Saturday, March 26, 2011

Libya: Why Are Some Dictators Okay, but Others must be Removed?

President Obama has justified America’s involvement in the attack on Libya by claiming
that the United States was replying to a request for intervention by the Arab League and the United Nations Security Council. Obama claimed that the military intervention was to put
“an end to the violence” by the Gaddafi regime against its citizens.

First, when they say the Arab League requested the No Fly Zone the question
That arises is who is the Arab League? They comprise 22 countries; nine of which were former British colonies (Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Sudan, Egypt and Yemen.

The benevolent French (ask anyone from Algeria) owned eight colonies;(Lebanon, Syria,
Tunisia, Comoros, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and Dijbouti.

The Italians owned one, and that was Libya.
Portugal owned a bit of Oman, but Oman was mostly independent.

It should be noted for the reader that the Colonial powers preferred the
term ‘Protectorate’ sounds so much nicer; kind of like a big brother.

But, it should be noted that these former colonies by their weapons that are mainly used against their own people from their former ‘Protectorate’s, and actually the United States.

There is not one of these countries that has democratic regimes; neither does the United States, nor Great Britain, or France. As Vladimir Lenin noted in capitalist countries:
“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class shall represent and repress them in parliament.”

I believe that this is an accurate description.

Almost all of the countries of the Arab League have leaders that do what the U.S. wishes them to do.

Secondly, the United Nations Security Council didn’t request the U.S. and other
countries to do this to Libya. The U.S. and its allies Britain and France, but especially the U.S. wanted a reason to get its hand in to Libya and do another ‘regime change.’ In reality it was the U.S. that went and asked the UN Security Council to authorize this violence.

So, all the U.S. and its friends are doing is what they asked the Security Council to recommend what it wished.

But, if the U.S., Britain and France are acting in a principled manner then why not
Request a No Fly Zone over Bahrain and Yemen for the leaders of these countries have been gunning down unarmed peaceful protesters in the streets. Ditto for Saudi Arabia.

And the biggest offender in the Middle East region, Israel; the country that guns down innocent peoples, and is now waging a war of Genocide the remaining Palestinians to get rid of the evidence of their theft of their land, homes, farms, fields and businesses.

And, if these governments are claiming to be principled and concerned about rulers murdering innocent Muslim peoples, then what about a No Fly Zone over every U.S. military installation, airfield and ship. I implore every U.S. soldier, sailor, Marine and airmen to take control of your duty stations and refuse to fight. More, disarm your leaders, withdraw all American troops from all those lands and come back home.

I believe that what is happening is that the U.S. government through the CIA is getting within these countries and fueling the discontent so that they may remove the leaders that they wish. It is too much of a coincidence that these movements are going from one country to another.

There is CIA involvement.

As for my government wanting democracy; my government never favours democracy.
Democracy may mean a peoples voting to ask you to get out of their country.
I went to Vietnam twice as a Marine Corps rifleman-a 'grunt' as we called ourselves, and I truly believed, at first that we were fighting to free the Vietnamese people.
But, in truth, I was part of a military force that was being used to enslave their countrty, but they fought bravely and won. I am glad

When I returned to the states and entered college I studied African-American history. My teacher was Chris Nteta an exiled freedom fighter of South Africa.
It was through his teaching that I saw the hypocricy of my country allegedly fighting to free the Vietnamese people whilst at the same time being the biggest supporter of the Apartheid regime in South Africa. Israel was the last regime to break ties with the Aposrtheid regime.

What is happening in Norht Africa is the involvement of the CIA. You do not
stop violence against civilians by blasting them with cruise missiles; that only ensures that the number of civilian casualties will soar.

Remember Nicaragua in the 1980s? The U.S. government aremed a group of murderers and rapist called the contras and called them freedom figthers!

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