Thursday, December 27, 2012

Barack Obama: You are the Biggest War Criminal on Planet Earth

Barack Obama: You are the Biggest War Criminal on Planet Earth

"to initiate a war of aggression . . . is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

Barack Obama you are a war criminal and your crimes

are far greater than the crimes of Bush. It´s like Bush is
jogging and you´re running with the speed of a Carl Lewis.

There were two wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) went you
took office.
Then it was drones in Pakistan; an act of aggression.

Then, the killing of an American, Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen.

No criminal charges.

No Grand Jury indictment

No arrest.

No preliminary hearing before a judge to see if there was a

´case to prove.´

No. Just plain cold-blooded murder!

Barak Obama You are a cold blooded murder with the blood of
innocent people your hands from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen,
Gaza (the United States pays for the planes, bombs, rockets and
ammo that the IDF uses on innocent people). Successive American
governments have been at war with the Palestinian people for decades.

Bush, Cheney, and let´s not forget the military generals and
admirals they are major war criminals because they know
that what they did was thebblog stuff that had German military men
walk the plank in Nuremberg and have a thick rope fitted snuggly
around their throats, and hang for those crimes!
But, you, you promised change. ´Respect for the Rule of Law.´
Does that ring a bell. Those were just bullshit words to fool
the people who were dying for change.

You´re a constitutional lawyer and you have torn the constitution
into shreds.

You declare the unilateral right to detain and imprison Americans
in American gulags with any due process!

You´ve declared the right to, and have in Yemen (Anwar al-Awlaki)
kill Americans with any due process!

You have a ´Kill list´ like some Mafiso.

You are waging war on the whole contintent of Africa to grab
its resources. does this ring a bell?

Following were the charges leveled against the defendants
under article 6(b):[12]
1. Brutal murder and ill-treatment of innocent civilians in
occupied territory and on the high seas.
-Abu Ghraib
-The Salt Pit
2. Deporting civilian population of occupied territories for
the purpose of enslavement.
3. Viciously murdering prisoners involved in the war and
members in the armed forces of opposition countries and
also for killing and ill-treating people on the high seas.
4. Murdering hostages.
5. Stealing and ransacking public and private property.
6. Illegally taking advantage of collection penalties.
7. Recklessly destructing villages, cities, and town and
not being to justify their act as a military act.

Fallujah, Basra...

8. Illegally enlisting civilian labor.

9. Forcing civilians living in occupied territories to swear
allegiance to hostile power.

These were some of the charges at Nuremberg, but they are
the same as what America has done.

Following were the charges brought against the defendants
under article 6(c):[13]

(A) Killing, enslaving, and deporting civilian population a long
with other inhuman forceful acts, before and during the war.

(B) Maltreatment on racial, religious as well as political ground
in execution of and in connection with the common plan mentioned
in count one

You with Israel waging a war against Islamic nations and peoples.

To those of us with any sense of justice the American war
marchine must be resisted and defeated!

     Secondly, all of those involved in the planning of  9/11, which
was a False Flag attack carried out, most likely with mini-nukes,
or neutron bombs to the planning and execution of every
subsequent war must face a war crimes tribunal as did their
predecessors - the Nazis in WW II...

     And take the well-deserved penalties

I stand by this 100%
Paul Meuse
combat Marine Vietnam veteran 1968-1969.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Breaking News:´They nuked New York!!´ It´s War! What are We The Ordinary people going to do?

Breaking News:´They nuked New York!!´ It´s War!
What are We The Ordinary people going to do?
No. I´m not talking about Iran, I´m talking about 9/11.

The evidence is irrefutable!

´Mini-Neutron Bombs: A Major Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle´

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Irish Budget 2013? ´Pushing the Masses into Serfdom´

The Irish Budget 2013? ´Pushing the Masses into Serfdom.´

In a nutshell that´s what it is!

Pushing the Masses into Serfdom, and why?

To pay the criminal Banksters what they demand.

The Banksters created a crises by just saying
we´re in big trouble if you (the People) don´t give
us money to stay afloat.

Then the politicians came before the people and hit
them with an ´economic 9/11 and relayed the message
to the people.

The put it as a fait accompli. You the people have
no choice you have to accept this ´tough medicine.´
And, maybe in a decade or more...things will get

Feck them.
Any politician who is a part of this ´Bankers-want-
more-money schemes, and works for the bankers
in getting it over on the Irish people is nothing more
than a corrupt criminal.

Over €2.Bil in cuts this time...cutting more off the
Meanwhile...there´s over 160 bankers collecting
pensions of €100,000 a year!

Politicians pay is untouched!

They take it from the elderly, children, families
women, men and the disabled.

Irish politicians are corrupt criminals!!!
I´ve seen it on both sides of the Atlantic.
Boston, Chicago, et al and in Ireland.

The people must say NO, and march in their
millions and tell these pimps of the bankers that
No we will not let you destroy our families, our
lives and nation. We consider what you are
doing to be criminal...and since no prosecutor,
police-Garda, nor anyone else will arrest you
then we will and schedule trials...but for the
safety of the nation we will confine you until trial.

I stand by it

Paul Meuse

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Netherlands:Where Santa´s helpers look like black faced Minstrels in America

The Netherlands:Where Santa´s helpers look like black faced Minstrels in America

     I lived in the Netherlands from August 2006 until
August 2010. I was pusuing an L.L.M. but left unfinished.

     There were many things that I liked about the Netherlands.

     I loved walking along the canals; it was peaceful. I really
enjoyed taking the canal cruise boats. They put me to sleep.
The water.

     And, there are so many people that I met and liked and respected,
Paul, from Amsterdam; Ton, from Zaandam; Naima, Saskia, whom
I met at the Prix d´Ami coffeeshop. Jeremy too at both the Rokerij and
later the Prix d´Ami.  It was a good laugh. Guillamo, Josune (?) Too
many to name. Stella, Mary, Jacintha...

     Jackie, from Austrailia by way of Chicago...I have never forgotten
having those meals on Friday.

     All of my teachers at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Harmen,

     The one big shocker was Santa´s, or (“Sinterklaas,” in the Netherlands)
helpers. They were not the elves that I had grown up used to in America.
No, these reminded me of the performers I´d seen in America´s minstrel
shows. White actors and actresses with blackened faces....playing derogatory

     The only minstrel performers that I saw live was in a skit...part of a show
put on at my school. It was a Catholic school, St. Charles Borremeo, in
Woburn, Massachusetts, which is outside of Boston.

     In the Netherlands, Santa, is known as “Sinterklaas.” December 5th is the
day children receive their presents from “Sinterklaas.”  You will not see reindeer
with Sinterklass. He has helpers named Zwarte Piet, Black Pete, who is the
attraction for children.

     I don´t  remember seeing  Zwarte Piet, (Black Pete) my first  Christmas
(2006). I don´t know why...except I was consumed with school, cramming for
exams and more. I also went to Köln that Christmas. But, in 2007 I moved to
Haarlem and saw plenty of  Zwarte Piets. They are both men and women. My
son was with me, and I remember when we walked around a corner and saw
some with children.

    My first thought was that you wouldn´t see this in America, and most likely
not even in Cape Town, South Africa. When I asked about  Zwarte Piet, and
offered my thoughts that it smacked of racism I was told that the black face was
supposed to be soot from the chimneys, but that doesn´t account for the kinky
black hair, or the lips.

     Most Dutch are adament that it is not racist at all; it´s a tradition. But, this
tradition does not have a long lineage. It begins between 1845-1850. The Dutch
outlawed slavery in 1814, yet it continued in some colonies until 1863.

     Both America and the Netherlands among many countries were slave owning
and trading countries, and America´s minstrel shows began in the same era.

     The spread on the civil rights movement in America helped to eliminate many
of the minstrel performances. The Dutch people who defend these racist characters
should ask themselves "What did we do for more than a thousand years until
1850 when Zwarte Piet came into being.

     It is also is this character demeaning. Yes, it is offensive. Can the Netherlands
do without it? Yes, slavery was abolished, and many other negative things. This
one has to go.

     This issue was blown open when Quinsy Gario, a performance artist from the
Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao was arrested and brutally beaten last  November
for wearing a T~shirt that said "Zwarte Piet is racism."

There are some links to videos below

Dutch tradition caught in racist accusations


Criticism of Dutch "Black Pete" tradition grows

Monday, December 3, 2012

´Russel Means Interview´ The best I´ve seen

“Like I have always said we are the Palestinians of America,
and the Palestinians are the American Indians of the Middle East.”
                                                                                  - Russel Means

  Russel Means Interview

Russel Means died on October 22cnd of this year. He was a founder and
leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM) until his death.

This is one of the best, if not best interviews that I have ever seen. He speaks
with eloquence and from a history of fighting against oppression and injustice.

When our family moved to Vermont in June 1987 I became acutely aware that
the very beautiful land that we lived on, even the whole state, and every inch
of America was stolen from the Indian people who had lived there for thousands
of years.

The Abenaki tribe leader Homer St. Francis was a force that stood up for the
native people´s rights, and in doing so help to educate this man. I saw him
on TV, read about him and the confrontations he had with the state when
asserting the rights of Indian peoples.

Though the deed and history of the property we lived on referred to the farm
that it once was; there was no mention that the whole place once belonged to
the Indian peoples. But, I never forgot that, and felt awkward about that fact,
and did not know what was the right thing to do...I have Micmac blood in me -
Nova Scotia, but it is miniscule.

Listen to Russel. He speaks from the perspective of the dispossed...just like the
Palestinian people are. Both the Indian people of what is now called America,
and the Palestinian people are dispossed, and the victims of ´Ethnic cleansing´
A crime against humanity, and also genocide.