Friday, October 8, 2010

A must read:The Clash of Ignorance - Islam Hijacked. by Layla Anwar at 5.10.10

This is my second attempt. the computer crashed, and whenever
that happens I say to myself F*ck you Mossad:-)..or the CIA

Everything that Layla Anwar writes is powerful,
insightful, thoughtful...filled with passion and righteous
anger. She is Iraqi, and as an American I feel angry
and ashamed at what my country has done to her country, and
other Vietnam where I was.

And, I recommend this article

I very much enjoy her disclaimer on her blog.
She also has one ingrediant that is important
and helps people survive the worst. She has a
wonderful sense of humour, so sharp and cutting,
sarcastic..and can poke fun at herself.but if she
were to read this when angry she'd probably say...F*ck off.

The Vietnamese people seemed so nice; they were kind and
very nice people. That's what I came back from the war with
whenever I thought about them.

Because I went to war full of the propaganda, and came back different
I have anger at the fact that most people cannot, or do not want to
know the truth. Nor, search for it.

I did not come back from Vietnam as n anti-imperialist.
I came back a crazy fecker with a huge drinking problem....
I wasn't really crazy. I was having just a normal reaction
to the combat and other trauma I experienced...seeing over 240
body bags stacked up like cordwood waiting for their last journey home.
many were in school the year before...I felt totally numb and dead inside.
like the saying goes...I felt like and old man in a young man's body.

It wasn't just Vietnam. In the naval hospital outside of Boston i was
given a ‘rehab’ job when my dysentery stabilized the doctors wanted a
grunt in ICU to meet and talk to those coming out of surgery. The first
man I met was a Marine who just had all his limbs amputated. As the doctor
told him that the surgery went okay, and he would be all right tears streamed
down his face. He wouldn’t be okay.

He had lost his arms and legs to a landmine. He wasn’t much older than I
was. I did this for several hours a day. So, on my first tour I saw the
wounded on both ends. I couldn’t drink enough at night to anesthetize myself.

I was in a lot of emotional pain...but I wanted to try
and understand what had happened, and why...what was the
war really about...and found my way.

My country is waging chemical and biological warfare wherever
it goes. Fallujah, one of the greatest war crimes in ages, and all
the governments in the West that speak of human rights use that cover to wage
genocide. America is committing genocide against the people of Basra,
Fallujah...from north to south...east to west.

That is what DU Depleted uranium is
they used something in fallujah that has given the population
a higher cancer rate than that of Hiroshima after the vaporization
of tens of thousands.

As ye sow ye reap, Jesus said. Ye reap what you sow.
If you create a harvest of death, destruction, and
genocide America...what shall ye reap?

Edgar Cayce, America's prophet once said something to
the effect of 'Nations that continually make war against
other nations shall have war made against it. Is this not
America...and the UK too..for centuries.

We must not be afraid to wage war against this killing
machine. to do so in powerful non-violent protest is, best
i think because we cannot be like those whom we wish to remove
and set up a just society. but i cannot let someone as evil
as my government juct count on me being a peaceful fellow all
the time if they do bad to me.

The best i've seen recently to remind me of the power of civil disobediance
is 'Sir, No Sir' the suppressed story of the GI revolt during the
Vietnam War.

In struggle

ps if thee's typos guess. use your brain. mine is fried from typing and
writing today

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