Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thought of the day 'How hot will it be in Hell?'

I just asked the question out of curiosity.

Is it hotter than being in the middle of the sun?

How hot will it be in Hell?

Will it be hotter than standing in the middle of the sun?

Will it be hotter than standing in the middle of ten suns?

I've no clue, but I think that in time...a few hours after
the Judgement Day has begun I hope that Dick Cheney, Numero Uno
can give an answer.

Or perhaps, George Herbert Walker Bush, or George W. Bush,
or Donald Rumsfeld, or Tony Blair, or General Richard B. Myers,
acting chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) during the
September 11th, 2001 false flag attack,

Or perhaps Robert Gates, former Director of the CIA, and 'the only
Secretary of Defense in U.S. history to be asked to remain in that
office by a newly elected President.' The Empires wars need some
consistency and continuity.

Perhaps the Rockerfellers, J.P.Morgan....

I'm not sure who, but certainly some of these fellas would
be able to say. Hey, maybe Hell is hotter than all of what can be

That brings up another question.
When someone the size, or with the bulk of Dick Cheney gets tossed
into the furnace would that lower the temperature for say ten minutes?
or less, or more? Or would Allah have the heat re-arranged for
those things? you know...like if
he got into a tub of water...his bulk would cause displacement,
and some water would overflow.

If it worked like displacement, then some people might think
it's a cool spell when Cheney and others were first thrown in.

Well, i don't want to even get close enough for him to yell
out the answer, but it only seems fair that there should be a
walkway from heaven, or paradise with a strong type of glass
so people could walk by and wave to the worlds tormentors.

And kind hearted people could also try to offer some moral support.
Like saying, 'Howyadoin (Boston). you're lookin good. it's been 1 week
so far, hang in there...just an eternity to go:-

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