Friday, September 3, 2010

A blog to follow

I came across Layla Anwar's blog through (ICH) http//

ICH is a place i check daily and has good and great articles.

Layla Anwar has articles that i've read before (and Layla-i apologize for not recommending you the first time).

What struck me was her raw emotions and incisive insight.
I felt somewhat the same after returning from Vietnam,
though not able to write coherently (at that time) as she does.

And, though I went to Vietnam 'gung ho' because I truely believed
the propaganda that was fed to me whilst growing up...I soon got
the feeling that "We aren't the 'good guys'"

That was a very strange feeling...and took awhile to
process. By 1973 I was and have been since a member of Vietnam
Veteran Against the War. I was in the June 1976 takeover of the
Statue of Liberty. Twas a wonderful way to see it. No tourists:-)

At a checkpoint that I manned for a short time...just a place in the
road...(Highway 1?) between Cam Lo village and the Marine Corps Fire Support
Base(FSB) Charlie Three. The same road went up to Charlie Two
(our main FSB), and further up was Con Thien. I was not there.

(Before there was ever a Khe Sahn... there was Con Thien! One one day up to 3,000 artillary shells,
rockets and mortars landed on the base, which was, i think, three
small hills...and probably not much bigger than a football field).

I could sense that the women who passed by felt, or seemed intimidated.
I was just an 18 year old boy with a rifle,(M-16)and hand grenades(I
prefer the term 'Frags' as it has another meaning:-) So before women could
get close. I put my rifle M-16 to my left and slightly behind me.

I remembered that at the beginning of the Iraq War when I read about
the constant killings of Iraqi families by US troops. I couldn't imagine
doing that.

When I went to Vietnam two things were uppermost in my mind.
One, was not to ever shoot a civilian by accident.
Two, not to ever shoot one of our own by mistake.

War as I heard in Vietnam is 'Rich Man's War; Poor Man's Fight'.

Check it out if you want to know what we have and are doing to
Iraq and the Middle East

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