Friday, January 28, 2011

Irish General elections:'shell and pea game'-voting in the same group of crooks

The upcoming general elections that will be put upon the Irish people will
not solve, nor make any significant change to what has happened recently; that is the looting of the Irish people, and their national wealth by the international banking elite. It is a robbery byone class of another class. That is the history
of this planet. But, in modern times the wealthy use politicians to implement
their decisions.

The present government has handed something on the order of over €50 billion
to the AIB, which is surely one of the most criminal banks in the world. And, to
do so our government is stripping the people of the social safety nets that have been built up over decades. They are doing as told by those who truly rule.

Now, we have gone from Brian Cowen to Micheál Martin as leader. Micheál Martin
is a decent person, but he being put forward as the leader because he is the most acceptable face that will once again get the Irish people to vote in the same group of criminals who rob and fleece them. I am speaking mostly about Fianna Fáil.

I care not that people may say that Mr. Martin is different from the others.
He has been a part of the same criminal organization that has been a whore for the bankers, developers and others of their ilk in Ireland. And, yes they are a criminal organization. It is plainly clear now that whilst this government repeatedly told the Irish people that no CIA rendition flights were making stops in Ireland they in fact were.

That means that this government allowed torture flights to stop in Ireland. This country is but a large aircraft carrier in the ocean that is used by the CIA and the US military for such activities. Will this government investigate who
should be held responsible? Of course not, for that would mean investigating, indicting and bringing to trial its own members. And, then sending them to jail. These are the people who are running for office again. They are fugitives from justice.

If you look at the three leaders in the upcoming elections. The only chance that Fianna Fáil has of retaining power is to have someone like Micheál Martin as the leading candidate. It is playing on the emotions of the Irish people; it is
not logic, or reality.

Look at what is happening in Tunisia and Egypt recently. True change will not come about from a change of faces being shuffled about like ‘shell and pea game.’ True change will come about by the masses of people in their millions taking to
the streets and demanding that all of these parties and people step down, and
clear out Leinster House.

Who benefits the most if Fianna Fáil gets back in power? The very thieves,
the banking community, the developers, and those who run this country for their
own personal, or business gain who have run this country into the ground. Add on Goldman Sachs. We are paying for their corruption; and they are making the Irish and the Greek people and others pay for their losses. They are bleeding this
country for their own profit.

Think about this. The Fianna Fáil led government has made drastic cuts in
the social fabric of this country which is to protect the poor and needy while handing over billions to the bankers. They should be run out of town just as
Ben Ali was runout of, or more appropriately escaped from Tunisia with his gold.

As a solution I suggest that the Irish people print their own money, and
to refuse to pay off debts to the banks. To turn have every Irish person to stop paying money to the banks. That is one of their holds on us; and we have the right to say F*ck You; we will create a more just social order that will lift us up to a higher spiritual level.

Secondly, we the Irish people must forgive all debts that are owed to the financial institutions; Personal debts between individuals are another matter;
they should be honoured.

Third, we must prevent evictions and foreclosures by the banks, and other financial institutions. The major banks, with the exception of credit unions
must be put out of business. They are parasites. But, the employees must be fairly compensated.

The things that people of any nation need are food, housing, a good water
supply, and health care services. These are a minimum; and we do not need politicians to provide these. They are an obstacle.

Presently Ireland produces enough beef annually to feed 30 million Europeans.
Ireland is the largest exporter of beef in Europe and the 4th largest in the world.

This country exports about 80% of all its dairy production.

Just as in the great depression valuable food resources are going abroad. We can feed ourselves. We can make better, and energy efficient housing, and we will
not do it by voting in the same group of chumps. If they had any sense of shame
they would step down.

Look at Tunisia. Look at Egypt. That is how we must vote; and hold them accountable for their economic crimes.

Economic treason is treason! If Michael Collins were here today he would have said to someone ‘Write this letter. To all concerned....’

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