Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Animal liberation...a few thoughts

Animal liberation...a few thoughts

I was in a restaurant when a group of men and women,

mostly men walked in with black shirts with white lettering
and pictures. They all had one thing in common: ´Animal

I lived in the country for 10 years; North Cambridge, Vermont.
And, I learned one thing, and that is that animals live off each
other. They hunt each other mostly at night.
I used to sit outside with a cup of tea at night to watch the stars,
and shooting stars, and every so often I´d hear an animal scream.
It was muted because the hunter killed quickly.
One night a racoon got into the chicken coop of my neighbours.
I found out the next day, and hoped the racoon got the rooster-
the ´cock´ because i´d seen how he asserted his dominance over
the females. It wasn´t nice. He had them by the back of the neck
while he did the business.
The male goose was worse. He got the female in the pool of
water and mounted her while he pushed her head below the
surface of the water. Yikes.
And, a porcupine whacked our Siberian Husky in the face.
Boof! He was dead the next morning. His mistake? He hung
around and climbed a tree. He was taken out the next morning
by a neighbour. Two shots. I had no gun.

But back to the ´Animal Liberators´ I agree that animals shouldn´t
be put in zoos. That also means that if animal lovers want to see
their favourite animal, then go to their natural habitat.

You like Polar bears, then pack and go on an exciting journey.
Be careful, because Polar bears have no fear of humans. Get
out and enjoy nature.

Hey, you like to see a King Cobra? Then, just pack up and go
trek into where they are. Be careful. I did during the Vietnam
War, and believe me I wasn´t looking forward to seeing one.
While on patrol once I saw a viper come out of the grass.
It was green, and as it came on the brown dirt road guess
what? It changed colour to a brownish, then back to green
as it entered the grass on the other side of the road.

I checked me bed gear (kicked it) every night from a distance.
What I thought of while watching these fine men and a woman
who are into Liberation ´Big Time´ is to go up to them, and earn
their trust, and say I know where and how we could score a big
victory for ´animal liberation´ and liberate hundreds.

Then, I´d get a few Vietnam vets like me…meet the liberators and
go to the zoo. We of course would be armed so no one could back
out:- Then, I´d give the keys to the Polar bear cage and say “hear,
let him out, and when you do say ´You´re free brother.´ and shake
his paw.”

Then, there are the lions, tigers, hippos, deadly snakes who are far
Away from home…the same…I say “hey pat the lions, and tigers
head and say “You´re free brothers and sisters.” Try and get on
one for a ride. You deserve it:-

That´s all…did I say my sense of humour was a bit twisted? Do
you think I´m kidding? ;.-

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