Saturday, October 20, 2012

UFOs and extraterrestrials. They exist

     I post things about UFOs and extraterrestials, and
other phenomenon because I believe that we
are not alone in this universe of ever-expamding

The Milky Way galaxy is estimated to have between
"200-400 billion stars."  That´s just our own galaxy.

And, there are estimated to be between  100-200 to
500 billion galaxies in the universe!

I believe that it would be the height of arrogance, or
lack of intelligence to believe that we are the only planet
inhabited in this whole universe.

It would be a shame...our loss so to speak if we had
no neighbours.

Mostly I believe that the greatest creative mind
in the universe - God - Allah- created all kinds of diverse
life forms just as we see on this planet from the oceans,
forests to the polar regions.

UFOs are not a recent development. They are not
´weather balloons,´ meteors, comets or mirages like
when you drive on a highway on a hot day and you see
what appears to be water on the road ahead.

Ufos appear in cave art (up to 17,000 years ago
UFO Cave Paintings )


Weather balloon? I think not!

There are many paintings of the Madonna and
Christ child with UFOs in the background.
(UFO Sighting in Madonna Painting )

Weather balloon. Nope.

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