Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a tight month...Jesus-fast-Gladys Ryan(1965) You were 100% right

I've made it to today the 28th.
This was one of the leanest months since
I had a 'Fish and Chips at 22:00 on Thursday,
the 23rd. On Friday, the 24th I had a garlic
bread with cheese at 23:00.

Then, i was down moneywise. Saturday, the 25th
I had a feast-1 Cadbury bar and 1 Mars bar at 23:00.
Sunday was 1 Cadbury bar at 23:00
Monday was H2O. Today I got the last €20 out;
didn't know I had it, and got a nice egg salad
sandwhich, with a coffee and 2 glasses of water.
I was dehydrated, and had trouble witht the coffee until
I drank two glasses of H2O.

I don't know how Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert.
He sure as hell didn't take seizure medication;-)

Maybe he had found his own well? Maybe it had squished
figs and dates in the water? Then, he could rationalize
'I didn't eat them...they were in the water. I drank them!!

It's astounding to think that he got by on water.
Come on, Jesus was it really 40 days??
Did you have some figs, or dates hidden,
or did the Angels turn their head when you
went up to a fig tree...and said 'just one;I

Or, maybe he ate a weeks worth of hummus, tabouli,
and such foods before being driven into the desert?
and couldn't move the first 10 days. Hey, I can't
imagine how much toilet paper...forget that.

The First temptation was when Satan said "If you are the
Son of God, tell these stones to become bread."
If it were me i'd a probably said if you can change this rock
into a Foccia...i'll nibble on it;-)

The Second temptation it is said that Satan said"If you are
the Son of God," he said, "throw yourself down. For it is
written: "'He will command his angels concerning you, and
they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not
strike your foot against a stone.'"

I might have done that out of pure desperation...or hallucination;-)

The Third Temptation Again, the devil took him to a very high
mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their
splendor. {9} "All this I will give you," he said, "if you will
bow down and worship me."

I probably woulda said 'Kiss My Ass'...I love a cool lemonade
right now;-)

Am I going to have to answer for this>

The water in the flat..Ireland too makes me want to spit
it out.

(Gladys Ryan (Plaintiff) v.
The Attorney General (Defendant)

To Gladys Ryan you were 100% right
To the Supreme Court of Ireland:
you were wrong in fact in that case...and probably
law. A court should revisit a case in which they were wrong.


  1. Interesting you think that, Gladys Ryan is my grandmother :) Unfortunately she's not well enough now to pursue the case but I've been told it'd be a walkover if she could.

  2. I deleted twice -typos

    Hello Chris, I wish your grandmother well, and am glad that she lived to see that she was vindicated.

    I lived in Ireland from June 1997-August 2006. I then went to the Netherlands until August 2010. So, when I wrote that I was struggling, and though I thought being back in Ireland would be cheaper; it wasn't.

    But, one of the worst things is the taste of the water in the flat. I felt like I was drinking chemicals; flouride. When I was in the Netherlands I met an Irish woman in a restaurant and asked for a glass of water.

    Then, I quickly said I'll have bottled water. She replied 'It's okay. You can drink the water here, and you can even drink it from the bathroom tap. The water over there had no bad taste.

    I grew up in Woburn, Massachusetts which spawned a book, (made into a movie staring
    John Travolta) called 'A Civil Action.' It was about poisoned water from chemical plants that killed a number of children. I lived outside the region.

    And my first time in Vietnam I contracted aemobic dysentary. After that I learned the importance of good water.

    It wasn't just about the facts of flouridation, but her assertion of the right to bodily integrity that was very important. She did everyone a huge favour.

    I read about your grandmother and her case in constitutional law at UCC. To me, it was very interesting because I felt that there was enough evidence when she courageously brought the case to the Supreme Court.

    I thought that the real reason the Court ruled as they did was because the government considered flouridation important.

    I felt then, and now, that there was enough evidence for the court to rule the other way. The only half decent thing that I remember was that the court stated something to the effect that if in the future it turns out that your grandmother was right about the facts, then the court could re visit it.

    There's not a doubt in my mind, nor should there be in anyone's mind that she was right 100%, and the Supreme Court was 100% wrong. Your grandmother was far ahead of her time and had great courage to do what she did.

    I have thought in the past that that decision should still, even now...be overturned, and a health hazard removed. And the water will eventually taste better as well.

    All the Best to you and pass on my respect to your grandmother, and thank you for you comment. I should write an letter or an article for the newspaper.

    I just printed the case to read again, so I thank you both for that.

    I forgot to add that I still buy bottled water;thanks you reminded me again;-