Wednesday, December 22, 2010

These four photos are from the time I spent in the Netherlands Aug 2006-Aug 2010.

No.1 is a photo I took of the Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt (Oude Waag- formerely oude kirk-church) in Amsterdam. I loved walking up to it and seeing it from this
direction. There is a restaurant inside and outside during the good weather.

No.2. This photo is of the Singel Canal in Amsterdam. It is the closest,
or your first canal from city centre. When I saw this woman I was amazed;
she was on a gondola taking a couple in their 60's around on a nice cruise.
She was on my other side...of the bridge behind me.

I nodded to her and held my camera up as if to say can I take a photo,
and she nodded her head no. So, I didn't...for five minutes, and took this looked just to nice and serene to pass up.

Number 3. One of the nice things i loved to do in Amsterdam was to
take a canal cruise. It's much more pleasant than 'root canal!'
And, i found it even nicer after smoking a pure joint. this was a lovely

The last one is of Utrecht. These canals are different from the ones
in Amsterdam. If you look to the left where the sidewalk is barely above the the evenings there are small cafes and restaurants that set tables
out in the sidewalk. You can see the doors on the left where they store things.

I wanted to live in Utrecht for a while, and went there twice to look at
apartments to rent...but they were both scams. What happens is you make a
down payment say €1,500 or more. the landlord scam-artist gives you a key, and
shows you it works by using his/her key, and says you can move in the next

When you show'll probably see several other couples who rented
the same flat, and guess what? The keys don't work! I smelled them scams
and told one of them I thought it was; she didn't protest too much.

The first one said nothing when I asked her 'Do you think I'm that stupid?'

But, Utrecht is lovely.

Amsterdam and the Netherlands is a special place.

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