Friday, February 12, 2010

Israle's Aid to Haiti-O for Gaza

this was a letter sent tinto the Irish Independent of
Feb 9th. It hasn't been printed, so I guess that means
that the subject matter was offensive to Mossad:-)

Dr Daniel Briscoe (Haiti a platform to attack Israel-Feb. 6)
It is not 'the motivation of ' those doctors that is at issue.
Israeli doctors and others who went to Haiti expressed the
best of Jewish people worldwide...genuine compassion, caring
and a desire to help others.

It is the motivation of the Israeli government leaders that is
a legitimate issue. The present Israeli government runs one
of the largest concentration camps in the world: Gaza. That's
what it is: a concentration camp. This is a public relations
exercise ton divert attention from the big camp in their own backyard
where they regularly terrorize the former inhabitants of greater Palestine.

How did things get this way? It was the intent of the
founders of the present Israeli State...

"We should remove all Arabs and take their place".
"I don't see anything immoral in it". David Ben-Gurion, 1st Israeli Prime Minister

He also said: If I were an Arab leader I would NEVER
make terms with Israel...That is natural: We have taken

And that is the source of the conflict. The Palestinian people
are 'The Resistance'. They have been dispossesed of their homes,
fields, farms, shops, everything they once owned. They have the
right to self-determination. That includes the right to return to the
homes and land that they were driven from by terror.

Those who fight with homemade rockets are called terrorists.
But, those who order the destruction of over 11,000 homes,
'280 schools and kindergartens', most of Gaza's hospitals, and
about 700 businesses, and kill 318 children and wound 1,600 more
by F-16s tanks, rockets, white phosphorous, shootings...they are not
called terrorists, but they are.

It is genocide...slow genocide, but it is genocide.

I am a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, and volunteered
twice, and learned that war is pursued to further governmental

Paul Meuse

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