Thursday, January 6, 2011

A few Words on: 'The Culture of the Occupation. 1'

"That is why, when I hear shits of Westerners talk of the Iraq of before and after, in particular the garbage Americans the so called experts who made a fortune dissecting us like insects, in occupied Iraq, I honestly want to go for their jugular, literally... These are opportunistic bastards who came late on the scene and are still aiming for a best seller. They sicken me, my contempt for them sickens me..."

One point that stood right out is describing 'shits of Westerners...
in particular the garbage Americans the so called experts...'
without naming names? who? Noam Chomsky. Howard Zinn? the
average American? Who, and what specifically that she disagrees with,
or a way to demolish their agruments is not stated at all.

As for 'These are opportunistic bastards who came late on the scene and
are still aiming for a best seller.'

There are two parts to the above.
First is who?
Secondly, is again who? which person are aiming 'for a best seller.'
If someone writes a book or essays about the war that exposes the evils and
educates people...and it becomes a best seller what is wrong with that?
Is it okay for Julian Assange, but not others??

And, what is it about these persons or their intentions and views that
are so wretched? By saying what it is then you prevent others from
being misled by these nameless people.

As for 'who came late on the scene.' Does it matter if a soldier
in Iraq comes to a full awareness after two or three tours, and
turns against the war?

Or the same with other people...that they see the wrong that their
country is doing and become determined to do what they can to change
their countries policies?

One may even say that Malcolm X came 'late on the scene' in that it was
a relatively short time after he converted to Islam that he was killed.
Do such statements mean that he and ones like him were 'opportunistic'??

To trash everyone is to paint all people 'with one stroke of the paint brush'
as the Irish say. I've been actively against and speaking out against my
governments policies since I don't know what 'late on the scene

I do know this. If I were to trash someone without using the opportunity
to state what it is/was that they were wrong may/would be because I
did not know how to/or felt ill-equipped to address their views and
systematically and critically show the flaws in their thinking or views.
To me, that is a duty, nay it is an obligation of all good and serious people
to do, so that those others don't spread their wrong headed views to others,
especially on such life and death issues like war and peace.

It's easier just to trash people. That way one does not have to try to show
their views (except in trashing a people based upon their race or nationality),
and, not on what you think they are wrong about.

Finally, as for arguments such as the other has no business speaking
about a matter because 'I grew up there or such is reminicent of
what right wing Vietnam and other veterans said to those opposed to their views...
I was have no right to speak...

Wrong. Allah God put us on this earth to use our brains in part, and
growing up in one part of the world does not mean that one should not,
or can not learn and express very intelligent views on any matter.

When I read this it reminded me of a few things.
First, the National Liberation Front in Vietnam during
the Vietnam War did not espouse this. It is arrogance.
The Vietnamese Front national de libération had a saying:

That is that they made a distinction between the American
Government and the American people.

And, as such, they were very effective in reaching out and
building stronger links with the American anti-war movement.

And, as such, they were very effective in reaching out and
building stronger links with the American anti-war movement

And, the fact is that during the Vietnam War it was mostlty
Americans, and especiallys students and later veterans of that
war that built such a resistance that helped to end that war.

To condemn only is to set oneself above all others, and to say
the others do not have a bit of wisdom or insight.

I also believe in the words of Jesus (Isa) as recorded in

Luke 6:37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged:
condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned:
forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

As for the below:

'That is why I refuse, categorically to read ANYTHING, any
analysis of the War on Iraq by an American - apart from an
occasional article that never fails to make me cringe with disgust.'

It does not bother me personally in the least when I read such things.
I went to war twice, and faced horror; words do not harm. I let them
roll off like water rolls of the back of a duck. But, I feel bad for persons
that carry so much hate.

And it puts oneself above all others as if to have more wisdom than all
others, and unable to learn anything from the others. Malcolm X came back
from Mecca a very changed man.

But, i ignore such things...and do weep for what my country has
become, but even then, I draw distinctions between the leaders
and the people, and then between some sections of the people and others.

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