Monday, September 6, 2010

My thoughts on seeing Blair's book in Eason's-Cork

When I saw Tony Blair's book 'A Journey' on sale in Eason's my
first thought was to spit on it,, or as we used to say growing up
'hurl a lungar' at it. Spit on it, but I felt that would be unfair to
those who would touch it, or staff who would have to clean it up.

And, believe me, in a split second i'd checked out the cameras and
people and knew...i could do it, but didn't.

However, I encourage everyone to put the book in the crime section,
or in 'fiction'. Do not damage or harm it. Just place it in the appropriate
section as above.

As for me, the thought that raced through my mind, and i
thaat i won't buy this book because i prefer to see what he writes in
prison. He may actually learn something from a good stretch...25-life.

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