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´Vietnam, 35 years later´ May 7, 2010

This...if the links work, if not google the title:

´Vietnam, 35 years later´

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"Vietnã, 35 anos depois"

When I first saw this my eyes filled with tears
Quando vi pela primeira vez este meus olhos se
encheram de lágrimas.

It was first photo number 5...I felt i must have
looked tougher than he did, but we were both green.

What struck me of the photo is that war strips you
of your innocence first!

Look into his eyes; he is an innocent.

5 ´A young Marine private waits on the beach during
the Marine landing, Da Nang, Vietnam, August 3, 1965.
(U.S. Marine Corps.)' #

Um jovem fuzileiro naval privado espera na praia durante
a aterrissagem Marine, Da Nang, no Vietnã, 03 de agosto
de 1965. (EUA Marine Corps.) #

But it is photo No. 20 that made tears stream down my face.
I know how he felt in a way, But what gripped me was that I
went from the boy in No 5 to the one in No. 20 in less than
two months...and I came home like the boy in no. 20. dead
inside and full of grief

During Operation "Bushmaster", a
member of Company "L", (Ranger), 75th Infantry, wearing
camouflage makeup sits alone with his thoughts while waiting
to participate in an assault mission against North Vietnamese
Army (NVA) forces in Vietnam in August of 1971.
(US Department of Defense/SP4 John L. Hennesey, 221st Sig Co) #

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