Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To The Irish People: Say No More to the banker´s Robbery: F*ck them!

To The Irish People: Say No More to the banker´s
Robbery: F*ck them!

     I have been in Portugal for awhile, and am impressed
with the differences between here (and Spain and Greece)
with that of Ireland and the United States in one respect.

     There have been mass demonstrations of tens of
thousands of people in Lisboa, and many thousands in
other cities across the country. They are not passive.

     On 15 September 2012 I saw banners  that read
‘Fuck the troika! We want our lives!’  ("Foda-se a troika! Queremos que nossas vidas! " I believe is the translation).
Ahh, there is nothing like some English swears.

     But, it is relatively silent in Ireland. Raise your voices,
and do not accept what the banks are doing to you!

     Charlie Weston, Personal Finance Editor of the Irish
Independent hit the nail on the head with his article:
"Banks 'despicable' for setting limits on family spending"

     The people are being told that these bailout will help the
country get back on its feet. His article was shocking for it
showed that the banks are telling parents how much they
can spend on their teenage children, ´health insurance´,
´mobiles phones´, ´entertainment´ and ´Christmas.´

     The banks are telling the politicians how much they
must cut so they will, sort of, not ´default´ on the money
promised to the banks.

     The banks are saying
-cut Child benefit
-cut dole payments-increase the retirement age...on and
on and on.

     This is not a "bailout." It is a criminal robbery of the
people and the resources of Ireland. The bankers won´t
go without at Christmas. They will have health insurance,
and they will have Champagne, or wine if they wish!

     If the people of Ireland stormed the Houses of the Oireachtas,
and every bank and had the Gaidai and the Attorney General´s office "Freeze all assets" of the bank. Put Gardai and a people´s
committee with them (to supervise any actions).

     In Iceland the bankers and politican´s who stood over this mess
are being thrown in jail. Iceland - the West´s oldest democracry!

     Why not Ireland. The Gardai know the government is corrupt,
and the bankers as well. Why is there no investigations of the
bankers and politicians before the get a fecking penny!

     The banks run the country lock, stock and barrel. It is up
to the people to take it back and put these criminals where they belong!


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