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What does Wikileaks do for those who rule & thoughts on twitter

What does Wikileaks do for those who rule & thoughts on twitter

First, I must keep referring to the event that gave rise
to these wars of aggression by the US Ruling Class for world
domination. The False Flag attack by rogue elements within the
CIA, MOSSAD (it's all rogue) and the US military, and possibly
Israeli military.

Google 'Five Dancing Israelis.'

It was America's 'Kristallnacht (the "Night of Broken Glass"-9 November
1938),'but the victims were Muslim people's throughout the world.
Muslims were demonized, and this served the Zionist regime of Israel
as well.

What does Wikileaks serve to do? It is far beyond me to offer the
wisdom, or perfectly correct answers. But, I say denying,
and denying the truth of 9/11 when greater and greater numbers of
American's (including US military officers, and architechts, engineers,
pilotsfor 9/11truth), physicist (DR. Steven Jones et al),who have
proven conclusively that the World Trade towers were imploded.

International professionals, politicians and militarys officers have
also said the 9/11 was a 'False Flag' attack.

Yet, Julian Assange denies that 9/11 was a False Flag attack even
when most people in the world see 9/11 for what it was.
Assange calls 9/ll a 'False conspiracy.'

What is one to make of this?
Julian Assange is part of the coverup of 9/11.

To deny what most know to be the truth as he does is to work for those
who wish to keep the truth buried.

Ask yourself. Do you believe the official version of 9/11?

The effects of what Assange does is to push those who seek the truth
away and tell them to ignore it?

Who does that serve?

'Leaking is inherently an anti-authoritarian act.
It is inherently an anarchist act.” - Julian Assange

But what do you call a person like Assange, who is given
centre stage by the media outlets (like the New York Times)
that is the mouthpiece of the US Ruling Class...and he denies
9/11, and tries to get people to ignore it?

He is a dangerous 'snake oil salesman'; that is speech, writings,
or words that are intended to deceive.

He is not, as an honest person looking at the evidence, or willing
to, and investigate it. His words are intended to get people to
ignore inquiry into 9/11.

He is either very ignorant, or part of the machine that seeks to
deceive. I believe it is the latter.

And, the whole trials and tribulations of Julian also help to divert
more people from their own investigations of Afghanistan, Iraq, and what
the Zionist are doing...I mean as in the Irish expression 'To Stand Back'.
That is to look strategically at everything, and focus on areas.

What you won't find on Wikileaks is daily commentary by them against the
war...etc. No. they just have people waiting around for their next
dump, or leaks...which they give to the New York Times to decide what
is best to be released, and as said before the NY Times has a David Sanger,
a member of the Council of Foreign Relations(CFR) decide.

By the way, that means he sits with Dick Cheney who is also on the
CFR. Does not that strike anyone as a little bit to cozy!!!
I offer these thoughts about Wikileaks, and also websites like

In the 1970s when I became politically active against the Vietnam War,
Apartheid in South Africa, and other causes we did not have the internet.

In some ways it was better. Because we didnot spend hours on the internet.
I read, wrote, we met to plan the building of campaigns, and demonstrations.
I wonder if the intelligence agencies are happy with the internet and network
sites like twitter. Yet, i can access important articles that would have taken
me hours in libraries in the 1970's. But, we must organize and plan.

And one benefit of when I first got involved is that we did not have cell
phones, the internet...or what I call tracking devices for the intelligence
services. We did not call each other up about important stuff. we had to know
how to code stuff get it to the person, or know where to meet them and at
a safe place.

As-salaam Peace Be Upon You

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some Christmas thoughts


I’d rather be almost anyplace for Christmas than Cork.
Last year I was in the Netherlands. I lived in Haarlem.
But, on Christmas Day Cork is shut down…we're in a Catholic
country. Ugh. I think if Jesus were here he'd say (in Ireland)
'Hey what the feck is this? I didn't say make a big crazy shopping
day in my honour....JayZuuz;-

In the Netherlands I could always find a nice place
open even on Christmas for a coffee. I could almost
live on coffee for a while.

I’m living in a stone building, and my heating is a
uniquely Irish old style…a space heater…two bricks
in a small space. The electricity heats up the bricks from
11pm till 8am or so.

I’m divorced, and one child doesn’t talk to me; the other
I see once a week. They are both in their twenties. So, they’ll
be with my ex for a meal. Christmas is a fast for me.
I bought Barry’s tea., and I’ll do loads of writing and continue
reading the Holy Qu’ran; chapter 3., and a book on Vietnam.

And, i wouldn't go to my exes for a meal for 1 day after
364 days of unkind things. I'm harder that most people.

I’ve often thought that I should spend Christmas Day
in a Muslim like Algeria, or Morocco Marrakesh, Fez or

I knew a Moroccan woman named Naima(spelling)
in Amsterdam, and she said that she lived near the
Sahara. I don’t know if it was Tarfaya, but that place
is near the Atlantic, and not far from the Sahara…
and to stand at the edge of that vast expanse of desert
would be a pleasure to the eyes and senses.

Naima was a very nice and sweet person in her
late 20s who worked in a coffee shop. And, once
when she was cleaning tables she turned her back
to the long mirrors behind her. She then stood on
her toes slightly and looked over her shoulders and
into the mirrors at her ass. First the right side, and
then as she turned to check out her left cheek I was
standing in front of her.

I had asked her for an orange juice about fifteen
minutes earlier, and realized that she had forgotten
it. It was busy, so I was just going to ask her again,
but when I was a few feet away…she realized that
had seen her…but wasn’t a 100% certain.

To me, it was one of those funny situations in life,
so right after she said ‘What do you want?’ I said
‘trust me; it’s perfect.’ And she laughed. I said
‘I’m better at using mirrors,’ and then ‘I was just
wondering if you’d let me know when the orange
boat comes in from Morocco, and I’ll go down and
bring a case here.

Then, she laughed as she realized she had forgotten
the juice, and I told her that I was just coming over
to ask her again when she started checking herself
out. When I was getting ready to leave there was a
mirror behind me, and opposite my front. When I
saw her look over to catch me and say goodbye.
I pretended not to know that she was looking and
I did the same thing that she did, and went up on my
toes and looked back into the mirror, except I really
didn’t check my ass out, and stopped when I heard
her laughing.

The bouncer who worked there, Peter, was reputed
to be one of the best street fighter in Europe came
up to me one ay and told me to wake up. It was in the
afternoon, and I had just taken a law exam…and was
sitting there with a pure joint and an orange juice.

I wasn’t sleeping. I just leaned had just leaned my head
against the wall…closed my eyes, and was trying to remember
one particular question and how I had answered it. When Pete
hit me lightly on my arm and said ‘wake up; no sleeping’ as he
walked by I called him. When he came back I told him what
I was doing, and he just said something about keeping my eyes open.

Then, I said to him ‘Pete I learned how to sleep with my eyes open
in Vietnam, so the next time you see me with my eyes open and
drinking some orange juice you better check to make sure I’m not
Sleeping;- Check to hear if I’m snoring.

Sleeping on guard duty in Vietnam, or in war will get you killed
by the other side and the crap kicked out of you by your friends.
When I felt my head start to fall slightly I almost gasped because
I was afraid I’d been asleep, but I realized it was for a second. Not
sleeping much more than an hour a day wears you down.

But, I miss the Netherlands especially on Christmas because just
walking those beautiful canals even in the cold is something special.
But, I’ll also be thinking of warmer places…Spain, Lisbon and beyond.

To all a good rest and peace...and use these days for reflection.

Peace unto You All


two photos: Vietnam & the change after

This is a tale of two pics, but the same person.
The bottom one is from the spring of 1970.
I was in the Marine Corps and had lost my military doubt I was pissed drunk at the time. So I got
a new one. It was within 60 days of my discharge, and after
being in Vietnam twice.

The second one was taken between April and June 1973.
It was for a passport. Back then many people used to
backpack from the US to all over Central and South America.
But, I knew a friend who returned from backpacking all over
Europe, and he told me that Portugal was great, and that he
had a room in a small family run hotel on the beach for $10
a day.

That convinced me...but I was accepted to a college after
passport application and went back and forth. I was several
years behind all my friends, many of whom had completed college
or had done an apprencticeship in a trade.

FromMay 1970 when I got out of the Marines, until either December
1972, or January 1973...i was drinking and doing whatever substances
I could to kill the pain, and hurt of what I had been through.

I am trying to find another photo of the Marine one that is clear.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

These four photos are from the time I spent in the Netherlands Aug 2006-Aug 2010.

No.1 is a photo I took of the Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt (Oude Waag- formerely oude kirk-church) in Amsterdam. I loved walking up to it and seeing it from this
direction. There is a restaurant inside and outside during the good weather.

No.2. This photo is of the Singel Canal in Amsterdam. It is the closest,
or your first canal from city centre. When I saw this woman I was amazed;
she was on a gondola taking a couple in their 60's around on a nice cruise.
She was on my other side...of the bridge behind me.

I nodded to her and held my camera up as if to say can I take a photo,
and she nodded her head no. So, I didn't...for five minutes, and took this looked just to nice and serene to pass up.

Number 3. One of the nice things i loved to do in Amsterdam was to
take a canal cruise. It's much more pleasant than 'root canal!'
And, i found it even nicer after smoking a pure joint. this was a lovely

The last one is of Utrecht. These canals are different from the ones
in Amsterdam. If you look to the left where the sidewalk is barely above the the evenings there are small cafes and restaurants that set tables
out in the sidewalk. You can see the doors on the left where they store things.

I wanted to live in Utrecht for a while, and went there twice to look at
apartments to rent...but they were both scams. What happens is you make a
down payment say €1,500 or more. the landlord scam-artist gives you a key, and
shows you it works by using his/her key, and says you can move in the next

When you show'll probably see several other couples who rented
the same flat, and guess what? The keys don't work! I smelled them scams
and told one of them I thought it was; she didn't protest too much.

The first one said nothing when I asked her 'Do you think I'm that stupid?'

But, Utrecht is lovely.

Amsterdam and the Netherlands is a special place.

Ronda, (no she's not a Woman:- Espana

These are from Ronda Spain. I took them in July 2002. Ronda was very
special and beautiful (I like the Dutch word for beautiful- 'Mooi). It
sits atop a gorge, and the views are spectacular.

When you look far off into the distance a night there is a glowing,
or shimmering light. I asked a police officer about it, and he just said
it a tunnel through the mountain for cars.

Whenever I travel to a place I end up walking and walking about 10-14
hours a day just tring to take in as much as I can. Ronda lies between
Seville and destination.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Truth hurts, Lies kill. Real truth behind the phony wars by Dr.Dahlia wasfi.

Truth hurts, Lies kill. Real truth behind the phony wars by Dr.Dahlia wasfi.

Monday, December 20, 2010

'The Girl I Met On Christmas Day 1968-DaNang’ Revisited

December 20, 2010

Tues. 26, January 2010

'The Girl I Met On Christmas Day 1968-DaNang’

I entered the U.S. Marine Corps at age 17 within two
weeks of finishing high school (secondary school).
Boot camp was very much as depicted in the movie
'Full Metal Jacket.'

In all of my training the Vietnamese people were
referred to as 'gooks', slants', or worse, and
not to be trusted. During all of my training we
had a one hour class on what I would call 'Cultural
sensitivity.' Yet I believed the official propaganda
that we were there to help the South Vietnamese. And,
that is the way that I went there.

I became a rifleman; a 'grunt' in Marine Corps
terminology. I volunteered and went for combat
in Vietnam twice.

My first time to Vietnam I landed in Da Nang early
on Christmas morning 1968 between 2-3am is my best
guess. Later, that day, I would fly north to Dong Ha,
and hitch a ride to Quang Tri to join a rifle company
in the 3rd Marine regiment.

As we had time to spare we were taken into a militarized
part of Da Nang. We were warned to be careful of begging
children, and that they could be thieves and may use
razor blades to cut our pockets. We soon came upon a
group of 20-30 such children.. I had some sweets and money
to give. Most were under 10...small.

I gave sweets, mostly, whilst I looked the crowd over
for thieves. But, they just seemed like nice kids. It
felt good to meet, chat, joke and to give to these
children. But, I felt bad that they were begging. Why?
I thought that we were here to help them? And, why is
this happening, and on Christmas day? And why aren't
we (the military) feeding them? My first awakening
that things weren't right.

Some children had missing limbs. Some had scars, and
some had shrapnel wounds. I felt bad; very bad. Most,
most were okay. But, this is what this hard and tough
marine, so eager for combat saw on his first day in
Vietnam. My only thoughts were of killing people, and
winning medals for heroism. I had not thought of, nor
imagined that I would be seeing child victims of war...
our war. They don't teach you those things, and it was
a shock to see them.

I was naive and innocent. War destroys your innocence
first. And yet, these children were friendly, chatting
and smiling with us. Save one.

I felt someone's presence at the back of the group...a
couple or more steps behind the if she was
almost separate from the group. I could feel that she
was looking at me, and when I looked at her, I saw a
lovely girl of between 11-13. She was looking into my
eyes, softly, and for a bit, then she lowered (bowed)
her head. But, by then she had torn my heart out...
ripped it out.

She did not hold her hand out like the others. I think
that she felt different...not as young or cute as the
smaller ones? And, marred. I saw pain and hurt in her,
and I felt pain, hurt and agony for her in my heart
and soul.

She raised her head again and looked into my eyes for
a few moments. I had been frozen in place since I saw
her. But, as she lowered her head again I was wading
through the group until I stood in front of her.

She lifted her head, and we looked at each other for
a long moment. I nodded to her and she to me. Then, I
took her right hand (shy) and put all the money I could
get (mostly, if not all coins)into her hand quietly,
and covered it with hide from the other
children. I made gestures and nods to that effect.
She understood and nodded. I understood, then,
how cruel war is.

Then, we looked at (and into) each other for a long,
long moment. It was a very poignant and meaningful
moment in time and space that is forever etched
across, and in my mind, heart and soul.

Though, she was alone and apart from the group...I
came to her only. And, I have often wondered why
she was looking at me.

You see, this beautiful Vietnamese girl had no
right eye, nor even a patch. She only had basic
treatment...she did not wear an American uniform!
She may not have felt beautiful, but she truly
was. Her eye was so beautiful and
was her soul was and is. (Da Nang had no eye
hospital until 1998).

She may have appreciated what little I gave
her (I don't remember how much I had or gave),
but it felt completely inadequate to me. I felt
bad that my $ notes were in my boots (to protect
from child and other thieves). And, I felt worse
when I thought about how much money I spent getting
drunk in Okinawa, and to see a prostitute for my
first time with a woman just days before. I didn't
care if I had any money left after seeing her.

She took my heart and soul and humanized me in an
instant. As we looked into each other she melted
my hardness, toughness and brought tears to my eyes,
and agony to my heart and soul. Without speaking a
word she showed me what war is and does to people,
especially children. And, I would never, ever be
the same again.

I felt awful leaving her. I would have food, water,
and medical care, but she and the others? It hit me
like a ton of bricks that our (America's) war did
this to her. She may have been marred, but I saw the
whole her-a beautiful human being and soul. She has
been with me ever since, and I have wept many, many
times whenever I have thought of her.

I believe that our meeting was not by chance, nor a
coincidence, and I have always wondered what became
of her. And, I have never forgotten her. And, I weep
for her before, and on Christmas day, and after. And
I have tried to search for her with the internet; I
hoped that she survived.

War is horrible and criminal. It makes super profits
''for the few'' at the expense of ones like her and I.

But, she is 'The Girl I Met On Christmas Day 1968- Da Nang.'

It is those things-what happens to children, old people,
and (especially young girls and women), homes, families,
villes, cultures, societies, and also, to other Marines
blown to bits, maimed, traumatized for a medal that
hurts and causes pain most every day of my life.

I later met other Marines at hospitals that I was in.
Some had all their arms and legs blown off, or were
blinded at 18 or 19, or had horrible scars that
would make them want to say indoors.

Those of us who survived had to fight our own
government for recognition that their wounds/conditions
merited treatment. But,the children of Vietnam,
Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria or any country
America wages war upon...have to fend for themselves.

War is a criminal enterprise! Or, as
Major-General Smedley D. Butler said,
'War is a Racket'.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Feds are Watching Me..and i'm taking their picture

This was a photo I took in the summer of 1974 at an anti-war
protest with Vietnam Veterans Against the War in Washington D.C.

I'm different than most people. They like to take our photos,
but they don't like theirs taken. I went close to these fellas
but out of their range. They wanted my camera, but i'd been to
Vietnam twice. I wasn't going to hand it to them!

In a 2003 March against Bush coming to Shannon Airport in Ireland
there was one man who stood next to me and I knew that he was some
type of agent. They took our fotos...I had theirs taken and sent
out of the country.

A Response to 'Some Reasons Why Wikileaks isn't a “CIA/NOW/Zionist/Pro-War Propaganda Operation”

I saw this article

“Some Reasons Why Wikileaks Isn’t a “CIA/NOW/Zionist/Pro-War
Propaganda Operation”

on the net, and the author did something that many of the pro-Wikileaks
people on Twitter don't do. this author attempted to explain why he thought
that the Wikileaks was genuine, and why arguements like mine and others which
claim that Wikileaks is a CIA, or Mossad or psyops operation is wrong.

My reasons for why his arguements are faulty are below. I address each of
his main points.

“Some Reasons Why Wikileaks Isn’t a “CIA/NOW/Zionist/Pro-War Propaganda Operation”


Leaking is inherently an anti-authoritarian act.
It is inherently an anarchist act.” - Julian Assange

Conspiracies are real and all governments conspire. The act of collaborative communication and planning in secret is a necessary condition for the very
existence of governments. And it's generally reasonable to be concerned
about such conspiracies when living under the rule of a government. That
said, it's vanishingly unlikely that Wikileaks is part of a government
conspiracy. If the State's aim were to spread propagandistic justification
for more war -- and certainly that is its aim -- then using Wikileaks would
be the most ineffective and counter-productive way to do it. Here are some
reasons why.

By Anok Black

First, using a venue that is deeply critical of the US government would
damage the government's credibility more so than it would justify the
government's desired war. Put another way: the costs associated with
using Wikileaks (i.e. delegitimizing yourself in general) vastly outweigh
the benefits (i.e. building support for your next war). So it would be
positively irrational to use Wikileaks in this manner, were you an operative
of the State considering how to best spread propaganda. (This reasoning
applies to the Wikileaks-as-Zionist claim as well. The US government is
committed to defending and funding the Israeli government, so that if the
latter used Wikileaks for propaganda purposes, it would defeat its own
interests insofar as the US government is delegitimized.)

Consider, for instance, all the people receiving the "pro-war justifications"
from the leaks; these people would also be visiting Wikileaks's website and
seeing the Collateral Murder video and all the Iraq war logs inter alia,
material which demonstrates the State's lies and murders in plain view.
To have millions of people viewing this material alongside your implicit
pro-war propaganda would defeat your purpose. The last thing you would want
to do, if you were the State or the CIA or some other shadowy organization,
is work through, and call attention to, Wikileaks, as a way of manipulating
the masses in your favor.

Indeed this is why we find the feds trying their best to prevent active duty soldiers from visiting Wikileaks ( -- they likely realize
that the material discredits the US government and its wars, if anything,
despite any concomitant pro-war justifications that could be extracted and appropriately spun. On the hypothesis that Wikileaks is being used to justify
war, the feds' behavior is completely inexplicable. On that hypothesis we
would expect them not to hinder the troops' access to Wikileaks.

Second, such a conspiracy just wouldn't succeed anyway. It would be
ineffective. Why? Because it's a safe bet that the average supporter of
Wikileaks has some broadly anti-establishment or anti-war inclinations in
first place. None of us, I take it, are so dogmatically committed to
Wikileaks that we would believe anything a particular leak says up to the
point of supporting a war. Wikileaks supporters would probably leave by
the droves if Assange (or one of the leaks) were to start spreading
justifications for wars (even if done very subtly). To use Wikileaks as
a means to spread propaganda would be to assume that its supporters aren't discerning enough to detect such propaganda. A foolish assumption.

Third, there's a great deal of empirical evidence that suggests Assange
is an anti-authoritarian at heart, a genuine contrarian, rather than a
"CIA asset". For starters, there are still archives of his personal blog
dating back to 2006:
There are also his personal essays on government conspiracy: The ideas expressed in these essays and blog
entries are the last thing a "CIA asset" would want to promulgate. Of
course, there's always the possibility that Assange could be a highly
skilled CIA asset, such that these "personal" writings are all a clever
tactic to gain the trust of other anti-authoritarians.

But (and this is the fourth reason): Wikileaks is not Julian Assange.
Wikileaks involves the collective efforts of hundreds of anonymous hackers
and journalists, so that it would be nearly impossible to hijack it for the
purpose of spreading pro-state or pro-war propaganda. Even if your shadowy organization managed to sneak in some propaganda via an "artificial leak",
it would be dwarfed by the thousands of other leaks exposing government
corruption, murder, and lies -- owing to the decentralized nature of whistle blowing. So why Julian Assange? Well, in its infancy, Wikileaks received a
lot of criticism for not having a more "public" identity. Julian Assange
simply filled this need. Not to mention, he's insanely smart. He's exactly
the sort of guy you would want representing your organization. He's the
surface image. He's the one responsible for receiving a lot of undue credit
-- and a lot of undue criticism, for that matter -- in exchange for the organization's innerworkings being kept relatively unscathed and out of

The wikileaks-as-stealthy-pro-war-propaganda idea is problematic for those
reasons. The more plausible explanation is that, well, the Iranian and
Pakistani governments and all the others mentioned in the leaks really are
corrupt and bent on destruction. From the fact that the US government would
like to go to war with these governments, it does not follow that these
governments aren't evil. And it certainly does not follow that we should
support these governments since we happen to share an enemy with them (namely,
the US government). An enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend.
They are governments, after all; they are all corrupt, and they all have
blood on their hands. So we shouldn't be shocked to see their corruption
surfacing in the leaks.

So, if a leak happens to expose the corruption of a foreign government,
it's unreasonable to infer from this fact that the CIA/NWO (or whomever)
is using Wikileaks to justify another war. When there is a better reason
to be skeptical of Wikileaks, then we should be skeptical. But for now,
there is no evidence strong enough to warrant the sort of skepticism displayed
by certain anti-war activists and Alex Jones fans, the people alleging that
Assange is a "CIA asset" and asserting that the leaked cables were intended
to justify war with Iran/Pakistan. We should support Wikileaks as much as
possible, with measured skepticism where appropriate.

Anok Black is an anarchist anti-war activist and student in California,
currently finishing a PhD in analytic philosophy. Find him on facebook"


Wrong. "First, using a venue that is deeply critical of the US
government would damage the government's credibility more so than
it would justify the government's desired war."

The most effective disinformation is a mix of truth with disinformation
and propaganda. It is vital to gain trust and appear legitimate. A
double agent will pass on secrets to gain trust.

"Second, such a conspiracy just wouldn't succeed anyway. It would be
ineffective. Why? Because it's a safe bet that the average supporter
of Wikileaks has some broadly anti-establishment
or anti-war inclinations in the first place."

That's a hypothesis that Julian Assange has shown not to be true in
his case given his utterly pro-establishment same as CIA/US Government
views on 9/11! He claims that 9/11 was a False conspiracy.

And he does so in the face of massive, and overwhelming evidence that
WTC I and II were imploded...just as building No. 7 was.

"Third, there's a great deal of empirical evidence that suggests
Assange is an anti-authoritarian at heart."
Refer to the above, and also his praise for Benjamin Netanyahu!

Fourth "so that it would be nearly impossible to hijack it for
the purpose of spreading pro-state or pro-war propaganda."

Really? who develops these sysems? It is nothing for the CIA, Mossad
or any intelligence agency to put what they want into the apparatus.
Just as the text of 'Operation Northwoods' 1962 (makes clear that the
Joint Chiefs of Staff said that it would be easy for them to plant
phony documents and make it look authentic.

"Even if your shadowy organization managed to sneak in some propaganda
via an "artificial leak", it would be dwarfed by the thousands of other
leaks exposing government corruption, murder, and lies"

Those who are directing the American Empire's wars are not worried about
those things. No one has been indicted, or brought to court for
'Collateral Murder" or any of the other war crimes.

The main point for them is to get their point across. It is not
Wikileaks, it is better to call it NYTimes government lies,
disinformation, and war propaganda.

I respectfully ask you to consider how 2anti-authoritarian", or
"anti-establishment" , or revolutionary an act is it to give the
material to the New York Times to decide what data should be released
or emphasized, and put on the front pages for discussion.

The New York Times has been the main media organ for putting out
the lies, disinformation and propaganda for American governments
since it's inception. It's role was crucial in promoting all the
Lies used in the run up to the Iraq war in 2003. The flip side of
the coin is that it keeps out the truth.

But, what's worse, as noted out by Michel Chossudovsky, the New York Times
had appointed Mr. David Sanger who sits on 'the Council on Foreign Relations
(CFR) and the Aspen Institute's Strategy Group' with 'Madeleine K. Albright, Condoleeza Rice, former Defense Secretary William Perry, former CIA head
John Deutch, the president of the World Bank, Robert. B. Zoellick and Philip Zelikow, former executive director of the 9/11 Commission' 1 to decide what information is worthy for public consumption.

Who is Behind Wikileaks? by Michel Chossudovsky Global Research,
December 13, 2010

That is like handing over the information directly to the CIA!

Finally, you state "Not to mention, he's insanely smart."
There is a fine line between brilliance and insanity, and many
of the most evil and corrupt may also be called 'insanely smart.'

Finally, I thank you for addressing this dispute; it is most
important that reasoned debate be struggled over.

Paul Meuse

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wikileks: A Con advancing the US global agenda

Wikileaks has been and still is seen and viewed by millions
upon millions as a ushering in a new age in transparacy,
and against the disinformation, lies, propaganda put forth
by the government through the corporate media.

They state that Wikileaks is intended to be 'an uncensorable
version of Wikipedia' putting 'untraceable document leaking
and anaylsis' in to the public domain.

They are principally interested in the oppressive regimes in Asia,
the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.'1

This is also the area of concern and focus of US foreign policy.
And, that is undeniable. So, a new allegedly' anti establishment website
surfaces and 'allegedly' offers the truth in the same areas that the US
war party also has an interest, and also a need for effective disinformation
and propaganda.

"Our primary targets are those highly oppressive regimes in China,
Russia and Central Eurasia,' (quoted in WikiLeaks and Julian Paul
Assange : The New Yorker, June 7, 2010, emphasis added).'2

Whatever one may say about Wikileaks their area of interests is the same as
those running the wars from a tee!!

Wikileaks gets about 50% of it's funds from small donations from active
supporters. But, it also receives millions from some who can step forward
with millions. Yet, Assange will not discuss those.

But, perhaps the biggest red flag should be that Wikileaks turns over all
of it's material to the most establishment of establishment of newpapers:
The New York Times, for one.

The New York Times has been the main media organ for putting out the lies,
disinformation and propaganda for American governments since it's inception.
It's role was crucial in promoting all the Lies used in the run up to the Iraq
war in 2003. The flip side of the coin is that it keeps out the truth.

The Times appointed David E. Sanger to sift through the documents and
filter out what should be released. As pointed out by Michel Chossudovsky,
Sanger sits on 'the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Aspen Institute's Strategy Group' with 'Madeleine K. Albright, Condoleeza Rice, former Defense Secretary William Perry, former CIA head John Deutch, the president of the World Bank, Robert. B. Zoellick and Philip Zelikow, former executive director of the 9/11 Commission.'3

So, if assange really is seeking transparency as he claims, then why give this job
to people who have dedicated their lives to hiding, or lying about the truth?

Does not that sound strange to those who unquestionably support Assange, and Wikileaks?

The CIA has always had a very close working relationship with the likes of the
New York Times and almost every newspaper of consequence in America and the West.

And then there are these questions for unquestioning supporters of of Assange:

1. He says that the 9/11 Truth movement is a false conspiracy at a time
when most Americans recognize the truth....that 9/11 was an attack from within.

Who's interest does he serve when he says these things?

Assange assesment of Benjamin Netanyahu is that he is a "sophisticated politician". To me he is a murderer.How can Assange praise such a man?

Who's interst does this serve?

It is one of the greatest cons

1. Who is Behind Wikileaks? by Michel Chossudovsky Global Research,
December 13, 2010

2. ibid.
3. ibid.

Thought of the day 'How hot will it be in Hell?'

I just asked the question out of curiosity.

Is it hotter than being in the middle of the sun?

How hot will it be in Hell?

Will it be hotter than standing in the middle of the sun?

Will it be hotter than standing in the middle of ten suns?

I've no clue, but I think that in time...a few hours after
the Judgement Day has begun I hope that Dick Cheney, Numero Uno
can give an answer.

Or perhaps, George Herbert Walker Bush, or George W. Bush,
or Donald Rumsfeld, or Tony Blair, or General Richard B. Myers,
acting chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) during the
September 11th, 2001 false flag attack,

Or perhaps Robert Gates, former Director of the CIA, and 'the only
Secretary of Defense in U.S. history to be asked to remain in that
office by a newly elected President.' The Empires wars need some
consistency and continuity.

Perhaps the Rockerfellers, J.P.Morgan....

I'm not sure who, but certainly some of these fellas would
be able to say. Hey, maybe Hell is hotter than all of what can be

That brings up another question.
When someone the size, or with the bulk of Dick Cheney gets tossed
into the furnace would that lower the temperature for say ten minutes?
or less, or more? Or would Allah have the heat re-arranged for
those things? you if
he got into a tub of water...his bulk would cause displacement,
and some water would overflow.

If it worked like displacement, then some people might think
it's a cool spell when Cheney and others were first thrown in.

Well, i don't want to even get close enough for him to yell
out the answer, but it only seems fair that there should be a
walkway from heaven, or paradise with a strong type of glass
so people could walk by and wave to the worlds tormentors.

And kind hearted people could also try to offer some moral support.
Like saying, 'Howyadoin (Boston). you're lookin good. it's been 1 week
so far, hang in there...just an eternity to go:-

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wikileaks:When evil masquerades as White Knights!!

About WikiMossadcialeaks

I offer these are some thoughts. 9/11 was and inside job.
It was the pretext for a policy of aggressive war that has
its ultimate written by Cheney and neo-cons to
encircle and subdue(nuke) China and Russia...and lead to
an American Rome like dominance.

On 9/11 there were four secret military operations run by
the Pentagon, but somehow under the direction of Dick Cheney.

They are Operation Northern Vigilance, which took fighter jets
from the east coast and sent them to Canada simulating a Russian
air attack.

Operation 'VIGILANT WARRIOR' sent military fighter jets from the
east coast to Alaska!!!

Operation VIGILANT GUARDIAN...', simulated hijacked planes'

Operation NORTHERN GUARDIAN 'involved deployment of aircraft
from Langley Air Force Base(Maryland) to Iceland.

All of these exercises were planned several months before 9/11.
It was the deliberate neutralization of the NORAD air defenses
for one day only: 9/11!! General Myers, you are a traitor!!

9/11 provided the pretexts for the first war: Afghanistan.

But, they didn't feel comfortable with that pretext and had
to set up an office of disinformation within the Pentagon
in 2001. The BBC said it was cancelled in 2002. Maybe it was,
or maybe it just went underground.

But the lies and excuses for the Afghanistan War were
coming from the White House.

In 2003 the same thing happened...the after
another WMD's, Niger Yellow cake (sound delicious to me),
mobile weapons labs..all came from the CIA or the Pentagon
and through the White House.

And all...each and everyone of them were discredited! ALL.

Their agenda is still there for the next war, but I believe that
they got clever. if would be a bit too much for another President,
his generals, and the CIA to trot it out again.

Enter Wikileaks. Julian Assange got his start with the
Chaos Computer Club (CCC) a group of hackers which was
infiltrated by the CIA, KGB, Stasi-East German Secret police.

So now instead of the government giving the propaganda, and
justifications as done in 2001 and 2003...they set up a group
of people allegedly dedicated to exposing the truth. You know White

And, along with some real stuff being released what is stuck
into the docs, and pulled out like by the same media that
have been propaganda outlets for the same war party are the things
that will further their agenda.

The Saudi's want the US to attack Iran

Iran is the main danger in the Middle East
Mossad likes that one.

Pakistan is the biggest danger-the US wants to attack
and steal their nukes before it feels it can go on to bigger
fish: China and Russia.

In 1998 the US Congress placed sanctions against India forbidding
export of material that could be used for nuclear material. This was
after India's nuclear tests and the fact that it refused, unlike Iran to sign
the non-proliferation treaty.

In 2005 the US Congress, at President Bush's urgings eliminated the
sanctions against India and agreed cooperate with India in the development
of nuclear power. Meanhile, they are readying to bomb Iran which does not
have nuclear weapons.

There is hardly a word in the released material from Wikileaks
about India.

Nor is there about Mossad's operations in Iraq.
And what about Mossad's role in 9/11? Google 'Five
Dancing Israelis.'

Gaza, West Bank, East

whose interest does this serve?

There is nothing about what the US did in Fallujah that made
cancer rates skyrocket past those in Hiroshima after the US dropped
an atomic weapon on it!!

Who's interest does this serve?

Nor is there any accounting of all the women in Iraq or
Afghanistan who have been raped.?
Who's interest does this serve

Nor is the fact that one third of all woman US soldiers
have been raped. If that isn't a scoop...what is? 1/3!!!!
Who's interest does this serve?

Nor, is the fact that more than 18 US veterans of the war
on terror take their own lives-suicide-each and every day
since 2005...365 days a year. That is 6,570 a year. that's
32, 850 in five years.

Who's interest does this serve?

No, what the NYTimes, Der Spiegel release, and the Guardian
focuses on the next targets. And. somehow they extract the best
bits that further the war policies just as they always have!

What is going on here?

Most Americans realize 9/11 was a False flag attack from within.
Watch some of the new material...videos released recently

Of 9/11 Julian Assange says it's a 'False Conspiracy.'

Who's interest does he serve by this?
The truth, or the lies?

Assange calls Israeli PM Netanyahu:
"a sophisticated politician".

Who's interest is he serving?

Netanyahu is a war criminal and overlord of an illegal

Oh, by the way, the woman who filed
the rape charge against Assange...worked for who]
I forget...but wasn't it the CIA??

Wikileaks was set up from the top down it's not
a grass roots organization.

It's a perpetrator of lies, disinformation, and
propaganda for the next steps in the wars.
There is real information in the and the video
'Collateral Murder' was very good. As a Vietnam
veteran, though, I wasn't surprised by the content.

You can see the same or worse in 'Full Metal Jacket.'

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'The Feast of the Immaculate Conception' Dec. 8, 1982

Today is December 8 'The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.'
I grew up Catholic, and when a union steward at the Boston Post
Office I put in a leave request for 1 day. It was to observe my
religious holyday:'The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.'

My leave request was turned down, and I took the day off anyways.
I thought that I may be being followed by the Postal Inspectors-
they called me to their office a year or two later to harrass me.

But, first, I took off 'The Feast of the Immaculate Conception' just
to teach people to have some courage. Post Office management was very
authoritarian. That's where the term 'Going Postal' originated. It was
mostly associated with Vietnam veterans, and in particular Marine Corps
Vietnam veterans, of which I am one.

Whenever I was threatened with a letter of warning or suspension i was like
'OOOH THAT'S REAL SCARY BOOO.' Then I'd tell the peckerhead that there was
nothing that they could do to scare me. I told them I was a Marine 'grunt' and volunteered for Vietnam twice. So, there was really nothing that they could do to scare me. Being shot at by snipers while being the radioman was a few notches up above their threats.

But people were afraid of their own shadows. So I put in a leave request
to observe my religious holyday:'The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.'

My leave request was rejected, and I was ordered to report for work. I told
them I was going to take that day off...and I did. They knew that I probably
didn't attend church regularly; I'll not comment on that as my relationship
with Allah-God is very personal...until the Judgement Day when he says look
at all the bad sh*t (not in those words) that Paulie did, or thought (I'm not
sure which is worse:)

But, I went into the Arch Street Chapel run by the Franciscan Brothers for about
20 -30 minutes and said some prayers. I did so because I didn't want God- Allah
to 'whack me' for using such a day as a pretext for taking a day off from work...
you know the odd accident...being run over by a car or anything...he can be tricky
and just waitin to even up the score with some fresh little pr*ck like me.

So i did actually pray...and ask for forgiveness, but also explained why.
And I have asked for forgivness every December 8th since...and will soon over

What happened? I got a five day suspension, and beat it. I had a Constitutional
right to do what I did. And owe thanks to Cohen, and Orthodox Jew on the first
floor who heard about it. He was also suspended for taking off the Sabbath. He gave
me his leave request with the disciplinary notice he later got, and the withdrawal of
the Notice of Suspension.

In the 1990s the US Supreme Court took back that right; it does not exist anymore in the US.

The supervisor who I sat down with a the Step 1 hearing tossed out my suspension.

The next year he suspended me for threatening him with ...(over here-Ireland we'd
call it GBH...but actually what he claimed I said would constitute GBH +) and also
using foul and abubsive langugage.

I served the five day suspension and was eventually found innocent of the full charge;-

I got two or three more such suspensions...and each time they lost.

Me threaten supervisors? Why I wouldn't hust a fly;-

Coffee and ask4 forgivness.../and then mess around

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Julian Assang is fighting against the truth of 9/11. What is Wiki?

Whatever the truth is about Wikileaks the
facts will eventually make it clear if it is

I have said before that I was 100% behind
Wikileaks when it released the video 'Collateral
Murder', and the other documents. But, now I come
firmly down on the side of those who suspect and
believe that Wikileaks is an operation run by an
intelligence agency like the CIA, or Mossad, or more.

The leaks and all the information stemming from them
make them appear to be the ultimate whistleblowers. A
source of truth. And, Julian Assange the ultimate 'White
Knight' exposing evil and corruption.

But, think about this-when both the CIA and KGB were
trying to infiltrate each other's agency they had many

One was to pay for information from someone within
the agency willing to do so for cash, or whatever.

Secondly, they could Blackmail someone through sex
as the KGB did often.

They could also place a 'mole' within the agency.
A 'mole' is say, someone within the CIA who works, for
Russia, as did Aldrich Ames, or Mossad (Jonathan Pollard)
who worked for both the CIA and the US Navy.

By the way, the Russians and Mossad were/are much more
effective at infiltrating American intelligence than the
other way around.

But, when it comes to war governments need first and
foremost propaganda, and also disinformation, and disruption
of anti-war movements, and to sow distrust among groups
opposed to their policies.

Anyone who is shocked at the suggestion that Wikileaks could
be part of such a campaign might well read about

The Office of Strategic Influence (OSI). Sourcewatch says this

it 'was "established shortly after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks,
(Oct. 30, 2001!!!) a response to concerns in the administration that
the United States was losing public support overseas for its war on
terrorism, particularly in Islamic countries." public relations campaigns.'


'OSI, headed by Air Force Brig. Gen. Simon P. Worden, began "circulating
classified proposals calling for aggressive campaigns that use[d] not only
the foreign media and the Internet, but also covert operations." Worden
envisioned "a broad mission ranging from 'black' campaigns that use[d]
disinformation and other covert activities to 'white' public affairs that
rely on truthful news releases," according to Pentagon officials. "'It goes
from the blackest of black programs to the whitest of white,' a senior
Pentagon official said." [3]

"rely on truthful news releases." like Wikileaks?

The OSI was allegedly going to shut down in 2002 according to
the BBC in it's online news of Tues, 26 Feb, 2002.
'US closes 'disinformation' unit'

As early as 2001 the US felt the need to manipulate what was
told to it's own, and other peoples, especially Muslim peoples.
But, when you're being bombed disinformation doesn't work
quite well.

Some question to ask oneself is why did the Pentagon and
Bush administration feel the need for a disinformation campaign
October 2001?

Secondly, when they closed it due to heavy criticism do you think
that that was the end of it?

I doubt it. They may have closed it down in name only, or done so
while they came up with a new one. But one thing is for sure; they
couldn't make it public.

Consider this quote by former Director of the CIA:
"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance
in the major media."

By the way, Colby was murdered by the CIA for revealing what some
former Directors considered too much truth during a Congressional
investigation. One former Director (DCIA) Richard M. Helms 1966–73
called Colby a 'traitor.'

So, there are some givens. First is that the US felt as early
as 2001 that they could not conduct these wars without some sort of
lying, disinformation, managing the media campaigns et al. The big
point is to manage what is being put out, and above all to make it
seem like the source is legitimate.

Also, to confuse, discredit, and through all of these things push
your-the administrations-own propaganda and agenda through media

As for Wikileaks it has already turned like-minded people, that is
people opposed to these wars of aggressions against each other.

But, what will help to discern what Wikileaks is truely about will
be what Julian Assange, or any of their leaders say, or don't say, that
is what topics they avoid. Also, what they do, and what they don't do.

So far, Wikileaks has dumped loads of data onto the mainstream media
and let them sort it out and see what is appropriate to publish. That
is the same organs like the New York Times, a propaganda vehicle for the
war party.

What they don't do is to demand:
--the resignations of the guilty and exposed.
-- war crimes investigations.
--an immediate end to the war.

If Wikileaks can expose so many other things that will
most likely never, ever get prosecuted, then why does Assange
avoid the GREATEST LIE: that 9/11 was a conspiracy, and inside job
as more and more American military officers are recognizing.

The cover-up of 9/11 is the greatest evil in one sense, because 9/11
was used as the pretext for an aggressive foreign policy by the US.

On 9/11 the US air defenses were deliberately neutralized to prevent
command units and fighter jets from responding to hijacking of planes
as they did dozens upon dozens of times in the years before.

I do not believe that any civilian airplane hit the WTC, or
the Pentagon. they were drones most likely.

And, while Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice et al said that there was no way
that they could have imagined that someone would hijack planes and fly
them into buildings. Their intelligence reports said that it would happen.

But the worst is that while they said those things after 9/11...on
that day there were four secret military operations conducted
with the scenario of planes being hijacked and crashed into buildings.

Yet post 9/11 the political and military leaders said that no one could
have imagined that planes would be hijacked for that purpose.

NORTHERN VIGILANCE took place on 9/11
'The morning of 9/11 began with multiple training exercises of war
games and terror drills which Cheney, as mandated by the president,
was placed in charge of managing.

'War games & terror drills included live-fly exercises with military
aircraft posing as hijacked aircraft over the United States, as well
as simulated exercises that placed "false blips" (radar injects indicating
virtual planes) on FAA radar screens. One exercise titled NORTHERN VIGILANCE
pulled Air Force fighters up into Canada simulating a Russian air attack, so
there were very few fighters remaining on the east coast to respond. All of
this paralyzed Air Force response ensuring that fighter jocks couldn't
stop 9/11.

They had sent fighter jets from the East Coast to Canada before 9/11!!!

Operation 'VIGILANT WARRIOR' had sent military fighter jets from the
east coast to Alaska!!!

Operation VIGILANT GUARDIAN...', simulated hijacked planes'

Operation NORTHERN GUARDIAN 'involved deployment of aircraft
from Langley Air Force Base(Maryland) to Iceland.

All of these exercises were planned several months before 9/11.
They took fighter jets and sent them to Canadaq, Iceland, Alaska et al,
anywhere, but where the attacks of 9/11 would occur.

The cover-up of what actually happened on 9/11 was a grave crime...

So, my question to all who support Wikileaks despite Julian Assange
saying that he is annoyed with the 9/11 truth movement is this: don't
you find that a bit odd?

Secondly, whose interest does it serve?

It serves the interests of the criminals who planned, and
conducted 9/11, and then used it as a pretext to invade Afghanistan
and Iraq.


DICK CHENEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday, 18 September, 2001, 11:27 GMT 12:27 UK

Oh, by the way the BBC reported this US 'planned attack on Taleban'
by mid July 2001!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wikileaks is a Fraud US or Zionist or both?

In war, truth is the first casualty.
Aeschylus Greek tragic dramatist (525 BC - 456 BC)

" There isn't a trick in the racketeering bag that the military gang
is blind to. It has its "finger men" to point out enemies, its "muscle men"
to destroy enemies, its "brain men" to plan war preparations, and a "Big Boss"

Excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933, by Major General Smedley Butler, USMC.

When I first watched Wikileaks video 'Collateral Damage'
I felt good that the evil was being exposed. But, now I believe that
Wikileaks is a fraud. It's purpose, was intended to further the war
aims of the reactionaries who rule America and Israel.

Wikileaks must be, and in time will be completely exposed for what
it is: a massive disinformation campaign and propaganda vehicle to prepare
the ground for the next targets Iran and Pakistan.

The US is at war with Pakistan. The US, the country of my birth is engaged
in an aggressive war against the Pakistani people and government. One of the
goals, if not the goal of the US is to try to capture Pakistan's entire arsenal
of nuclear weapons.

The White House under Bush sought to discredit the 9/11 truth movement
from the beginning. But, it has grown and grown. now there are many groups
growing that would unravel the truth.

It was started by Dr. Steven E. Jones, an American physicist who was relieved of
his position at Brigham Young University. He was initially charged with
incompetence, but retired as a Professor emeritus.

Dr. Jones had taken samples of the soil from the World Trade Center, and
with others both in the US and Europe put the samples through exhaustive
test and found evidence of thermite, or nanothermite some exploded, and some
not. It was the smoking gun. The university refused to let him publish his
peer reviewed paper, and he had to resign.

His paper was published in an online journal:
The Open Chemical Physics Journal. It is the smoking gun
Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the
9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe
Steven E. Jones A Physics Professor Speaks Out on 9-11:

Since then many organizations have sprung up of professionals
who knew that the official version was a pack of lies. But,
to the government none could be more frightening than the ones at the
bottom of this list: military officers for 9/11 truth.
Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Truth
Pilots for 9/11 Truth
Firefighters for 9-11 Truth
Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice
18. Physicist Challenges Official 9-11 Story
Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth Statement
'U.S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth'
Twenty-five U.S. Military Officers Challenge Official
Account of 9/11

9/11 was the single most important conspiracy of this decade because it
provided the pretexts, or justifications for the aggressive war policies that
followed. Without 9/11 there would be no Afghanistan. Unocal oil Co.,
of which Hamid Karzai worked for prior to being appointed President of
Afghanistan had been pushing for an invasion of Afghanistan sine the 1990s.
Karzai worked with/for the CIA during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

There would be no war in Iraq, Yemen, Ethiopia(2007). The US military now has
bases in Uganda, Djibouti, Senegal and São Tomé and Príncipe. It is all about

Rather than saying there would be no's better to say that they would
need a pretext.

Bush and the 'War Party' used 9/11 operation as a Carte Blanche to engage
in their wars. Google 'Five dancing Israelis.' Five Mossad agents were
arrested after filming the collapsing towers. When they were
released and returned to Israel they went on TV and said

'Our Purpose was to document the event.'

'Our Purpose was to document the event.'!!

September 11th was a False flag attack, and a Crime Against Humanity.
It was a terror attack by the CIA and Mossad, and they used it as an
excuse for war.

At Nuremberg, and under the UN Charter resort to aggressive war is prohibited
except in two circumstances.

Chapter VII
Article 51 Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of
individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member
of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to
maintain international peace and security...

Chapter V Articles 24 confers on the UN Security Council the primary
responsibility to maintain international peace and security.

Article 25 binds the members of the UN to carry out these decisions.

Under Chapter VII article 39 the Security Council is the one to determine
the existance of a threat to the peace. And Under Article 41 it may decide what
measures not involving the use of armed force are to be employed to give effect
to its decisions.

But it is Article 2.4 which the US consistently violates:
All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use
of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state,
or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.'

Threatening the Iraqi people and nation with violence is a war crime. Bush
did so repeatedly, as did Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice and Tony Blair.

9/11 was a pretext to claim self-defence, but really for an aggressive war
policy that had been pre-planned. It was used by the US, Israel, UK, France
Germany et al for the deliberate demonization of Muslim peoples throughout the

It also served the interests of the US War Party eager to grab control of the
Middle East, the Caspian Basin and Afghanistan for the natural resouces.
The US military chiefs and reactionaries have long sought to attack China.
Less than 100 years ago American, British and German gunboats roamed the rivers
of China extracting its natural resources.

After the fall of the Soviet Union the reactionaries in the US felt that it was
their chance to dominate the globe.

9/11 also served the Zionist rulers of Palestine. They could portray the
Palestinian peoples as terrorist as they always have, but now it meant even
harsher methods and not a chance of peace. Israel with its 200+ nuclear weapons
portrays itself as David against the Palestinian Goliath. That is a mastery of
the use of the media, and an upturning of reality on its head.

The Zionist (and I say Zionist because not every Jewish person is a Zionist,
and not every Zionist is Jewish; Joe Biden, Obama's Vice President says he's a
Zionist) claim to be peace loving people. They are anything but peace loving.
They are committing 'slow drip genocide' of the Palestinain peoples.

When the IOF is bombing you with jets, and raining down white phosphorus,
napalm and every new horrible weapon that they can invent...then you have every
right to resist forcefully and with armed violence because you, the Palestinian
peoples are acting in self-defence. There is no comparison between a mortar tube
and jets. But, the laws of war must be respected. Civilians must not be targeted.

The United States is trying to encircle Russia and China; they a madder than
Hitler, and their ruin will be greater unless the people stop them.

But to bring this back to the topic-Wikileaks, at a point it becomes obvious
that the wars are unjust. It was obvious to the Afghanistan and Iraqi people
immediately. In Iraq a great civilization was and is being destroyed. It is to
eliminate and rewrite history, just as the Zionist have since 1948 saying that
the Palestinian peoples left on their own accord. Really? Why? It was ethnic
cleansing, murder, poisoning of wells, destruction of homes, rapes...

In the prelude to Iraq many, many deliberate lies were put forward-propaganda-
to convince the people that their was no alternative to war.
WMD's. A Lie. The US brought them they're called Depleted Uranium et al.
Niger Yellow cake. Lie on and on.

But it is a huge problem for the US to justify the next steps of aggressive
war: the opening of WW III. What they need is a massive disinformation
campaign. And that's what Wikileaks is a part of.

Did Wikileaks arise out of the anti-war movement, or group.
No. They came together and put a Board of Directors together, and
offered people what they were desperately seeking: the truth.

Just as in 2008 the rulers of America knew that the American people
were desperate for change they gave him a man who 'promised changed.'
Obama, whose first job out of Harvard was with Business International
Corporation-a CIA front company.

'Bombshell: Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation'

Much of the information Wikileaks let out was reported before in the press..
is the killing of civilians a new relevation? The media had reported on Fallujah,
Haditha and more, and no one gets prosecuted or sent to jail for a good stretch.

And, no one has been prosecuted for the crimes committed in the video
'Collateral Murder.' Not the helicopter crew, not their commander, not the
military lawyer who gave the ok. No one.

The video was so dramatic that it got the trust of people, myself
included. Even a double agent will provide authentic information to
gain trust.

But, if you look at the list of groups and people pushing for 9/11 truth
you must wonder why Julian Assange would be against 9/11 truth.

Who's interest does that serve?

We know this. Israeli leaders are happy with what has come out of the latest
Wikileaks revelations. They say it makes their case for an attack on Iran.

The US says the latest revelations prove that Pakistan is dangerous.
Who the F*ck is the one waging wars across the globe? From encouraging
Georgia to go against Russia, to having Special Ops troops in Iran, to massive numbers of mercenaries
in Pakistan.

Who's interest do these latest leaks serve? and who leaked them?

'Wars do not occur; they are made by men...lying propaganda is almost
certainly necessary to bring nations to the pitch where men kill each other...
the purpose of war is to get something for nothing.'

A relative handful of people own and control this world; therte are more
of us than them. We must take it back.

War is a Racket Major-General Smedley D. Butler.

Peace be upon you all