Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ireland New Elections A New Government –The Winner: The Banks

Now that’s what the Banksters and moneyed interest call stability!

So we’ve had a nice new election. Democracy in action, allegedly. Those
who rule say this is the way people bring about changes and rule. Horeshit!
You know like ‘Change We Can Believe In’ as candidate Obama said.

For instance, Obama promised to have all of America’s ‘combat brigades
out of Iraq within 16 months.’1 He actually promised to end the wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan. About Iraq his campaign website said he would ‘end the war
safely and responsibly within 16 months.’2 That would mean sometime in May 2010
at the latest. The war is still going on. In a sleigh of hand combat brigades
were renamed as providing assistance; but they are still combat brigades.

He also promised to close America’s Number One torture centre: Guantanamo
Bay, or ‘Gitmo’ to Marines long before it became known by that name. Gitmo is
still operating as are some of those ‘black sites’ as the CIA calls them.

Candidate Obama promised to get rid of ‘lobbyist and special interest
groups. Then he appointed Timothy Geithner, the former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. That’s not a US Government bank but a private bank
that runs the country for the profit of the Rockefeller family and others.

What could the Irish politicians promise their people? I saw a Fianna Fáil campaign poster that had a slogan of ‘A Whole New Generation.’ But, under it
someone had placed a sticker that read ‘Of Crooks.’ How fitting. And, I heard
that over one Fine Gael poster someone wrote ‘Reinventing Oppression,’ or words
to that effect.

In Ireland, Cowen and Lenihan told the Irish people and nation that they,
the people would have to cough up about €450 billion ($628,065,307)!! Why?
Because that is the figure set by the banksters in a private meeting.

In America, Henry Hank Paulson, the Secretary of the Treasury came before
the Congress in late September 2008, and told them the country would go bust
unless they (really the American people) forked over $700 billion to the banks
and investment houses. If America has 300 million people who are supposed to pay
the banks 700 billion, then what an amazing fecking crime it is for the Irish
banks and financial interests to tell 4.5million people that they more or less
have to pay the same amount to the banks. It’s enforced serfdom!

What the Irish people are being told to come up with is astronomical
compared to US citizens due to the difference in the populations.

In both cases it involves a criminal conspiracy between the banks and
financial community and the political class. This is one of the greatest
crimes perpetrated upon the Irish people in its long history.

I did not vote because I refuse to participate in a phony sham that is
called democracy. We all know that the financial interests own Ireland; that
is not democratic!

The banking class aren’t concerned, nor did they sweat a drop over who
would win the election. And, they shouldn’t because at this time they control Ireland. To the moneyed interests the government is like a glove through which
they put their hands into and rule by stealth. It doesn’t matter which group
gets into power; the glove is a one-size fits all.

Politicians and the media treat the bankers with great deference as they
pull off the greatest heist in Irish history. If Michael Collins were alive
today our politicians and banking elite would, with the exception of a few be
in hiding; and well they should be.

So, now we have a Fine Gael and Labour coalition government , which has
been described as a centre right (FG), and a centre left respectively. What the
feck is that. I’m not a math whiz, but it would seem that a left and right neutralize each other, so we have a centre. The newspapers go on and on
analysing this new configuration; they say nothing about who really runs the country: the banking interests, both domestic and foreign: US, UK, German
and French!

Will the new government nullify this banking scam being perpetrated upon
the Irish people? No, they’ll do as told. A politician’s main concern and job
is to get re-elected. To do that, they need campaign contributions. Banks do

Take any business you can think of, let’s say Dunnes Stores, or any
smaller business, say a newsagent’s shop. If they make bad economic decisions,
or stupid ones, or barely legal ones, or if market preferences change and they
go broke what happens? Under our capitalist system the norm is either you are
bought out, or if not, you go broke. You go out of business.

There is one business entity that doesn’t, and that is the major banks of
any country. Why? Because they either run, or mostly own the country, and at
the least they have the capacity to bring it to its knees economically as they
have in America and in Ireland. When a big bank gets into financial trouble they call in the government for a little meeting and tell them this is what we need,
and we don’t care what you have to cut to get it. Just get it.

For us, the people, we have other choices. The first one is to truly make
a change of government the way the founders of this Republic did almost a century ago by revolution. There are more than 4.5 million Irish people. How many leading bankers, investment speculators and politicians are there in this country? Just
a mere handful in comparison to the total Irish population. Think about that.

See what the masses of people have done in Tunisia and Egypt have done;
they have brought about revolutionary changes by putting millions of bodies into
the streets and confronting the powers that rule. Their revolution is not done,
but they are on the path. We must do the same.

We should arrest each and every leading banker (I mean the big boys, not
the men and women who run your local bank, and are honest and decent people. I
mean those that rule and control this country. Also, every politician in which
there are more than reasonable grounds to suspect involvement in these crimes.

They must be brought before a Tribunal of the people, and given the
presumption of innocence, and all the rights of due process. They must be
treated humanely, that is, not like the rendition prisoners whom they have let
into this country for a pit stop on the way to a torture destination by a CIA
plane. And they must be treated far better than prisoners are currently treated
in Ireland, which has received condemnation in a recent report by the Council of Europe Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Degrading Treatment (CPT), and also the Ombudsman for Children.

Ask yourself this, if you saw two, three or more gangsters, or mobsters in
a bar having a meeting what would, or may you think? They’re up to no good,
right? Now get past the fact that these criminals who are robbing us don’t wear leather jackets, or necessarily carry guns.

They wear nice suits. You and I pay for them.
They have nice houses, and mansions. You and I pay for them.
They have fancy cars. You and I pay for them.
You get the picture?

We, should in our millions first ask the Public Prosecutor and the An
Garda Síochána to investigate what is going on. Mr. Michael O’Boyce, President
of the Garda Síochána Representative Association (GRA) said that under our politicians our “country’s assets to be “plundered and robbed” by bankers and property speculators.” That is the most honest assessment I’ve seen.

If neither of these two authorities, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, or An Garda Síochána refuse to investigate, then it is up to us
the people of Ireland.

If they will not bring these criminals to trial, then it is our job.

We must not sacrifice generations and the wealth of this country to serve
a small criminal element.
We have a duty, nay, a moral obligation to act and take this country back from
those who have stolen and used it for their private profit. Some have called it ‘economic treason, but I say this: if a politician works for the interests on domestic and foreign bankers, and puts their interests above the people and
nation of Ireland while pretending to represent the people of Ireland, then
he/she is committing treason. Full stop.

In bankers and moneyed interests of a country run and steer the country as
a vehicle for their private and personal profit, then they are traitors to the national interests. And, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish their form of government whenever it becomes oppressive of them, and it is today.

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