Sunday, October 3, 2010

Items wanted

Hello all,

I've been trying to find a Dick cheney dartboard.

I would settle for a George Bush dartboard too. Hey,
maybe there can be a reversible Dartboard with Cheney on
one side and George bush on the other side. That might
not be a bad idea...a good compromise.

I think that the Cheney dartboard would really get
some...industrial(?) it would really need to
be made of some durable material.

It would be a nice to wake up, say a morning prayer;-)
and then, do some stretching, and toss a few (hundred)
darts to warm up.

ITEM 2. Does anyone have a warm toilet seat cover
with a photo of Don Rumsfeld on it? I've tried to find
toilets with his photo on the inside bottom and sides
but it seems like i'm just sh*t out of luck on that.
(oops sorry)I hit post before
I couldn't erase it;-)

3. Any other ideas?

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