Friday, June 15, 2012

Today´s email from Obama ´Get flown in for a meal with me´ Thanks, Barack

My response is below.

Get flown in for a meal with me

Paul --

I'm about to sit down for lunch with a few grassroots
supporters who are being flown in from Arizona, Maryland,
Michigan, and Ohio.

It'll just be me and these four supporters, with enough
time to relax and have a real conversation.

I can't wait.

I'm not going to get to do too many more of these before
November. That's just a fact.

So if you'd like to be there for one of the last ones,
please chip in $3 or whatever you can -- and you'll be
automatically entered for that chance:

Next time, I could be on my way to meet you.



Mr. Obomba, Drone killer, mass murderer,
Bankster´s man whatever,

The short answer is what my team leader in Vietnam used
to say. "I might, but I kinda F*ckin doubt it." That´s
my short answer except I´d leave out the "I might" part:-

It´s like this Mr. Obama, ´respect for the rule of law´ as
candidate Obama said was just Bullsh*t for mass consumption,
and to fool the masses of people who desires real change.

You fooled them as the Bankers wanted. You have as a
Black man with African roots been used to wage war on the
African continent. You have lent yourself to this endeavor.

Respect for the Rule of Law Ya sure, that´s what
drone executions are aren´t they?

No, you have taken over George Bush´s role; you now you
are the decider. You decide who should be killed on a
daily basis.
No charges to prove,
No arrest,
No due process,
No defense attorney,
No trial by a jury of their peers to prove the charges.

You are preparing to wage nuclear war.

The greatest humanitarian crisis wasn´t Libya, nor
is it Syria, or Iran...I think the situation on Gaza,
and Fukushima which has been deliberatley ignored as a
race of people´s survival is at stake,

The stripping of American´s civil rights and personal

and the 18 veterans of these wars since 2001...we don´t
have to include the suicides of Vietnam veterans...
all of these things and more are your legacy, and I wouldn´t
sit in the same room with you unless as an advisor to your
trial for
mass murder,
war crimes,
crimes against the peace,
crimes against humanity
Command Responsibility
and Genocide...Gaza the Palestinian people

But, yoy know what? I´d rather assist the Prosecution!
So you get the picture...I´d rather fast on that night
than to bullsh*t myself and lower myself as a human being.

I went to Vietnam to kill and be a war hero.

But, since returning I stand with the oppressed,
and against what my government is doing

As Martin Luther King Jr., said

"The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today:
my own Government...I cannot be silent." –
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

No chance!!

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