Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I may be off twitter for two days.my aunt Helen died. she was very nice and kind to me

Hello I may be off of twitter for two days.
My aunt Helen (my father's sister) died yesterday
(November 22) at 85. It was her birthday, and
was also my father's.

My aunt Helen was very nice and kind to me
always. I know that it was in her nature, but
she was very nice to me, and I felt that it was
because of my dad's drinking. And, I was born a
bit of a rebel, and needed to be to survive.

But, she was a very nice woman to me, and would
be to all. Her husband, my uncle Jummy, was also
a very nice man, and I enjoyed going to their house.
He is ill to with emphysema.

I am trying to put stuff together for an article
on the assault on Fallujah in Iraq in 2004, and hope
to have that soon. I can thank (in my mind two very
Nice Iraqi women for that). One is Layla, whose anger
and losses spurred me to focus on Fallujah.

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