.

(Additional reporting by Carmel Crimmins and Conor Humphries in Dublin; Editing by Tim Pearce)