Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Treaty vote. letter sent to Irish Examiner Tue 29 May 2012

The Treaty vote.

As I am living out of Ireland at present I
would vote a resounding "NO" if there.

To the citizens of Ireland ask yourself this:
Who wants you to vote "Yes:"The banksters
(Gangsters in suits),Bondholders to say...
the AIB (Assisting Ireland into Bankruptcy),
and any who stand to profit whilst the people
of Ireland go destitute.

Let them go. Send them abroad on a ship,
and say "Out of here, until you can pay us
back what you have robbed us of!"

Ireland has all that it need to carry on. It
is a rich country agriculturally, it has water
in abundance and shelter can be made. Those
three things are most of what is needed.

In Vietnam we pulled leeches (parasites) off
of our body. The Irish people must say "No" to
these parasites who would have us mortgage our,
and our children´s and grandchildren´s future.
It is criminal!
Paul Meuse
Address withheld

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