Saturday, July 14, 2012

Some Thoughts on BDS...Why is America and NATO Friends Exempt??

My question is ´When is it America´s turn´ to be the target of a
BDS campaign??

How can everyone who is engaging in BDS of Israel ignore the
actions and history of the Government of the United States?

I am a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. I volunteered twice. I have
seen what war does...from Vietnamese children with missing limbs
(mines and cluster bombs; both are bombs), to faces scarred from
shrapnel (the chunks of metal that go flying and kill, wound or maim
people when a projectile (motar, bomb or artillery shell) explodes
and sends metal flying at high speed.

The first dead Marine I helped carry had no mark that I could see;
but his face had what I call ´Frozen pain.´ It´s what happens when
the body is hit with a massive explosion that causes instant death.
His was from a mine left over from the French-Indochina War.

I saw others like ´The Girl I Met on Christmas Day 1968-Da Nang.´   Her eye was missing, and she did not have so
much as a patch...something that would´ve cost less than $1.00. She
didn´t wear an American uniform!

I saw how nervous the Vietnamese people were in Da Nang, Mai Loc,
Quang Tri, or Cam Lo ville because they had so many heavily armed
troops (young 18-22 year olds like me) all around. And, we literally
had a license to kill.

The U.S. sprayed about 20 million gallons of Dioxin (better known as
Agent Orange) all over Vietnam, the eastern part of Laos and Cambodia.
Estimates are that between 1962-1971 it killed or maimed 400,000 and
another 500,000 children were born with severe birth defects.

Dioxin changes peoples genes, and does the same with animals, fish...
anything it comes into contact with.

No one has ever been held accountable for those crimes, including what
Justice Robert H. Jackson, the Chief US Prosecutor at Nuremberg called
´The Supreme Crime´ under international law: the planning, preparation
and execution of an aggressive war.

The United States conducted a four (4) year long ´secret war´ bombing
campaign in Cambodia. No one has ever been held accountable for that.
Yet, the US and its NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) allies
demanded that Pol Pot be dragged before a tribunal on charges of ´genocide.´
That´s very rich.

The United States has been involved in Nicaragua´s affairs since 1850! In
1912 the US sent troops there. This is what Major General Smedley D. Butler
who led the troops into Nicaragua later had to say about the reasons for the
invasion and occupation:
I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers
in 1909-1912. Finally in 1979 the revolutionary forces of the Sandinista´s-a
peoples revolution  took back control of their country. Then the United States
under Ronald Reagan and the CIA created, trained, armed, financed and
directed the ´Contra´s (Counter revolutionaries..but called ´freedom fighters´
by Reagan), and waged  war against Nicaragua for almost a decade.

By the way the U.S. and CIA created al-Qaeda BEFORE the Soviet Union
went into Afghanistan in 1979. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's National
Security Advisor from 1976-1980 said that his goal was to drag the Soviet
Union into their Vietnam. to that end they (CIA) created, trained, armed,
financed and directed a group who came to become known as the Mujahideen,
and later al-Qaeda.

Their first goal was to cause enough internal instability to get the Soviet Union
into Afghanistan.  It´s ´The Supreme Crime´ under international law: the
planning, preparation and execution of an aggressive war!!

We now see this type of action going on from Libya to Iran.

In the 1970s I protested against the South African Apartheid regime.

But my question now is when does the US and it´s NATO puppets rate-
deserve a BDS campaign to be directed against them?

The Israeli invasion, occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine was
supported 100% and still is by the U.S. and its allies.

Look what the U.S. has done since 2001 alone and now its allies in
Libya, Syria...When the F*ck will people do the same to the US?

Instead it´s ´Buy American.´

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