Saturday, February 13, 2010

'Wrong, Mr. Cowen, the Irish should resist your cuts like the Greek people

This was a letter sent to the Irish Independent on Sat. 13 Feb. 2010

'Wrong, Mr. Cowen, the Irish should resist your cuts like the Greek people.
(Greece must follow Ireland to solve fiscal woes -- Cowen 12 Feb.).

If Michael Collins and others were to come back to Ireland today they
would realize a simple truth that happens after so many revolutions.
The foreign occupiers are gone, and replaced by our own tyrants who do the
dirty work for those internal parasites, and international bankers, speculators,
Shell and others, and the top 1% who own up to 80% of the wealth.

There is always a choice, Mr. Cowen. To roll over for the financial interests who
in America, Ireland etc., who are stripping the people of homes, money, prosperity
and futures and having it hoovered up to them, whilst vaporizing the most basic
services for the people...and destroying the soul of the nation...and telling them that
the have to pay for recovery.

The Irish people can look at the example of the Greek people and fight,
rather than give in to becoming 21st century serfs. What would the
founders of the Republic do? It is not even their choice. It's the Irish people's!
They can put their bodies in the streets. We can be a beacon of resistance
to others as was done last century.

Why should another generation of Irish be expelled to other lands. Surely,
Ireland would be far better off if the politicians were made to get on the boat
and say goodbye. Ireland is a test case by these financial interests of the
Shock Doctrine...Naomi Klein

Paul Meuse
3 Imaal
The Glen

I am presently in the Netherlands until May 1st. My contact
number (Dutch mobile) is 00-31647437355

Address Kloosterstraat 80
2021 VP Haarlem

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