Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What does Wikileaks do for those who rule & thoughts on twitter

What does Wikileaks do for those who rule & thoughts on twitter

First, I must keep referring to the event that gave rise
to these wars of aggression by the US Ruling Class for world
domination. The False Flag attack by rogue elements within the
CIA, MOSSAD (it's all rogue) and the US military, and possibly
Israeli military.

Google 'Five Dancing Israelis.'

It was America's 'Kristallnacht (the "Night of Broken Glass"-9 November
1938),'but the victims were Muslim people's throughout the world.
Muslims were demonized, and this served the Zionist regime of Israel
as well.

What does Wikileaks serve to do? It is far beyond me to offer the
wisdom, or perfectly correct answers. But, I say denying,
and denying the truth of 9/11 when greater and greater numbers of
American's (including US military officers, and architechts, engineers,
pilotsfor 9/11truth), physicist (DR. Steven Jones et al),who have
proven conclusively that the World Trade towers were imploded.

International professionals, politicians and militarys officers have
also said the 9/11 was a 'False Flag' attack.

Yet, Julian Assange denies that 9/11 was a False Flag attack even
when most people in the world see 9/11 for what it was.
Assange calls 9/ll a 'False conspiracy.'

What is one to make of this?
Julian Assange is part of the coverup of 9/11.

To deny what most know to be the truth as he does is to work for those
who wish to keep the truth buried.

Ask yourself. Do you believe the official version of 9/11?

The effects of what Assange does is to push those who seek the truth
away and tell them to ignore it?

Who does that serve?

'Leaking is inherently an anti-authoritarian act.
It is inherently an anarchist act.” - Julian Assange

But what do you call a person like Assange, who is given
centre stage by the media outlets (like the New York Times)
that is the mouthpiece of the US Ruling Class...and he denies
9/11, and tries to get people to ignore it?

He is a dangerous 'snake oil salesman'; that is speech, writings,
or words that are intended to deceive.

He is not, as an honest person looking at the evidence, or willing
to, and investigate it. His words are intended to get people to
ignore inquiry into 9/11.

He is either very ignorant, or part of the machine that seeks to
deceive. I believe it is the latter.

And, the whole trials and tribulations of Julian also help to divert
more people from their own investigations of Afghanistan, Iraq, and what
the Zionist are doing...I mean as in the Irish expression 'To Stand Back'.
That is to look strategically at everything, and focus on areas.

What you won't find on Wikileaks is daily commentary by them against the
war...etc. No. they just have people waiting around for their next
dump, or leaks...which they give to the New York Times to decide what
is best to be released, and as said before the NY Times has a David Sanger,
a member of the Council of Foreign Relations(CFR) decide.

By the way, that means he sits with Dick Cheney who is also on the
CFR. Does not that strike anyone as a little bit to cozy!!!
I offer these thoughts about Wikileaks, and also websites like

In the 1970s when I became politically active against the Vietnam War,
Apartheid in South Africa, and other causes we did not have the internet.

In some ways it was better. Because we didnot spend hours on the internet.
I read, wrote, we met to plan the building of campaigns, and demonstrations.
I wonder if the intelligence agencies are happy with the internet and network
sites like twitter. Yet, i can access important articles that would have taken
me hours in libraries in the 1970's. But, we must organize and plan.

And one benefit of when I first got involved is that we did not have cell
phones, the internet...or what I call tracking devices for the intelligence
services. We did not call each other up about important stuff. we had to know
how to code stuff get it to the person, or know where to meet them and at
a safe place.

As-salaam Peace Be Upon You

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