Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chem Trails two photos

When I lived in the Netherlands I became aware
of 'Chem Trails' through my son.

The interesting thing about them is that
there were planes spraying at least 18 hours
of the day. I once took a Train from Haarlem to
Utrecht. It's about 46.18 kilometers, or 28.69 miles. these
are road distances.

The whole sky was sprayed in grid patterns over and over and over...
planes passing each other on and on and on. And, it went on when I was asleep, and before I awoke.

To my mind...i wonder if it is population control...i.e. killing people
slowly. If you were to watch interviews with David Rockefeller, Henry
Kissinger et al when they are asked what is the biggest problem the
world faces they usually say 'To many people.'

When the U.S.Congress requested the Pentagon to provide them with
the data etc., about this program the Pentagon politely told them to
'Feck off.'

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