Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Time for Action

Some of my favourite movies were the first three Star War movies.
I felt that there was a spiritual message in them...seeing a more
highly developed society...and yet civilization was facing similar
dangers we face today. The threat of an evil force.

Reagan called the Soviet Union the ´Evil Empire.´ It was just pure
PR. By the way WTF was he and Ollie North doing giving Iran...
allegedly an enemy-stinger missiles? Oh, I forgot; it was cash for
weapons and of course the cash came from drug sales too.

But, today, surely the ´Evil Empire´ is the United States and
it operates through NATO (the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).
The European countries are trying to grab back their colonies, and the
USA leaders...the Bank(Gang)sters who are crushing people in debt
are attempting to grab the wealth of Africa.

But, as for Star Wars it is like the USA. It (The Empire) in both cases
assert and their dominance relies totally upon their technological
superiority. And, history shows that that is temporary. But, the
´Rule of Law´ that OBOMBA talked about when he was candidate
Obama were just words.

He as all those before him except JFK (whose wealth was independent
and was killed) did the bidding of the Bankers and industrialsts who own

America is a freightening monster, and reminds me of the words of Sen.
Wayne Morse (Rep. OR) at the height of the Vietnam War...´today my
country stands before the world drunk with power.´

The ´Rule of Law´ that candidate Obama talked (bullshitted) about has been
replaced with Drone missiles. Or, as Professor Bill Quigley aptly labels them-
´unmanned drone guided missiles.´ That´s what they are, and that is the justice
that the United States is administering.

There is no criminal charge, or book of evidence, arrest, a hearing before a judge.
There is no criminal process. OBOMBA like Bush is the Decider. If he decides
that you´re a terrorist, then all of the Constitutionally guarantees to a fair trial, to
see the evidence (national security), be granted a criminal trial with the
PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE has been tossed out the window.

Just like the Empire in Star Wars the only thing needed is that you are deemed
a terrorist by people who go around the globe blowing the shit out of villages,
cities and town, killing people indiscriminately, or with chemicals Fallujah and
Gaza. There is no justice.

They are war criminals. President Obomba I have a few words for you
Go F*ck Yourself. The CIA, NSA, and especially the military chiefs of the
United States I have a few words for you Go F*ck Yourself. You are no
less than the Naxis whom you secretly ferreted out of Nazi Germany at the
end of World War II...many through the Vatican!

In such a world we have a duty, an obligation that is sacred and that is to overthrow
you and the war profiteers and banksters who profit off of the death of Afghans,
Iraqis, Pakistanis, Palestinians, Libyans, ALL Africans..ALL People everywhere.

For me that is the highest calling as a war veteran who has seen the truth of war.
To all, our leaders are no different than the Nazis who with the Gestapo administered
justice by cold-blooded murder. That´s what drones do.

And, my hope is that when the US will be on the receiving end of some...some
people will wake up. ´As Ye Sow: Ye Reap´ the prophet Jesus/Isa said. It is
a law of the universe. Our leaders are not just terrorizing people abroad, but also
at home, and driving them into poverty. They hand over billions of dollars to the
banks and in a trick of words they call that bailing out the country. F the banksters.

We have only one choice in such times and that is revolution. It is not a dirty
word it´s how nations are founded when the old order is utterly corrupt. These
ones are no better than the Nazis who hung from the scaffold at Nuremberg!!

Revolution is the only answer. Resist, Resist and Resist

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