Friday, January 28, 2011

Irish General elections:'shell and pea game'-voting in the same group of crooks

The upcoming general elections that will be put upon the Irish people will
not solve, nor make any significant change to what has happened recently; that is the looting of the Irish people, and their national wealth by the international banking elite. It is a robbery byone class of another class. That is the history
of this planet. But, in modern times the wealthy use politicians to implement
their decisions.

The present government has handed something on the order of over €50 billion
to the AIB, which is surely one of the most criminal banks in the world. And, to
do so our government is stripping the people of the social safety nets that have been built up over decades. They are doing as told by those who truly rule.

Now, we have gone from Brian Cowen to Micheál Martin as leader. Micheál Martin
is a decent person, but he being put forward as the leader because he is the most acceptable face that will once again get the Irish people to vote in the same group of criminals who rob and fleece them. I am speaking mostly about Fianna Fáil.

I care not that people may say that Mr. Martin is different from the others.
He has been a part of the same criminal organization that has been a whore for the bankers, developers and others of their ilk in Ireland. And, yes they are a criminal organization. It is plainly clear now that whilst this government repeatedly told the Irish people that no CIA rendition flights were making stops in Ireland they in fact were.

That means that this government allowed torture flights to stop in Ireland. This country is but a large aircraft carrier in the ocean that is used by the CIA and the US military for such activities. Will this government investigate who
should be held responsible? Of course not, for that would mean investigating, indicting and bringing to trial its own members. And, then sending them to jail. These are the people who are running for office again. They are fugitives from justice.

If you look at the three leaders in the upcoming elections. The only chance that Fianna Fáil has of retaining power is to have someone like Micheál Martin as the leading candidate. It is playing on the emotions of the Irish people; it is
not logic, or reality.

Look at what is happening in Tunisia and Egypt recently. True change will not come about from a change of faces being shuffled about like ‘shell and pea game.’ True change will come about by the masses of people in their millions taking to
the streets and demanding that all of these parties and people step down, and
clear out Leinster House.

Who benefits the most if Fianna Fáil gets back in power? The very thieves,
the banking community, the developers, and those who run this country for their
own personal, or business gain who have run this country into the ground. Add on Goldman Sachs. We are paying for their corruption; and they are making the Irish and the Greek people and others pay for their losses. They are bleeding this
country for their own profit.

Think about this. The Fianna Fáil led government has made drastic cuts in
the social fabric of this country which is to protect the poor and needy while handing over billions to the bankers. They should be run out of town just as
Ben Ali was runout of, or more appropriately escaped from Tunisia with his gold.

As a solution I suggest that the Irish people print their own money, and
to refuse to pay off debts to the banks. To turn have every Irish person to stop paying money to the banks. That is one of their holds on us; and we have the right to say F*ck You; we will create a more just social order that will lift us up to a higher spiritual level.

Secondly, we the Irish people must forgive all debts that are owed to the financial institutions; Personal debts between individuals are another matter;
they should be honoured.

Third, we must prevent evictions and foreclosures by the banks, and other financial institutions. The major banks, with the exception of credit unions
must be put out of business. They are parasites. But, the employees must be fairly compensated.

The things that people of any nation need are food, housing, a good water
supply, and health care services. These are a minimum; and we do not need politicians to provide these. They are an obstacle.

Presently Ireland produces enough beef annually to feed 30 million Europeans.
Ireland is the largest exporter of beef in Europe and the 4th largest in the world.

This country exports about 80% of all its dairy production.

Just as in the great depression valuable food resources are going abroad. We can feed ourselves. We can make better, and energy efficient housing, and we will
not do it by voting in the same group of chumps. If they had any sense of shame
they would step down.

Look at Tunisia. Look at Egypt. That is how we must vote; and hold them accountable for their economic crimes.

Economic treason is treason! If Michael Collins were here today he would have said to someone ‘Write this letter. To all concerned....’

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Recent events in the Middle East who is behind the Palestine Papers

Recent major events in the Middle East, particularly
Tunisia and now with the release of ‘The Palestine Papers’
raises a number of questions.

To me, there are two important questions. One is who is
behind these leaked papers, and secondly what is their purpose.

I do not have a TV, and was in bed Monday the 24th when this broke.
After my marital separation the TV was the second thing to go after
cable. It was a matter of expenses, but also when I was supposed to be
studying subjects like Property law The Sopranos seemed more interesting,
than something that was mind numbing boring. I like not having a TV.

I watched much less TV after I returned from Vietnam. And, I watched the
news even less because I knew that the news was propaganda. Thirty plus years
later the techniques and methods of propaganda, or media manipulation of the
masses is an art.

Those in power have their viewpoints put across to the masses of people by
articles, plans, schemes hatched up by masters of propaganda within the CIA, MI6,
Mossad, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), or The
Ministry of Public Security (MPS) in The People’s Republic of China et al.

I watched the events of 9/11 on a big screen TV in a Cork, Ireland hotel. When the Twin Towers came tumbling down a man in a suit next to me said to his friend “It’s looks like an implosion.” He was right. We know that today.

But, to me as I watched the events unfold I was awaiting for the F-16 fighter interceptor jets to appear. They were nowhere in sight. I learned later that prior to 9/11 most of these interceptor jets were sent to Alaska, Canada, Iceland (home of Wikileaks), and I believesome were sent to Montana.

Unlike most people I didn’t believe that a small group of terrorists (who coincidentally had prior ties to the CIA would have the capacity[box cutters; give me a break]. How stupid do they think people are) or the ability to elude security, intelligence on many levels, not to mention to get the pilots to open the aircraft doors and give them the controls without a fight!

When a major event happens I don’t go by what the media says. I ignore the New York Times, though I will look at their coverage and try to read between the lines. And, there are some journalist on the Times, as in most newspapers who are reputable investigative reporters like Scott Shane, or Mark Mazzetti. Seymour Hersh, who broke the My Lai scandal and cover-up of the massacre of over 500 unarmed Vietnamese civilians. Most of those people gunned down were women and children; some were babies. He also broke in the media the brutal treatment of Iraqi’s detained at Abu Ghraib, prison in Baghdad, Iraq.

But, the New York Times has been, and is nothing more than a ‘mouthpiece for the Ruling Class. It is one of the newspapers that Julian Assange curiously handed over the Wiki Leaks cables, data for the newspaper to decide which things were important to publish for the American people. Convenient!

I don’t always trust leftist publications, or writers because I am aware of the words of" William Colby, former CIA Director: "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” I learned in Vietnam to trust what I see, hear or deduce.

I look at the historical background, or backdrop to what is taking place in any situation whether in Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Palestine.

And, a fact is that the US is preparing to launch WW III. It’s neo-conservative
(and American Zionists). They believe that they have the military superiority of weapons, and technology to attack both Russia , China and Pakistan. And both Russia and China are making preparations for it. That is the background to all events.

If Hitler was insane to attack Russian and wage a war on both fronts, then how much more arrogant are the military leaders of the US. Hopefully this issue could cause a split within the ranks to avoid war. But war is on the horizon

About recent events there are those in the CIA and the US government who praise
the events in Tunisia and claim that it is a Wiki Leaks led revolution.

Some would say that the events in Tunisia had nothing to do with Wiki Leaks.

I take a middle position. I believe without a doubt that the reality in Tunisia was the festering unemployment, poverty (amidst great wealth), and corruption. That is what sparked the recent events in Tunisia, and now across the Middle East.

What I do believe is that the CIA, MOSSAD will do their best to get a ruler
who will betray the people. Webster Tarpley has suggested that the US wants to destabilize the current crop of dictators and replace them with more willing partners in its drive towards global war. I believe that there is some merit to that. This means that if the people of Tunisia do not win they will be saddled
with a more brutal regime. The army can be a key factor is deciding this situation…if it sides with the people.

About The Palestine Papers when they first came out, and tweets showed up
it seemed as though the Palestinian leadership had betrayed the people in negotiations. And, there were even reports that Israel offered the Palestinian negotiators all that they could perhaps want.

Then, news came of how Israel had no intention of offering significant compromises. Also, hat the US was Israel’s partner, not an honest broker in the alleged peace talks. Surprise surprise; the US has been on Israel’side from the gitgo. It provides Israel with the weapons to maintain its bloody occupation.

Then, we read that Condi Rice, Bush White House girlfriend, suggested that the Palestinian people be relocated to South America; that is the same place where the US
hid the worst Nazi war criminals at the end of WW II.

What I believe first and foremost is that these leaks benefit Israel even though it Shows how bad the Zionist regimes have been, and their view of the Palestinian peoples. Because what it does is set the people against each other. It sets them against their leadership; though their leaders may well deserve it.

I am not Palestinian, so I will limit my comments in that regard; I have not lived there, And do not have the knowledge as those who live there do. But, Israel will bribe, blackmail or assassinate leaders of the people.

And, Israel never had any intention of an honest attempt to make peace. And, even by showing this in the leaks it is like saying ‘you will never be allowed to return.’ That is to push down any hope of the Palestinian people. And I believe that the Zionist regime wants to reinforce this message.

These leaks by Al Jazeera did something that both the Zionist and American regimes want; to shut down Al Jazeera. Now, they have the Palestinian people or thugs of the leadership attacking the one news source that provided some truth.

So, I for one believe that Mossad and possibly the CIA are behind these leaks. It’s a question of who benefits.

But as Malcolm X once said “truth is on the side of the oppressed.” And, truth and justice is on the side of the Palestinian peoples.

Article 13 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “Everyone has the
the right to leave any country, including his own, and return to his country."

The Palestinian people were ethnically cleansed from theirs!

The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
Article 5 (d) (ii) states State parties undertake to prohibit and to eliminate racial discrimination on all its forms and to guarantee the right of everyone, without distinction as to race, color, or national or ethnic origin, to equality before the law, notably in the enjoyment of ... the right to leave any country, including one's own, and to return to one's country."

The Palestinian people were ethnically cleansed from theirs!

Article 12 (4) of the The International Convention on Civil and Political Rights states: "No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of the right to enter his own country."

The Palestinian people were ethnically cleansed from theirs!

the Principle of Self Determination guarantees, inter alia, the right of ownership and domicile in one's own country. The UN adopted this principle in 1947. In 1969 and thereafter, it was explicitly applied to the Palestinian People, including "the legality of the Peoples' struggle for Self-Determination and Liberation", (GAOR 2535 (xxiv), 2628 (xxv), 2672 (xxv), 2792 (xxvi)). International law demands that neither occupation nor sovereignty diminish the rights of ownership. When the Ottomans surrendered in 1920, Palestinian ownership of the land was maintained. The land and property of the refugees remains their own and they are entitled to return to it.

The Palestinian people were ethnically cleansed from theirs!

Paragraph 11 of UN General Assembly Resolution 194 on December 11, 1948 states:
"the [Palestinian] refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible."

The Palestinian people were ethnically cleansed from theirs!

Israel's admission to the UN was conditional on its acceptance of UN resolutions including 194. Denying the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and lands is a war crime and an act of aggression which deserves action by the international community. The international community can apply sanctions on Israel until it complies with international law.

No matter how many setbacks the Palestinian peoples cause shall prevail because their cause is just.

Never give up. Never give in, and ‘Never Again.’

International Law provisions sourced at

Updated November 1, 2010

Monday, January 17, 2011

reflections on Martin Luther King, Jr.

I know that there must be many who hate Americans
and what my country has done. I take refuge in many things.

During the Vietnam War the National Liberation Front said that
they made a distinction between the American Government and the
American people. And, the country of my birth, of which I have
not lived in since 1997, is run by a wealthy elite that has
always oppressed the people of colour within America.

It has always oppressed it's workers.

America has since it's inception waged genocidal wars
against the native population, built itself upon the
labour of African slaves. Millions of them kidnapped
and brought across the ocean.

Yet, for all my country's faults I feel fortunate to
have grown up there. For do we not all feel that way about
where we were born or grew up?

Those who grew up and are growing up in Gaza must despite
all the trials and tribulations feel grateful for growing
up there, for the parents they had, their brothers and
sisters, their extended family...for the many things that I
having not lived there could not say.

I imagine that those who grew up and are in Iraq
and Afghanistan must feel grateful for the specialness
of who they are and where they are from.

I imagine, and know the same for the Vietnamese,
for they seemed such a kind and peaceful peoples. And,
in those few moments when I was able to sit and have a
coffee and watch that beautiful and magnificent mountain
that was in Laos I felt at peace. Yet, I knew that I may
die that night.

But, God, Allah, is Good, and I am here now.

I feel especially blessed to grow up in America
where two men made an enormous impact on me and American
society. I speak of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X,
Muhammad Ali.

But, in America today is Martin Luther King Day. And,
I truly feel privileged to have grown up in America
just for the fact that I saw him...even if on TV, and that
he went to school in Boston...near where I lived.

To have seen his example, and to have felt great sorrow
at his death...for what my country is/was.

He was a most powerful speaker, the likes of which
only come every so often. America had three of them in a short
space of time: Martin, Malcolm and Muhammad Ali.

I have always struggled with being non-violent for I
was in a war and taught to kill people and find it very
hard to be a Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., did, that is
to be non-violent in the face of violence.

Last Saturday I fell just as I was stepping onto the side walk
after crossing the street about 11pm. I felt exhausted, and was
run down with a cold. I landed with full force and wrenched my back.
It was painful getting up.

Two men sitting outside a bar were pointing and started laughing
at me. A friend told me to ignore them; that they were idiots. I tried.
But, they did not stop. I called across the street and warned them, and
'flipped them the bird'; the finger.

They were about 25; I am 60. I went over and told them that if I
saw someone fall I would help them up, not laugh. They had touched
some part inside of me that I call 'The Animal.' It is who, or what
helped me survive those dark nights in the A Shau valley and other
places in Vietnam...and outside after.

I told them that I was a Marine and went to Vietnam twice, and
had training in three martial arts...and that I like to put people in
hospitals, and that if they ever laughed at me again I would pick them
up and toss them through 'that small window behind you.'

I waited for two minutes, and when they said nothing. I started
across the street again, and the wise guy said 'Do you mean if we laugh
at anyone, or just you?' I went back, and told them 'me.' And then, I said
'I'm here now; do you want to test me?' They said nothing. I waited a minute
and left. As I was crossing the street I saw them get up and go inside the bar.

Yet, I do know that if we as a people are to lift this
planet's people up to a higher level, then we must not be like I am at
times, but the way Martin Luther King was.

There was also Rosa Parks, a brave African-American seamstress, who at
the age of 42 refused to give up her bus seat to a white man on December 1st 1955 .

There were also Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil, Ezwll Blair Jr., and
David Richmond pushed history forward (as the Tunisian people are doing now),
who on February 1st, 1960 began a movement that ended segregated lunch
counters when they refused to get up from their stools at the Greensboro, North Carolina Woolworth store.

Franklin McCain, and Joseph McNeil were joined by Clarence Henderson and
Billy Smith on February 2nd. Their actions, like those of Rosa Parks and others before and after pushed history forward.

But, it was Martin Luther King who spoke with such eloquence, and by his and
others example of confronting violence with a resolve, without the resort to
violence that I respect...and hope that I may inshallah, (God willing) learn
to shed my ways.

It is the people above in the civil rights movement, or any movement for
change who brave threats of violence with non-violence who show a far
greater courage than that that I had on those dark nights in Vietnam.

The courage of Martin is a much greater one...and that is what I
think about on this day. When I was him speak or how he conducted himself
I see how far I have yet to travel.

I am 60 and on this day I have been watching the videos and listening
to the speeches of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King...and hope to change the ways #
that have caused me pain...both in and out of Vietnam.

They have changed America for the better, but it has light years to go.
بارك الله فيكم God bless

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tunisia, Palestine and revolutionary challenges to us all

The events in Tunisia lifted the heart and soul of this person. For it seems
that on this planet there is only injustice, oppression, brutality, racism and great
violence, even genocide waged against the common people by those who rule this

And, it is true in a good measure of the times.

But, it is also out of those injustices, oppression racism, and great violence that millions, and hundreds of millions and even billions of people are stirred to action to make a more just society across this planet.

We are in such times at this very moment. And, while the violence from the evil forces of injustice, racism, militarism, and war from the criminal empire of the US run by bankers, war companies and administered by the intelligence agencies; to the Apartheid state of Israel (which has all the moral legitimacy that the Apartheid state of South Africa once had), and which is waging a Shoa (Holocaust, a Genocide) against the Palestinian peoples; to Russia once again run by the security services for criminals
and the very wealthy (but it was the Russian peoples who in 1917 who waged a successful revolution) to China, which like their Soviet friends betrayed the revolution…all of these things may give fright to all.

Yet, every social movement that has advanced the cause of humanity has had to wade through its own blood because the ruling classes were bent on maintaining the unjust social order on this planet where a relative handful live lives of splendour whilst others live in abject poverty. And, so they met every manifestation or protest of the masses of people, who desired nothing more than a just and humane existence by trying to club it into the ground.

As a boy I watched on TV as police beat and clubbed to the ground brave African-Americans and those who stood with them in their determined march for a more just society. Water hoses and cannons could and did knock down individuals, and even break up some protest marches. And, they used police dogs to terrorize marchers just as was done to prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, 'The Salt Pit' in Bagram, Afghanistan and many other places.

But, they could not alter the inevitable forward movement of the civil rights movement because truth and justice was on the side of the oppressed; it always is, and always has been. Truth is with the masses of people in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, China and most definitely with the Palestinian people.

During the Vietnam War great violence was used to suppress the anti-war protests, and those against the war. But, all of the violence employed could not stop the movement to end that war. And it was when the soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen came out in their thousands, and ever greater numbers and refused to fight that the die was cast. But, mostly, it was the heroic resistance waged by the Vietnamese people, and their refusal to accept defeat. Their example is a bright lesson for all oppressed peoples.

This writer, so eager for combat, learned a lesson on my third night, before I had even gone out into the bush when a ‘salty’ Marine back in the rear for a few days grabbed me, and put a knife to my throat, and said ‘I’ve been watching you the last couple of days. Get that F**king John Wayne look off your face. Forget what you been told. The word over here is ‘No contact. We want no contact…no f**king contact with Charlie. So, if you’re to looking to kick ass, or want a fight you can start right here.’ (he meant with him; and he looked pretty scary) Then he said the most important words which I shall never forget ‘The only thing that matters is to get your butt out alive. That’s all.’

If you, that Marine ever comes across these words...I thank you from the depths of my soul.

I went to Vietnam believing that I was with the ‘Good Guys’ and in a just cause. But, at some point I realized that ‘we weren’t the Good Guys.’ Ever since then I have stood on the side of the oppressed; I mistakenly thought that I was then! I do not care if I die in the fight against injustice, racism, oppression, and war as long as it brings about a more just social order. Read that CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 et al. I just won’t go quietly; you taught me how to fight. And, I learned how to the dark jungle of the A Shau valley when we had NVA sappers within our lines...less than fifty feet away. I am a survivor; I don't go down easy.

Behind the events in Tunisia are the same forces that brought you the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and much the oppression and injustice in this world…the government of my country of birth, America, which is still the ‘greatest purveyor of violence on the planet’ as Dr. Martin Luther King said in 1967.

The poverty, unemployment corruption and political repression in Tunisia and other parts of the Arab world are reflections of what is now happening in America. But behind it all stands institutions like the World Bank and the IMF controlled by a handful of banking families. They are behind the cutbacks in social supports on top of the poverty, unemployment.

This is the New World Order; it is their plan. A handful in different countries from the USA to Russia and China fighting over the resources of the world, and sending the poor to kill, brutalize and oppress the poor of other countries. We must fight them, and make our own world a more just world for all.

It is the intelligence services that create terror and false flags attacks; attacks against their own citizens as occurred on September 23rd, 1999 in Russia. These attacks were planned and made by rogue elements within the old KGB; an attack by the government on its people. These were used as a pretext for a genocidal war against the Chechnya people.

On Sept 11, 2001 rogue elements within the CIA, Mossad and the US military unleashed a series of terror attacks against the American people as a pretext for a series of wars of aggression against the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, and for Israel’s desire to eliminate strong Arab neighbours, and to go forward with its war of genocide against the Palestinian peoples.

And on July 7th terrorist attacks were launched in London most probably by rogue elements of MI6...maybe more.

The purpose of all these attacks is to give our rulers carte blanche in stripping us of our civil and human rights, imposing curfews and declaring those who oppose these measures to be terrorists or supporters of terrorists.

It is our rulers who are the terrorist.

It is our rulers who launch wars of
aggression against other poor people in natural resource rich countries.

It is they who set the terms and call Muslim peoples terrorists.

We must know this. The police forces and army will split in times of revolution,
but without the intelligence networks the despots cannot rule. We must identify
the intelligence networks, secret police forces and arrest and detain them in revolutionary times and treat them with the humanity that they deny all others as does the CIA in its rendition program.

We must realize that there will be losses, even great losses, but we must never give up till we have overcome them and make a more just social order on this planet for all

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chem Trails two photos

When I lived in the Netherlands I became aware
of 'Chem Trails' through my son.

The interesting thing about them is that
there were planes spraying at least 18 hours
of the day. I once took a Train from Haarlem to
Utrecht. It's about 46.18 kilometers, or 28.69 miles. these
are road distances.

The whole sky was sprayed in grid patterns over and over and over...
planes passing each other on and on and on. And, it went on when I was asleep, and before I awoke.

To my mind...i wonder if it is population control...i.e. killing people
slowly. If you were to watch interviews with David Rockefeller, Henry
Kissinger et al when they are asked what is the biggest problem the
world faces they usually say 'To many people.'

When the U.S.Congress requested the Pentagon to provide them with
the data etc., about this program the Pentagon politely told them to
'Feck off.'

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i've been in bed sick...will be back-cold

Hello friends i've been in bed Saturday,
Monday and Tuesday and a good part of today.
just a winter virus. will be back soon

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The right of the Palestinian people to resist their oppression

Watching the Zionist regime (and I say Zionist
because not every Jewish person is a Zionist, and not every
Zionist is a Jew...Joe Biden claims he is a Zionist) of Israel
pummel the brave and good people of Palestine, especially Gaza
is like watching a full grown adult man kicking an 8 year old
child with steel toe boots, and repeatedly punching him or her
with massive clenched fists while the victim has no means to defend

That is like using them as a human punching bag. That is what
Israel is doing to the Palestinian peoples. And, it reminds me of
what Malcolm X once said:
'I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush
people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under
the weight.'

How is it that the people of whom in America and always through history
everywhere stood up for the oppressed, gave comfort to those less fortunate....
have become one of the most brutal regimes...facist when they have made their
own country?

Andrew Goodman, Michael Henry Schwerner, were two Jewish-Americans who gave
their lives along with James Earl "J.E." Chaney, and African-American in Philadelphia, Mississippi on June 21, 1964; they were killed by Klu Klux Klan
members whilst part of an effort to register African-Americans to vote. I cannot
see them wearing an IOF uniform; they stood with the side of the oppressed, and for freedom, justice and equality...the very things denied to the Palestinian peoples.

It should be noted that America has always been a state that sponsored
terrorism. From slavery, and the kidnapping it required to the genocide of
the native peoples to the KKK, and its murder and lynchings America was a
place where terrorist were safe.

It is not that the Israelis are in danger of being pushed to the sea; it is the
people of Gaza that are in danger of being shoved right into the sea, or
running there to escape the napalm, white phosphorus, dime weapons.and more.

No it is not any imminent threat to their existence, nor any existential
threat to their existence; it is a threat that they have created themselves.

It is the way that they came to own the country known as Palestine/Israel.
The 1948 war was not a 'War of Independence'; it was a war of conquest by
people from from abroad, mainly European Jews with military training and
combat experience in World War II.

It is as if they took a fleet of bulldozers and cleared the buildings,
homes and businesses, farms, olive trees, lemon groves to destroy what had
been for thousands of years. What they did do in 1948 is:
-blow up houses and plant explosives to kill anyone who returned
-poisoned wells
-shot people
-massacred people
-ethnically cleansed much of Palestine

and then waged to more wars and stole more of their land, and
despite having one of the most formidable military units in the world
they have the population that have been displaced...and they are committing
genocide against the to rid themselves of this perpetual problem.

It is arguable that what the Israeli regimes have and are doing is
worse than what the South African regime did under Apartheid because they
did not try to exterminate wholesale the indigenous population.

We are coming up to another Cast Lead invasion. the Palestinian
people have every right to defend themselves, and to do so with force;
violent resistance to prevent their extermination.

It maybe that only when greater numbers of soldiers are are casualties
that Israeli society will consider the injustice of the present situation.
In the Vietnam War the increase of casualties meant more resistance from within
the military, and in American society as well.

If other governments in Europe, africa, Asia and the Americas turn a blind
eye and do not confront Israel, then the Palestinian people must show the Zionist's
regime that they, the Palestinians are David and that Israel is Goliath.

Guerilla war if necessary, can stop a larger military power. It happened
in Vietnam. The Russian partisans had very effective methods of dealing with
Nazi tanks. they trained dogs that there was food under tanks, and then they put
mines on the dogs backs.

And where the Nazis Panzers entered smaller roads like those in the steppes
they partisans immobilized the first and last tank.

It is better to use peaceful non-violent resistance to highlight the
barbarity of the zionist regime, but the right to use force is a part of
international law. And, it is the right of the people to not only to defend themselves, but to return to the villages, towns, cities, homes, farms and fields that they once owned.

And, while we are at it the biggest Goliath, the US must be stopped in its tracks from waging aggressive war.

It is right to rebel!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A few Words on: 'The Culture of the Occupation. 1'

"That is why, when I hear shits of Westerners talk of the Iraq of before and after, in particular the garbage Americans the so called experts who made a fortune dissecting us like insects, in occupied Iraq, I honestly want to go for their jugular, literally... These are opportunistic bastards who came late on the scene and are still aiming for a best seller. They sicken me, my contempt for them sickens me..."

One point that stood right out is describing 'shits of Westerners...
in particular the garbage Americans the so called experts...'
without naming names? who? Noam Chomsky. Howard Zinn? the
average American? Who, and what specifically that she disagrees with,
or a way to demolish their agruments is not stated at all.

As for 'These are opportunistic bastards who came late on the scene and
are still aiming for a best seller.'

There are two parts to the above.
First is who?
Secondly, is again who? which person are aiming 'for a best seller.'
If someone writes a book or essays about the war that exposes the evils and
educates people...and it becomes a best seller what is wrong with that?
Is it okay for Julian Assange, but not others??

And, what is it about these persons or their intentions and views that
are so wretched? By saying what it is then you prevent others from
being misled by these nameless people.

As for 'who came late on the scene.' Does it matter if a soldier
in Iraq comes to a full awareness after two or three tours, and
turns against the war?

Or the same with other people...that they see the wrong that their
country is doing and become determined to do what they can to change
their countries policies?

One may even say that Malcolm X came 'late on the scene' in that it was
a relatively short time after he converted to Islam that he was killed.
Do such statements mean that he and ones like him were 'opportunistic'??

To trash everyone is to paint all people 'with one stroke of the paint brush'
as the Irish say. I've been actively against and speaking out against my
governments policies since I don't know what 'late on the scene

I do know this. If I were to trash someone without using the opportunity
to state what it is/was that they were wrong may/would be because I
did not know how to/or felt ill-equipped to address their views and
systematically and critically show the flaws in their thinking or views.
To me, that is a duty, nay it is an obligation of all good and serious people
to do, so that those others don't spread their wrong headed views to others,
especially on such life and death issues like war and peace.

It's easier just to trash people. That way one does not have to try to show
their views (except in trashing a people based upon their race or nationality),
and, not on what you think they are wrong about.

Finally, as for arguments such as the other has no business speaking
about a matter because 'I grew up there or such is reminicent of
what right wing Vietnam and other veterans said to those opposed to their views...
I was have no right to speak...

Wrong. Allah God put us on this earth to use our brains in part, and
growing up in one part of the world does not mean that one should not,
or can not learn and express very intelligent views on any matter.

When I read this it reminded me of a few things.
First, the National Liberation Front in Vietnam during
the Vietnam War did not espouse this. It is arrogance.
The Vietnamese Front national de libération had a saying:

That is that they made a distinction between the American
Government and the American people.

And, as such, they were very effective in reaching out and
building stronger links with the American anti-war movement.

And, as such, they were very effective in reaching out and
building stronger links with the American anti-war movement

And, the fact is that during the Vietnam War it was mostlty
Americans, and especiallys students and later veterans of that
war that built such a resistance that helped to end that war.

To condemn only is to set oneself above all others, and to say
the others do not have a bit of wisdom or insight.

I also believe in the words of Jesus (Isa) as recorded in

Luke 6:37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged:
condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned:
forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

As for the below:

'That is why I refuse, categorically to read ANYTHING, any
analysis of the War on Iraq by an American - apart from an
occasional article that never fails to make me cringe with disgust.'

It does not bother me personally in the least when I read such things.
I went to war twice, and faced horror; words do not harm. I let them
roll off like water rolls of the back of a duck. But, I feel bad for persons
that carry so much hate.

And it puts oneself above all others as if to have more wisdom than all
others, and unable to learn anything from the others. Malcolm X came back
from Mecca a very changed man.

But, i ignore such things...and do weep for what my country has
become, but even then, I draw distinctions between the leaders
and the people, and then between some sections of the people and others.

Facism in America a link to two videos

Mobile Prison Guard Towers Coming to a Walmart near You! Unbelievable.

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons

Reprinted with link Happy New Year from the Israeli Occupation Forces: The Story of the Abu Rahme Family

Happy New Year from the Israeli Occupation Forces: The Story of the Abu Rahme Family


While hundreds of millions of people celebrated New Year’s eve last night by going out in the streets, hugging, chanting and drinking, the people of Bil’in did not change their routine much. New Year Eve or not, Friday in Bil’in means demonstrating against the Illegal Apartheid Wall carving the West Bank into bantustans and stealing their land.

The Wall was deemed illegal by the highest judicial body in the world, the International Court of Justice, in 2004 (1). The ‘World Court’ took the Israeli argument that the wall was built for security reasons and dismantled it in a 54 pages document. There is no valid security reason for this wall to have been built, and this illegal wall should be dismantled now, was their verdict. Their report also asked all members States of the 4th Geneva convention not to aid Israel in building this wall and to make sure that Israel dismantled the wall. This was not optional, in the words of the ICJ. This was the duty of all members States to make sure that International Law was applied even when Israel was concerned.

The route of the wall has also been deemed illegal by Israeli Supreme Court (2) in 2006. The Israeli Supreme Court asked the army to re-route the wall and give back some of the land the Wall construction had stolen from the Palestinians. As of today, nothing has changed. As usual in Israel, the army rules and is even above its own laws.

The “Security” argument thrown about by Israel to justify the building of the wall is nonsense. Only because of the power of Israel’s Hasbara (propaganda) machine it is still used by the media and people around the world. Anyone looking at the facts, should be able to rubbish this idea in a few minutes.

If the Wall was for security, why not building it around the 1967 Green Line? The wall carves into the West Bank, stealing most arable lands and water resources and including the huge illegal Israeli settlements. But more importantly, if the Wall was built to stop suicide bombers entering Israel, why has it not been completed yet? ‘Terrorists’ are clever people. There is still a 200kms zone where there is no wall, and where Palestinians ‘terrorists’ could enter Israel at will. Also, there is still today many Palestinians entering Israel illegally to work. If they wanted to, they could do a lot of harm. They do not, and that’s the main point. Palestine civil society resistance has been mostly non violent, ever since the beginning of the first intifada.

The people of Bil’in, led by the village committee, continued this process. They have the high moral ground and they are stronger than bullets. For more than 5 years now, every Friday, at around 1pm, hundreds (if not thousands) of Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals have been demonstrating against the route of the wall and Israel’s apartheid like policies. Palestinians ‘Sumud’ (steadfastness) at its best.

As usual with oppressive regimes, Israel’s response to those peaceful demonstrations has been indiscriminate force. Sometimes lethal.

The story of the Abu Rahme family is a telling one.

In 2008, Ashraf Abu Rahme, was shot at very close range, while bounded, by an Israeli Soldier (3).

In April 2009, Bassem Abu Rahme his brother, was shot at very close range by a tear gas and died from his wounds (4 and 5).

Even though, Jawaher Abu Rahme, their sister and thousands of others kept going, kept demonstrating, Friday after Fridays after Fridays. Because that the whole point of non violence resistance. To expose the monstrosity of your oppressor by not responding to the most cruel acts and by nevertheless continuing to stand up against them. They’ve got U.S bullets, U.S weapons and one of the most sophisticated army on their side (thanks in part to a 3 billions dollars US cheque every year), the people of Bil’in have got the truth, the law and the high moral ground. The point about this weekly demonstration is to show the Israeli army and its government that their violence will not stop the Palestinians.

On New Year’s Day, thousands had joined the people of Bil’in to demonstrate and celebrate New Year in the best way possible. Resisting, together, regardless of your country of birth, race or religion and standing up against oppression.

Jawaher probably chanted “la la el jidar” (no, no, to the wall) and walked, side by side with others, towards the Apartheid Wall and the line of soldiers, waiting on top of the hill. She then probably run away when the first tear gas were fired, regrouped, and walked back towards the wall again.

……Or maybe she did not. Not this time.

She inhaled a huge quantity of this most poisonous substance and was taken to a Ramallah hospital. She never recovered and died (6). The Holy Land is not the land of miracles.

The Israeli government and its army have been for years now using the West Bank and Gaza as their testing ground. The Palestinians are their guinea pigs. The Israeli army uses tear gas that would probably be banned in any other countries in the world. They shoot tear gas, directly at protesters, once again, an illegal act. But a very rewarding one. Israel’s security industry is booming. It’s never been that good. Countries all over the world are buying Israel’s expertise in security, crowd control and weaponry every day. Israeli soldiers are training other countries commandos all over the planet.

When there is a profit to be made, the law does not count.

An investigation will probably be launched into the incident by the Israeli Army itself. The aggressor investigating itself. Because Israel, under cover of democracy, investigates itself. The problem is that no one is never held to account and those investigations often end in a whitewash. Bassem’s death was investigated, but closed a few months later. Ashraf’s case was also investigated, we’re still waiting for the verdict. In total, only 6% of the Israeli soldiers investigated over the last decades have ever been convicted for their actions. Most of the time, those held to account were only reprimanded and never faced jail or any serious actions. That’s Israel’s democracy in full flown.

The good thing is that less and less people are fooled by this. Israel, a self proclaimed Jewish State, as the only democracy in the Middle East sounds more and more like a laughable quote. It is becoming easier and easier to show that Israel is not a democracy. Activists around the globe do not have to look to hard. Israel’s is doing a good job of demolishing its own myth by passing laws discriminating it’s own populations (Palestinian minority), by arresting and imprisoning Palestinian’s peace activists without providing any evidence, by demolishing houses, bedouin’s villages, by striping Palestinians of their residency in Jerusalem, by building more Jewish only settlements in East Jerusalem, by kicking Palestinians out of their homes and putting extremists settlers in their place, by bombing a Ghetto (Gaza), by killing peace activists (Freedom Flotilla), by repeatedly ignoring UN resolutions….the list is endless.

The issue now is how, for the Palestinians and their supporters to use this to make sure changes for the best happen on the ground. The Boycott Divestment and Sanctions strategy is working very well and is a mean for activists to unite under one manisfesto. Corporations are divesting from Israel, Trade Unions and passing motions to boycott settlements goods, Universities are refusing to collaborate with their Israeli counterpart.

The point of all this for the Palestinians to show the whole world, that they will not remain silent, they will not disappear.

As Howard Zinn said: "The reward for participating in a movement for social justice is not the prospect of future victory. It is the exhilaration of standing together with other people, taking risks together, enjoying small triumphs and enduring disheartening setbacks-together. "

Jawaher death was another disheartening setback for anyone with a conscience.

It is also a very powerful wake up call for anyone that has remained silent so far. This is not an option. In the universal struggle for human rights, everyone needs to be involved, in the hope that one day, change will happen and another powerful page of history will be written, by us, the people.


(1) Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

(2) High Court: State must explain why it won’t move separation fence in Bil’in

(3) Video - Soldier fire ‘rubber’ bullet at Palestinian detainee

(4) The Death of Bassem

(5) Video - The shooting of Bassem Abu Rahme

(6) Sister of Bilin victim dies in anti-fence protest

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SOUTH LEBANON: Israel dropped over 3,000 tons of explosives on Ga...

SOUTH LEBANON: Israel dropped over 3,000 tons of explosives on Ga...: "GAZA, (PIC)-- Major Tahseen Saad, director of the police explosives engineering department in Gaza, said that Israel used over 3,000 tons..."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Proposal for a Sustained Action Campiagn Against Israeli Apartheid and its American supporters

We who are not living in Gaza, or the West Bank,
or the Negev where the Israeli government is trying to
force the Bedouin out of the Negev...the desert!! We
those who do not live in Israel must find a way to dramatize
(as if it needs to be) what Israel is doing to the Palestinian

The same must be done to stop the US from waging it's criminal
wars of aggression. The country where I was born is, in the words
of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 'the greatest purveyor of violence
on the planet.' And, it's rulers are waging war upon the world, and
it is just a matter of time, months perhaps, or a year at the most
before these wars are called WW III.

In the 1960's at the height of the Vietnam War there were protests
across the planet against that war. Many were against the US embassies;
they were sometimes under seige. They were the symbols of the imperial
power, oppression, and of the government that waged a criminal war against
people of colour around the world.

There were also many protests at US military bases in the US and abroad,
and their symbols of power: aircraft carriers.

In today's world we have access to unprecedented amounts of information
at such a rapid pace that it is astonishing to anyone who grew up before
the internet, and had to research and access their information by hand via
newspapers, in libraries, or places containing official records.

But, there is a downside. Twitter, and other such site can put a staggering
amount of articles, videos and information at one's disposal that they
cannot possibly read even half of it, unless all they do is just sit at a
monitor and read. And, I'd need an IV drip of caffeine in my arms.

All the information, all the brilliant articles are no good unless it is
to serve action. And, the internet can connect people together, but it can
also keep them/us from taking more direct action as I did in the 1970's.
I was in the takeover of the Statue of Liberty June 6, 1976.

By the way it's an excellent way to see it. No tourists, no hassle, well
except for those guys trying to shove some kind of court order through the
door. But, hey we couldn't read that night;-

But, to go back to what the Israel government has and is doing to the Palestinian people. They are treating them as they had once been treated in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. The Zionists don't have gas chambers; they just drop White Phosphorous,
and napalm on populated areas, and fire bombs and rockets into them.

Those of us in the rest of the world must conduct a sustained campaign against
Zionists and Nazi-like American regimes.

For one: we must build a movement this year to shut down every Israeli and
American embassy and Consulate office throughout the world, or to to make it
very difficult for those offices to operate.

We must not allow ourselves to be beaten, but to let them know that they will not
be able to club people without facing the most forceful resistance.
This is a battle to stop brutatlity, and genocide from being waged against defenseless peoples by these two governments. Protests can be non-violent but forcefully so...chaining of people across the gates of these buildings, for starters.

And every Israeli company that has offices operating outside of Israel should
face disruption to make business as usual impossible.

The same with US companies. The focus needs to be narrowed..oil, banks,
energy, investment firms, insurance too,CIA and Mossad front companies.

This is why. What is happening in Israel is Apartheid (and 'slow drip
genocide')to the Palestinian people because of the weapons used: Depleted
Uranium, White Phosphorous, deadly CS-tear gas, the destruction of communities.

And what has beeb and is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia...anyplace the US
uses its horrible genocide

It is better put by the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the
Crime of Genocide:

Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Both the United States and Israel were the strongest supporters of the South
African apartheid regime...and without that support, particularly that of the
US the Apartheid regime would have collapsed earlier.

These are the two main countries oppressing the Palestinian and all Muslim
peoples, and we must begin a sustained campaigned of action to force change.