Friday, November 19, 2010

How Fianna Fáil conned the Irish people to remain in power in 2004.

This is a true story about how Fianna Fáil conned the Irish people
to remain in power in 2004.

This was told to me by a prominent businessman, a close friend of
some senior level TD's (Ministers) in Fianna Fáil. He had voted for
Fianna Fáil in the past, and said he wouldn't after that. He was
just conveying to me a conversation he had with a Fianna Fáil TD
friend a short while after the election.

I believe in was in 2004 that Fianna Fáil was down by
about seven pounts. They made lots of promises to the Irish people.

They said that the economy was sound...and in good health.
That was Lie No. 1. They got back in power.

After the elections Fianna Fáil took back all those promises,
and said that they couldn't have foreseen the economic problems
before the election. That is, that they made those promises in
good faith, and did not know of the problems before the election.

That was a brazen lie.

At any rate the TD told this man that at the very first meeting
after election they were all sitting around a big table a bit tense.

Nobody spoke at first; they were all looking around at each other, and
then the tension was finally broken. A few, and then all, said the TD,
burst out laughing, and it was a huge relief.

His friend said to the TD said Why, what do you mean, and the TD said
we did it, we did it.or words to that effect.

Your man said what do you mean? And, the TD says we made all those
promises. We didn't think we were going to get back in.

We pulled it off. don't you get it? We pulled it off. We didn't think
we'd get back in.

Now ask yourself.

Do politicians lie?

Do you think that a politician
would lie if it would save his, or her skin, and help him/
or her get re-elected?

Now, do you think that a political party would lie to the people,
and make promises (that they knew full well that they would not be
able to keep) if it helped them win the election?

Do you think that Fianna Fáil would?

Do you think that Bertie Ahern, Mary Harney,
Brian Cowen or their ilk would lie to the people to
stay in power? (If not I'd like to sell you a used car:-)

Do you think that we are being lied to now?

That is not much different than rigging an election.

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