Thursday, November 25, 2010

The people of Ireland have had an economic 9/11 pulled on them

The people of Ireland have suddenly had an economic
9/11 pulled on them by a criminal elite. That is,
those who rule and are responsible for the robbery
of the people that is taking place across Europe and

There are to me, two types of Bank Robberies.

The first is when someone walks into a bank, pulls
a gun and demands the banks cash.

When these type of robbers do not intend to harm anyone,
and take great precautions to this effect, and not harm
anyone...that is an honourable bank robbery. And, I
almost cheer when I read of those types.

During the 1980s my friends, (who were mostly Marine Corps
Vietnam veterans) and I in Boston called these types of...
robberies?...'Bank Withdrawals.' Robberies has such a
bad connotation. After all, when the wealthy plunder us
they don't call that 'Robbery.' No, they call that 'making

Many times it is done out of need, or desperation...poverty.

Sometimes by criminal organizations do the robbing; they are more
efficient at it.

The second type is what we are in the midst of...robbery by the
wealthy elite. They are criminals that use politicians to run
countries and rob the people on their behalf. Politicians are like
a glove that goes over the hand of those who rule any country.

And, if you do not think that this takes place then you need to
read history from the beginning of time. There are two classes.
One is a parasite...the few who actually own and run things,,,

Does the name Rockerfeller, or Rothchilds sound familiar?
they are not the only ones.

They profit from the wars in Iraq, where a whole nation has been
ripped apart, people forced into exile, murdered, raped, tortured,
and much more as happened in the 1930s-40s.

In Afghanistan they do they same, for it has trillions in wealth.

To me, a war veteran, it is about justice, truth and the chance
to build a new world, not a new world order, but one based on
mutual respect of all peoples, equality and sharing of the
earth's bounty.

We must put these criminals away. I am not afraid to die.
It is better to die fighting for freedom than to face Allah,
or God and be asked why we did nothing to make the world a better

To Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan, Mary Harney and the other Mary
and your whole crowd ask yourself this:

if Michael Collins, Harry Boland, Tom Barry and the other
revolutionaries were alive today what do you think they would
say to the Irish people.

We must do what you tell us, or who are these people; they are
worst than the Brisith. I think that you know the answer.
You would be in hiding.

In time the Irish people will rise up, and you will be the ones
trying to emigrate in the middle of the night. But, you must not
escape. You must be tried for your crimes of treason...selling
the Irish people, the country and their future to the financial

To the Irish people if you do not stop what they are doing our
grandchildren will spit upon our graves as traitors for not doing
anything to overthrow these people when we had good examples from
Michael Collins, and all those dedicated revolutionaries.

The revolutuion must be peaceful, but we have every right to defend
ourselves from their violence.

To the Gardaa Síochána, when you club demonstrators you are acting
in the interests of the financial elite who are robbing us. You
facilitate their robbery each and every time you club down those who
protest against our political leader's selling this nation's people,
and their future to the financial elite.

You may think that you are just doing your job, but you must question
what you are doing...and for whom...the same as I did during and after

When you do this your instruments are pointed in the wrong direction,
and the time will come when there will be a split within your ranks
with the greater majority siding with the people of Ireland.

But, as long as the thuggery against the people grows in proportion
with the size of the protests...the people have the right, the obligation,
and the duty to protect themselves from being beaten.

To the American people and the rest of the people of the world you
must stop the criminals who have destroyed Iraq, Afghsanistan and everywhere
that America is waging war like the Third Reich. Not for yourselves,
but for those peoples, and you also are being oppressed.

I doubt that the politicians in Spain or Portugual are as corrupt as
the Irish ones.

It is time for Revolution.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is the cost of War-Iraq Part 1 The dead

My country of birth, the US is waging WW III.
It just has not been formally declared yet, but the US
is waging wars across the globe.

It is these same people who are behind the economic 9/11s
being pulled in the west that are responsible,
or profit from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and
every place that the US sinks its claws
an attempt to exert 'full spectrum dominance' as
Dick Cheney called for in the 1998, and after 2001.
Full spectrum dominance to me is another word for
World domination, and it means World war.

This is the first attempt to show what the cost
of the wars waged by the US are...mostly in Iraq and
Afghanistan in human and then financial terms. But, mostly
in human terms...because that is the way I saw war.

This means how many people have been killed. How many
wounded, maimed, or disabled from my country's war.

How many have been displaced externally and internally?

It is estimated that close to 2 million Iraq's have become
refugees since the war began in March 2003.

There are close to if not over 3.5 million from Afghanistan.
And, over 3 million from Palestine.

I don't even call America 'my country' I have lived
outside of the US since 1997, and not visited it since
1999. I feel like a German in 1936 who got out.

The death toll.

If you google or try to search the death toll mostly
what pops up is the toll of US or coalition troops, which
is insignificant compared to the deaths of civilians in
Iraq and Afghanistan. But, every death is significant to
those who knew and loved that person, and who will miss them,
and a and their companionship, their very being in their lives.

I found that The Iraq Body Count figures are way, way to low.
It's as if the Pentagon were helping to write them. (Maybe
they are) It cites the figures of 98,876 – 107,938.

A much higher number 1, 421, 933 is cited by

To me that number starts to approach the reality.
But, from Vietnam I know that many civilian deaths
were labelled as VC Viet Cong, or The National Liberation
Front. That, is combatants.

There was a rule of thumb in vietnam that I have heard soldiers
or Marines from Afghanistan and Iraq say...that if it's a civilian,
then put, drop a pistol, rifle anything next to the body, and that
dead person was an insurgent, not a civilian. So, many, many civilian
deaths are labelled as insurgents whenever the military can.

What is the real number? I would say closer to 2, million?...
knowing what my government does, and what happens in war. 90% of
the casualties are civilians, and the US military and government
has no interest in the real figures. Or, as General (War Criminal)
Tommy Franks said in 2003 'We don't do body counts.' He had
an obligation under the Geneva Conventions as an occupying force
to do so, even if indirectly.

But, what I will post is some of the stories of how they died;
like the two men who were forced into the Tigris river and
shot from behind. It is the human accounts that are necessary
to make it real for those who have not been to war, or cannot
imagine the barbarity of war

US deaths are listed as being 4429.

There is another death rate. there are over 18 US veterans from Bush's
wars that kill themselves each and every day. These figures don't take
into account those killed from suicidal-like behaviour...speeding in

One story that I remember of a soldier who returned from Iraq is thaty
as he got home there was a huge party thrown for him. He left after
a short bit, got into his truck, drove to a liquor store, bought a
quart of whiskey, checked into a motel room, and after drinking most
of the booze...he pulled out a pistol and blew his brains out.

if anyone feels these numbers are wrong, then please feel
free to correct, or show me other sources, or point out what
I don't know?

I will do the same with Afghanistan

This is a beginning

I may be off twitter for two aunt Helen died. she was very nice and kind to me

Hello I may be off of twitter for two days.
My aunt Helen (my father's sister) died yesterday
(November 22) at 85. It was her birthday, and
was also my father's.

My aunt Helen was very nice and kind to me
always. I know that it was in her nature, but
she was very nice to me, and I felt that it was
because of my dad's drinking. And, I was born a
bit of a rebel, and needed to be to survive.

But, she was a very nice woman to me, and would
be to all. Her husband, my uncle Jummy, was also
a very nice man, and I enjoyed going to their house.
He is ill to with emphysema.

I am trying to put stuff together for an article
on the assault on Fallujah in Iraq in 2004, and hope
to have that soon. I can thank (in my mind two very
Nice Iraqi women for that). One is Layla, whose anger
and losses spurred me to focus on Fallujah.

Friday, November 19, 2010

How Fianna Fáil conned the Irish people to remain in power in 2004.

This is a true story about how Fianna Fáil conned the Irish people
to remain in power in 2004.

This was told to me by a prominent businessman, a close friend of
some senior level TD's (Ministers) in Fianna Fáil. He had voted for
Fianna Fáil in the past, and said he wouldn't after that. He was
just conveying to me a conversation he had with a Fianna Fáil TD
friend a short while after the election.

I believe in was in 2004 that Fianna Fáil was down by
about seven pounts. They made lots of promises to the Irish people.

They said that the economy was sound...and in good health.
That was Lie No. 1. They got back in power.

After the elections Fianna Fáil took back all those promises,
and said that they couldn't have foreseen the economic problems
before the election. That is, that they made those promises in
good faith, and did not know of the problems before the election.

That was a brazen lie.

At any rate the TD told this man that at the very first meeting
after election they were all sitting around a big table a bit tense.

Nobody spoke at first; they were all looking around at each other, and
then the tension was finally broken. A few, and then all, said the TD,
burst out laughing, and it was a huge relief.

His friend said to the TD said Why, what do you mean, and the TD said
we did it, we did it.or words to that effect.

Your man said what do you mean? And, the TD says we made all those
promises. We didn't think we were going to get back in.

We pulled it off. don't you get it? We pulled it off. We didn't think
we'd get back in.

Now ask yourself.

Do politicians lie?

Do you think that a politician
would lie if it would save his, or her skin, and help him/
or her get re-elected?

Now, do you think that a political party would lie to the people,
and make promises (that they knew full well that they would not be
able to keep) if it helped them win the election?

Do you think that Fianna Fáil would?

Do you think that Bertie Ahern, Mary Harney,
Brian Cowen or their ilk would lie to the people to
stay in power? (If not I'd like to sell you a used car:-)

Do you think that we are being lied to now?

That is not much different than rigging an election.

"If this war is so righteous, why don't you send your children?" Mother of dead GI Susan Niederer to First Lady Laura Bush

"If this war is so righteous, why don't you send your children?" -- Mother of dead GI Susan Niederer to First Lady Laura Bush

Below is an interview with Susan Niederer from CounterPunch May 22/23 2004

Weekend Edition
May 22 / 23, 2004
An Interview with Sue Niederer
Her Son Was Told by the Recruiter He Wouldn't See Combat; Now He's Dead


Seth, 24, was in debt after he graduated from Rutgers University in 2002. He joined the army for money and skills that, he was told, would help land him a job with the CIA or FBI -- his dream jobs. "Not for patriotism," said his mother, Sue Niederer, who is now an anti-war activist. She advised her son to get the recruiter's promises in writing. When Seth asked, the recruiter told him, "Your mother wears your pants for you?"

Seth, who had no training with explosives, was assigned to find enemy remote-controlled bombs. He would then call in experts to deactivate them.

He was killed by a bomb in February 2004, after five months in Iraq. Below is a conversation with Seth's mother, Sue Niederer:

When did your son join the military? Why did he join?

June 2002, right after he graduated college. He wanted to go into the FBI or CIA. He was informed by the recruiter that this would be a good way to get into the FBI or CIA. When you put it on the resume it jumps you up a little bit. His father refused to pay last 2 years in college. He was in debt. If you're looking for me to say patriotism, I'm not. They [the Army] offer you the world. They give you signing bonuses. Give you college, upfront money, health insurance ­ [recruiters are] great salesmen.

How long did he serve for before going to Iraq?

Nothing. He had just finished training at end of July. He went to Fort Drum on Monday. They told him on Tuesday, you're gone, you're out. He never had experience being in charge. He definitely did not have training in what ended up killing him.

In mid-October he started going out with his platoon on missions, on finding remote- controlled bombs. They are supposed to call for experts in explosives. By the time you call for an expert, you're deadThese guys are sitting ducks every single day. They didn't have proper vests, the helmets are questionable, they didn't have computers

What were your thoughts on the war before your son left?

I was totally against the war then. My feeling was that it was religious war, guerrilla atmosphere. They could care less about human lives. When you don't care about lives it's a war you can't win. I thought it was Bush's vendetta -- cleaning up his father's mess.

How did you cope while he was away? What were the most difficult parts?

My husband and I did a hell of a lot of talking to each other, a lot of praying, constantly being with friends. I needed something to have a little bit of faith in. At my son's wedding, a gentleman came up to him when he was leaving the restaurant. He walked over to my son, pulled a medal out... He said, "Young man I have no idea who you are This medal got me through Vietnam. This medal will get you through Iraq. Take it. I honestly felt that was the omen I needed. I felt it was going to bring him home. We buried him with it.

All the praying, none of it meant anything.

There was a recent controversy about showing soldiers' coffins on the news. Do you think those types of images should be shown?

It absolutely should be shown. This is the cost of war. This is reality. You hear a number. Numbers don't mean anything but when you see a coffin you know there's a family behind this coffin. That's impact

What is your response to the recent evidence that this war was waged on the basis of "misinformation"?

I wanted to rip the president's head off. Curse him, yell at him, call him a self righteous bastard and a lot of other words. I think if I had him in front of me I would shoot him in the groined area. Let him suffer. And just continue shooting him there. Put him through misery, like he's doing to everyone else. He doesn't deserve any better

Are you worried that Bush could win in November?

Extremely concerned. If this country allows him, we are the fools. We deserve everything we get or do not get from him. We are allowing him to get away with anything he wants to do. He flat out lied to us, killing our troops. He doesn't face the fallen family. If this is what we reelect, we deserve everything we get.

Are traumatized soldiers getting the help they need?

I have friends who have children in IraqThis is taking one heck of a toll upon the men. I've heard this many times from many friends. It's the same thing--that they become mentally unstable. He's not only a danger to himself, he's a danger to the men in his platoon. This is what they don't care about, the affect it can have on men fighting.

Had you been politically active before?

No, I'm not a political person. I vote for the person, I don't vote for the party

What would you say to a young person who was thinking about joining the military? Get whatever these recruiters tell you in writing and make them sign it and take it to an attorney. And make copies, lots of copies. You've got to remember ­ the recruiters have a certain number they must meet for their recruit allotment. To them it's a number.

If you could speak to Bush or members of Congress who support this war, what would you tell them?

Trade places with the troops over there now. You go over there. You send your children, husbands, wives. Let them come back in a coffin. Let me know what you think. You aren't worth being called president. You're not even worth being called Mr. Face me, talk to me the victim of your war. But you don't have the guts to do that.

Were you surprised by the abuses at Abu Ghraib?

No, absolutely notNo one is being trained. Soldiers are getting totally frustratedI think we're gonna see a lot more of this. It stems from the fact that no on one wants to train these people. No one cares to take command of the troops.

Anything else you'd like to discuss?

One thing that's very important is to make sure that we keep up the morale of our troopswriting letters, sending necessities they need--deodorant, soup, food, candy The minute you lose [morale], boy these guys are going to get hurt. [You] have to support out troops. Their lives are on the lineI want them to come home to a country that considers them heroes.

Sue's family has set up a scholarship fund in Seth's name, for students going into the humanities. Please send donations to:

c/o Hopewell Valley Community Bank
4 state highway route 31
Pennington, NJ 08534

Elizabeth Weill-Greenburg is a graduate student at the Medill School of Journalism. Her work has been published in In These Times, The Nation and She working on a book about military families who oppose the Iraq war.

Weekend Edition Features for May 15 / 16, 2004

Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Day-Remembrance Day

I was unable to write about what I was used to calling 'Veterans Day'
in the US before the day. I got out of the Marines in May 1970.
I think that I was in one, maybe two parades, and that was it.

I felt like I was just giving my country's leaders, and their war
credibility. All that happened after a parade to 'honour the dead' was
a big, if not massive drinking fest at the local vets clubs.

I drank lots then, from may 1970 until either December 1972, or January
1973, but I didn't want to dress up and walk down the streets and be a
part of what I felt, (and still did not fully understand) was wrong, and

No matter how my country's leader's praised us, (we were in reality trained
killers, and I knew that), or justified the war-for that is what Veterans Days
and Remembrance Days are all about. Justifying, the illegal. Legaliged murder, maiming, death, destruction, and more...I did not feel well, or good inside.

My remembrances, or memories were, and are to this day of 'The Girl I Met On Christmas Day 1968- DaNang' my first day in Vietnam. And, of seeing child
victims of our war with missing arms and legs, and of that girl who tore my
heart out when I saw her injury. And, that was before I ever touched a rifle in Vietnam. I have always wondered what happened to her.

It was before my friend's hand was blow open two feet away from me while he was
talking, and instructing me on how to safely handle a fuse of hand grenades
left on the ground. Blood flying in both directions...And, hearing a massive explosion as he looked at me while screaming...and I looked astonished, and
we both were in shock.

Veterans Day and Remembrance Day were after I survived nightly sapper attacks
(freedom fighters trying to blow us to bit) by people trying to rid their country
of foreign invaders-us.

Veterans Day and Remembrance Day was after two terrified Marines came running
towards our bunker (on one far end of a jungle ridge in the A Shau valley)in the
dark of night screaming in utter terror 'The gooks(i don't use that word; it's what
they said) are all around us...we're gonna die.'

And, they did die because we did the only thing that we could. We had seconds.
We did what we had to do on our first night on that ridgeline. We put our K-Bars (combat knives) to their throats...and sent them back to their bunker. It was other
Marines the first night, but they said something similar, 'We're all gonna die; they
get in every night.' We were replacing this unit; it was their last night, and they
were letting us know what we were in for.

We evacuated our bunker when the Marines we sent back left. Minutes later their screams tore through the night. They were being knifed by a sapper to prevent their escape before his satchel detonated.

Veterans Day and Remembrance Day came after I had to wipe up human remains-theirs and
the sapper's later that morning. Their is no training for that. It was the most horrible thing I have ever done in my life. It is with me every day. Night and day.
Day and night.

On my way out of the combat zone our copter set down at a distant firebase, and there
in the mist I saw body bags stacked up like cordwood three or four rows high on the tarmac maybe twenty yards long, and I wept inside.

I felt dead and numb inside when I returned home, as the saying goes...'like an old man in a young man's body.' I turned 60 in October and feel younger than I did when I
came home. I couldn't drink enough to numb the pain.

So, I don't celebrate Veterans Day or Remembrance Day

Since then I have felt, and do as I type this that on the Judgement Day and after even if Allah God, and those two men smile and tell me that it's okay...I will still
feel like shit and in pain for sending them back...and all else I saw, experienced
and did.

War is horrible for what it does to civilians as is being done in Iraq, Afghanistan.
Everywhere. And also for those like me who believe in a lie. Both end up traumatized.
the rich profit handsomely off the misery of others.

Unlike other wars my country denied the existance of Post Traumatic Stress until
1980. It's all about money. So, now you know why this veteran doesn't celebrate
Veterans Day or Remembrance Days.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Check this site out. I saw it on Twitter by SubMedina.

It's an excellent list of facts