Thursday, December 23, 2010

two photos: Vietnam & the change after

This is a tale of two pics, but the same person.
The bottom one is from the spring of 1970.
I was in the Marine Corps and had lost my military doubt I was pissed drunk at the time. So I got
a new one. It was within 60 days of my discharge, and after
being in Vietnam twice.

The second one was taken between April and June 1973.
It was for a passport. Back then many people used to
backpack from the US to all over Central and South America.
But, I knew a friend who returned from backpacking all over
Europe, and he told me that Portugal was great, and that he
had a room in a small family run hotel on the beach for $10
a day.

That convinced me...but I was accepted to a college after
passport application and went back and forth. I was several
years behind all my friends, many of whom had completed college
or had done an apprencticeship in a trade.

FromMay 1970 when I got out of the Marines, until either December
1972, or January 1973...i was drinking and doing whatever substances
I could to kill the pain, and hurt of what I had been through.

I am trying to find another photo of the Marine one that is clear.

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