Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is the cost of War-Iraq Part 1 The dead

My country of birth, the US is waging WW III.
It just has not been formally declared yet, but the US
is waging wars across the globe.

It is these same people who are behind the economic 9/11s
being pulled in the west that are responsible,
or profit from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and
every place that the US sinks its claws into...in
an attempt to exert 'full spectrum dominance' as
Dick Cheney called for in the 1998, and after 2001.
Full spectrum dominance to me is another word for
World domination, and it means World war.

This is the first attempt to show what the cost
of the wars waged by the US are...mostly in Iraq and
Afghanistan in human and then financial terms. But, mostly
in human terms...because that is the way I saw war.

This means how many people have been killed. How many
wounded, maimed, or disabled from my country's war.

How many have been displaced externally and internally?

It is estimated that close to 2 million Iraq's have become
refugees since the war began in March 2003.

There are close to if not over 3.5 million from Afghanistan.
And, over 3 million from Palestine.

I don't even call America 'my country' I have lived
outside of the US since 1997, and not visited it since
1999. I feel like a German in 1936 who got out.

The death toll.

If you google or try to search the death toll mostly
what pops up is the toll of US or coalition troops, which
is insignificant compared to the deaths of civilians in
Iraq and Afghanistan. But, every death is significant to
those who knew and loved that person, and who will miss them,
and a and their companionship, their very being in their lives.

I found that The Iraq Body Count figures are way, way to low.
It's as if the Pentagon were helping to write them. (Maybe
they are) It cites the figures of 98,876 – 107,938.

A much higher number 1, 421, 933 is cited by

To me that number starts to approach the reality.
But, from Vietnam I know that many civilian deaths
were labelled as VC Viet Cong, or The National Liberation
Front. That, is combatants.

There was a rule of thumb in vietnam that I have heard soldiers
or Marines from Afghanistan and Iraq say...that if it's a civilian,
then put, drop a pistol, rifle anything next to the body, and that
dead person was an insurgent, not a civilian. So, many, many civilian
deaths are labelled as insurgents whenever the military can.

What is the real number? I would say closer to 2, million?...
knowing what my government does, and what happens in war. 90% of
the casualties are civilians, and the US military and government
has no interest in the real figures. Or, as General (War Criminal)
Tommy Franks said in 2003 'We don't do body counts.' He had
an obligation under the Geneva Conventions as an occupying force
to do so, even if indirectly.

But, what I will post is some of the stories of how they died;
like the two men who were forced into the Tigris river and
shot from behind. It is the human accounts that are necessary
to make it real for those who have not been to war, or cannot
imagine the barbarity of war

US deaths are listed as being 4429.

There is another death rate. there are over 18 US veterans from Bush's
wars that kill themselves each and every day. These figures don't take
into account those killed from suicidal-like behaviour...speeding in

One story that I remember of a soldier who returned from Iraq is thaty
as he got home there was a huge party thrown for him. He left after
a short bit, got into his truck, drove to a liquor store, bought a
quart of whiskey, checked into a motel room, and after drinking most
of the booze...he pulled out a pistol and blew his brains out.

if anyone feels these numbers are wrong, then please feel
free to correct, or show me other sources, or point out what
I don't know?

I will do the same with Afghanistan

This is a beginning

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