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Wikileaks:When evil masquerades as White Knights!!

About WikiMossadcialeaks

I offer these are some thoughts. 9/11 was and inside job.
It was the pretext for a policy of aggressive war that has
its ultimate written by Cheney and neo-cons to
encircle and subdue(nuke) China and Russia...and lead to
an American Rome like dominance.

On 9/11 there were four secret military operations run by
the Pentagon, but somehow under the direction of Dick Cheney.

They are Operation Northern Vigilance, which took fighter jets
from the east coast and sent them to Canada simulating a Russian
air attack.

Operation 'VIGILANT WARRIOR' sent military fighter jets from the
east coast to Alaska!!!

Operation VIGILANT GUARDIAN...', simulated hijacked planes'

Operation NORTHERN GUARDIAN 'involved deployment of aircraft
from Langley Air Force Base(Maryland) to Iceland.

All of these exercises were planned several months before 9/11.
It was the deliberate neutralization of the NORAD air defenses
for one day only: 9/11!! General Myers, you are a traitor!!

9/11 provided the pretexts for the first war: Afghanistan.

But, they didn't feel comfortable with that pretext and had
to set up an office of disinformation within the Pentagon
in 2001. The BBC said it was cancelled in 2002. Maybe it was,
or maybe it just went underground.

But the lies and excuses for the Afghanistan War were
coming from the White House.

In 2003 the same thing happened...the after
another WMD's, Niger Yellow cake (sound delicious to me),
mobile weapons labs..all came from the CIA or the Pentagon
and through the White House.

And all...each and everyone of them were discredited! ALL.

Their agenda is still there for the next war, but I believe that
they got clever. if would be a bit too much for another President,
his generals, and the CIA to trot it out again.

Enter Wikileaks. Julian Assange got his start with the
Chaos Computer Club (CCC) a group of hackers which was
infiltrated by the CIA, KGB, Stasi-East German Secret police.

So now instead of the government giving the propaganda, and
justifications as done in 2001 and 2003...they set up a group
of people allegedly dedicated to exposing the truth. You know White

And, along with some real stuff being released what is stuck
into the docs, and pulled out like by the same media that
have been propaganda outlets for the same war party are the things
that will further their agenda.

The Saudi's want the US to attack Iran

Iran is the main danger in the Middle East
Mossad likes that one.

Pakistan is the biggest danger-the US wants to attack
and steal their nukes before it feels it can go on to bigger
fish: China and Russia.

In 1998 the US Congress placed sanctions against India forbidding
export of material that could be used for nuclear material. This was
after India's nuclear tests and the fact that it refused, unlike Iran to sign
the non-proliferation treaty.

In 2005 the US Congress, at President Bush's urgings eliminated the
sanctions against India and agreed cooperate with India in the development
of nuclear power. Meanhile, they are readying to bomb Iran which does not
have nuclear weapons.

There is hardly a word in the released material from Wikileaks
about India.

Nor is there about Mossad's operations in Iraq.
And what about Mossad's role in 9/11? Google 'Five
Dancing Israelis.'

Gaza, West Bank, East

whose interest does this serve?

There is nothing about what the US did in Fallujah that made
cancer rates skyrocket past those in Hiroshima after the US dropped
an atomic weapon on it!!

Who's interest does this serve?

Nor is there any accounting of all the women in Iraq or
Afghanistan who have been raped.?
Who's interest does this serve

Nor is the fact that one third of all woman US soldiers
have been raped. If that isn't a scoop...what is? 1/3!!!!
Who's interest does this serve?

Nor, is the fact that more than 18 US veterans of the war
on terror take their own lives-suicide-each and every day
since 2005...365 days a year. That is 6,570 a year. that's
32, 850 in five years.

Who's interest does this serve?

No, what the NYTimes, Der Spiegel release, and the Guardian
focuses on the next targets. And. somehow they extract the best
bits that further the war policies just as they always have!

What is going on here?

Most Americans realize 9/11 was a False flag attack from within.
Watch some of the new material...videos released recently

Of 9/11 Julian Assange says it's a 'False Conspiracy.'

Who's interest does he serve by this?
The truth, or the lies?

Assange calls Israeli PM Netanyahu:
"a sophisticated politician".

Who's interest is he serving?

Netanyahu is a war criminal and overlord of an illegal

Oh, by the way, the woman who filed
the rape charge against Assange...worked for who]
I forget...but wasn't it the CIA??

Wikileaks was set up from the top down it's not
a grass roots organization.

It's a perpetrator of lies, disinformation, and
propaganda for the next steps in the wars.
There is real information in the and the video
'Collateral Murder' was very good. As a Vietnam
veteran, though, I wasn't surprised by the content.

You can see the same or worse in 'Full Metal Jacket.'

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