Friday, January 14, 2011

Tunisia, Palestine and revolutionary challenges to us all

The events in Tunisia lifted the heart and soul of this person. For it seems
that on this planet there is only injustice, oppression, brutality, racism and great
violence, even genocide waged against the common people by those who rule this

And, it is true in a good measure of the times.

But, it is also out of those injustices, oppression racism, and great violence that millions, and hundreds of millions and even billions of people are stirred to action to make a more just society across this planet.

We are in such times at this very moment. And, while the violence from the evil forces of injustice, racism, militarism, and war from the criminal empire of the US run by bankers, war companies and administered by the intelligence agencies; to the Apartheid state of Israel (which has all the moral legitimacy that the Apartheid state of South Africa once had), and which is waging a Shoa (Holocaust, a Genocide) against the Palestinian peoples; to Russia once again run by the security services for criminals
and the very wealthy (but it was the Russian peoples who in 1917 who waged a successful revolution) to China, which like their Soviet friends betrayed the revolution…all of these things may give fright to all.

Yet, every social movement that has advanced the cause of humanity has had to wade through its own blood because the ruling classes were bent on maintaining the unjust social order on this planet where a relative handful live lives of splendour whilst others live in abject poverty. And, so they met every manifestation or protest of the masses of people, who desired nothing more than a just and humane existence by trying to club it into the ground.

As a boy I watched on TV as police beat and clubbed to the ground brave African-Americans and those who stood with them in their determined march for a more just society. Water hoses and cannons could and did knock down individuals, and even break up some protest marches. And, they used police dogs to terrorize marchers just as was done to prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, 'The Salt Pit' in Bagram, Afghanistan and many other places.

But, they could not alter the inevitable forward movement of the civil rights movement because truth and justice was on the side of the oppressed; it always is, and always has been. Truth is with the masses of people in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, China and most definitely with the Palestinian people.

During the Vietnam War great violence was used to suppress the anti-war protests, and those against the war. But, all of the violence employed could not stop the movement to end that war. And it was when the soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen came out in their thousands, and ever greater numbers and refused to fight that the die was cast. But, mostly, it was the heroic resistance waged by the Vietnamese people, and their refusal to accept defeat. Their example is a bright lesson for all oppressed peoples.

This writer, so eager for combat, learned a lesson on my third night, before I had even gone out into the bush when a ‘salty’ Marine back in the rear for a few days grabbed me, and put a knife to my throat, and said ‘I’ve been watching you the last couple of days. Get that F**king John Wayne look off your face. Forget what you been told. The word over here is ‘No contact. We want no contact…no f**king contact with Charlie. So, if you’re to looking to kick ass, or want a fight you can start right here.’ (he meant with him; and he looked pretty scary) Then he said the most important words which I shall never forget ‘The only thing that matters is to get your butt out alive. That’s all.’

If you, that Marine ever comes across these words...I thank you from the depths of my soul.

I went to Vietnam believing that I was with the ‘Good Guys’ and in a just cause. But, at some point I realized that ‘we weren’t the Good Guys.’ Ever since then I have stood on the side of the oppressed; I mistakenly thought that I was then! I do not care if I die in the fight against injustice, racism, oppression, and war as long as it brings about a more just social order. Read that CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 et al. I just won’t go quietly; you taught me how to fight. And, I learned how to the dark jungle of the A Shau valley when we had NVA sappers within our lines...less than fifty feet away. I am a survivor; I don't go down easy.

Behind the events in Tunisia are the same forces that brought you the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and much the oppression and injustice in this world…the government of my country of birth, America, which is still the ‘greatest purveyor of violence on the planet’ as Dr. Martin Luther King said in 1967.

The poverty, unemployment corruption and political repression in Tunisia and other parts of the Arab world are reflections of what is now happening in America. But behind it all stands institutions like the World Bank and the IMF controlled by a handful of banking families. They are behind the cutbacks in social supports on top of the poverty, unemployment.

This is the New World Order; it is their plan. A handful in different countries from the USA to Russia and China fighting over the resources of the world, and sending the poor to kill, brutalize and oppress the poor of other countries. We must fight them, and make our own world a more just world for all.

It is the intelligence services that create terror and false flags attacks; attacks against their own citizens as occurred on September 23rd, 1999 in Russia. These attacks were planned and made by rogue elements within the old KGB; an attack by the government on its people. These were used as a pretext for a genocidal war against the Chechnya people.

On Sept 11, 2001 rogue elements within the CIA, Mossad and the US military unleashed a series of terror attacks against the American people as a pretext for a series of wars of aggression against the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, and for Israel’s desire to eliminate strong Arab neighbours, and to go forward with its war of genocide against the Palestinian peoples.

And on July 7th terrorist attacks were launched in London most probably by rogue elements of MI6...maybe more.

The purpose of all these attacks is to give our rulers carte blanche in stripping us of our civil and human rights, imposing curfews and declaring those who oppose these measures to be terrorists or supporters of terrorists.

It is our rulers who are the terrorist.

It is our rulers who launch wars of
aggression against other poor people in natural resource rich countries.

It is they who set the terms and call Muslim peoples terrorists.

We must know this. The police forces and army will split in times of revolution,
but without the intelligence networks the despots cannot rule. We must identify
the intelligence networks, secret police forces and arrest and detain them in revolutionary times and treat them with the humanity that they deny all others as does the CIA in its rendition program.

We must realize that there will be losses, even great losses, but we must never give up till we have overcome them and make a more just social order on this planet for all

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