Sunday, January 9, 2011

The right of the Palestinian people to resist their oppression

Watching the Zionist regime (and I say Zionist
because not every Jewish person is a Zionist, and not every
Zionist is a Jew...Joe Biden claims he is a Zionist) of Israel
pummel the brave and good people of Palestine, especially Gaza
is like watching a full grown adult man kicking an 8 year old
child with steel toe boots, and repeatedly punching him or her
with massive clenched fists while the victim has no means to defend

That is like using them as a human punching bag. That is what
Israel is doing to the Palestinian peoples. And, it reminds me of
what Malcolm X once said:
'I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush
people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under
the weight.'

How is it that the people of whom in America and always through history
everywhere stood up for the oppressed, gave comfort to those less fortunate....
have become one of the most brutal regimes...facist when they have made their
own country?

Andrew Goodman, Michael Henry Schwerner, were two Jewish-Americans who gave
their lives along with James Earl "J.E." Chaney, and African-American in Philadelphia, Mississippi on June 21, 1964; they were killed by Klu Klux Klan
members whilst part of an effort to register African-Americans to vote. I cannot
see them wearing an IOF uniform; they stood with the side of the oppressed, and for freedom, justice and equality...the very things denied to the Palestinian peoples.

It should be noted that America has always been a state that sponsored
terrorism. From slavery, and the kidnapping it required to the genocide of
the native peoples to the KKK, and its murder and lynchings America was a
place where terrorist were safe.

It is not that the Israelis are in danger of being pushed to the sea; it is the
people of Gaza that are in danger of being shoved right into the sea, or
running there to escape the napalm, white phosphorus, dime weapons.and more.

No it is not any imminent threat to their existence, nor any existential
threat to their existence; it is a threat that they have created themselves.

It is the way that they came to own the country known as Palestine/Israel.
The 1948 war was not a 'War of Independence'; it was a war of conquest by
people from from abroad, mainly European Jews with military training and
combat experience in World War II.

It is as if they took a fleet of bulldozers and cleared the buildings,
homes and businesses, farms, olive trees, lemon groves to destroy what had
been for thousands of years. What they did do in 1948 is:
-blow up houses and plant explosives to kill anyone who returned
-poisoned wells
-shot people
-massacred people
-ethnically cleansed much of Palestine

and then waged to more wars and stole more of their land, and
despite having one of the most formidable military units in the world
they have the population that have been displaced...and they are committing
genocide against the to rid themselves of this perpetual problem.

It is arguable that what the Israeli regimes have and are doing is
worse than what the South African regime did under Apartheid because they
did not try to exterminate wholesale the indigenous population.

We are coming up to another Cast Lead invasion. the Palestinian
people have every right to defend themselves, and to do so with force;
violent resistance to prevent their extermination.

It maybe that only when greater numbers of soldiers are are casualties
that Israeli society will consider the injustice of the present situation.
In the Vietnam War the increase of casualties meant more resistance from within
the military, and in American society as well.

If other governments in Europe, africa, Asia and the Americas turn a blind
eye and do not confront Israel, then the Palestinian people must show the Zionist's
regime that they, the Palestinians are David and that Israel is Goliath.

Guerilla war if necessary, can stop a larger military power. It happened
in Vietnam. The Russian partisans had very effective methods of dealing with
Nazi tanks. they trained dogs that there was food under tanks, and then they put
mines on the dogs backs.

And where the Nazis Panzers entered smaller roads like those in the steppes
they partisans immobilized the first and last tank.

It is better to use peaceful non-violent resistance to highlight the
barbarity of the zionist regime, but the right to use force is a part of
international law. And, it is the right of the people to not only to defend themselves, but to return to the villages, towns, cities, homes, farms and fields that they once owned.

And, while we are at it the biggest Goliath, the US must be stopped in its tracks from waging aggressive war.

It is right to rebel!

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