Thursday, February 4, 2010

Letter sent to the Irish Examiner:4 Feb 2010 'Regarding Ireland and the debate about abortion'

Regarding Ireland and the debate about abortion, I have no doubt that if the only persons who were capable of becoming pregnant were the Pope, Catholic priests, bishops, Cardinals, all clergy, all male politicians and wealthy men...Ireland and every other country would have abortion clinics open 24/7.

Every major street, shopping mall, resort…you name it would have a 'Men's 1 Stop Health Clinic'. Some would offer free travel to and from the clinic...maybe even frequent flyer miles. And, there would be a UN Convention guaranteeing the right of men to quality services and access 24/7. There would be no debate!

More importantly, there would be no sanctimonious preaching by those clergy who protect paedophiles within their ranks, and remain silent (including the Pope) in the face of 'mass slaughter' launched by the USA under the guise of fighting terrorism....

The author is a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran.
Yours Paul Meuse

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