Thursday, November 25, 2010

The people of Ireland have had an economic 9/11 pulled on them

The people of Ireland have suddenly had an economic
9/11 pulled on them by a criminal elite. That is,
those who rule and are responsible for the robbery
of the people that is taking place across Europe and

There are to me, two types of Bank Robberies.

The first is when someone walks into a bank, pulls
a gun and demands the banks cash.

When these type of robbers do not intend to harm anyone,
and take great precautions to this effect, and not harm
anyone...that is an honourable bank robbery. And, I
almost cheer when I read of those types.

During the 1980s my friends, (who were mostly Marine Corps
Vietnam veterans) and I in Boston called these types of...
robberies?...'Bank Withdrawals.' Robberies has such a
bad connotation. After all, when the wealthy plunder us
they don't call that 'Robbery.' No, they call that 'making

Many times it is done out of need, or desperation...poverty.

Sometimes by criminal organizations do the robbing; they are more
efficient at it.

The second type is what we are in the midst of...robbery by the
wealthy elite. They are criminals that use politicians to run
countries and rob the people on their behalf. Politicians are like
a glove that goes over the hand of those who rule any country.

And, if you do not think that this takes place then you need to
read history from the beginning of time. There are two classes.
One is a parasite...the few who actually own and run things,,,

Does the name Rockerfeller, or Rothchilds sound familiar?
they are not the only ones.

They profit from the wars in Iraq, where a whole nation has been
ripped apart, people forced into exile, murdered, raped, tortured,
and much more as happened in the 1930s-40s.

In Afghanistan they do they same, for it has trillions in wealth.

To me, a war veteran, it is about justice, truth and the chance
to build a new world, not a new world order, but one based on
mutual respect of all peoples, equality and sharing of the
earth's bounty.

We must put these criminals away. I am not afraid to die.
It is better to die fighting for freedom than to face Allah,
or God and be asked why we did nothing to make the world a better

To Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan, Mary Harney and the other Mary
and your whole crowd ask yourself this:

if Michael Collins, Harry Boland, Tom Barry and the other
revolutionaries were alive today what do you think they would
say to the Irish people.

We must do what you tell us, or who are these people; they are
worst than the Brisith. I think that you know the answer.
You would be in hiding.

In time the Irish people will rise up, and you will be the ones
trying to emigrate in the middle of the night. But, you must not
escape. You must be tried for your crimes of treason...selling
the Irish people, the country and their future to the financial

To the Irish people if you do not stop what they are doing our
grandchildren will spit upon our graves as traitors for not doing
anything to overthrow these people when we had good examples from
Michael Collins, and all those dedicated revolutionaries.

The revolutuion must be peaceful, but we have every right to defend
ourselves from their violence.

To the Gardaa Síochána, when you club demonstrators you are acting
in the interests of the financial elite who are robbing us. You
facilitate their robbery each and every time you club down those who
protest against our political leader's selling this nation's people,
and their future to the financial elite.

You may think that you are just doing your job, but you must question
what you are doing...and for whom...the same as I did during and after

When you do this your instruments are pointed in the wrong direction,
and the time will come when there will be a split within your ranks
with the greater majority siding with the people of Ireland.

But, as long as the thuggery against the people grows in proportion
with the size of the protests...the people have the right, the obligation,
and the duty to protect themselves from being beaten.

To the American people and the rest of the people of the world you
must stop the criminals who have destroyed Iraq, Afghsanistan and everywhere
that America is waging war like the Third Reich. Not for yourselves,
but for those peoples, and you also are being oppressed.

I doubt that the politicians in Spain or Portugual are as corrupt as
the Irish ones.

It is time for Revolution.

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