Friday, December 7, 2012

The Irish Budget 2013? ´Pushing the Masses into Serfdom´

The Irish Budget 2013? ´Pushing the Masses into Serfdom.´

In a nutshell that´s what it is!

Pushing the Masses into Serfdom, and why?

To pay the criminal Banksters what they demand.

The Banksters created a crises by just saying
we´re in big trouble if you (the People) don´t give
us money to stay afloat.

Then the politicians came before the people and hit
them with an ´economic 9/11 and relayed the message
to the people.

The put it as a fait accompli. You the people have
no choice you have to accept this ´tough medicine.´
And, maybe in a decade or more...things will get

Feck them.
Any politician who is a part of this ´Bankers-want-
more-money schemes, and works for the bankers
in getting it over on the Irish people is nothing more
than a corrupt criminal.

Over €2.Bil in cuts this time...cutting more off the
Meanwhile...there´s over 160 bankers collecting
pensions of €100,000 a year!

Politicians pay is untouched!

They take it from the elderly, children, families
women, men and the disabled.

Irish politicians are corrupt criminals!!!
I´ve seen it on both sides of the Atlantic.
Boston, Chicago, et al and in Ireland.

The people must say NO, and march in their
millions and tell these pimps of the bankers that
No we will not let you destroy our families, our
lives and nation. We consider what you are
doing to be criminal...and since no prosecutor,
police-Garda, nor anyone else will arrest you
then we will and schedule trials...but for the
safety of the nation we will confine you until trial.

I stand by it

Paul Meuse

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