Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why I will not vote in these elections:I won't choose which crooks to let rob me!

I will not vote in the upcoming elections,
and here is why.

This country is owned by the banksters, internal
and external financial interests as they have for
many decades.

I don't believe that all politicians are corrupt, but
all are corruptable, or susceptible to blackmail or

But, mostly we in this country are being fleeced and
robbed by financial interests, many of whom we do not
know the names of, and our politicians will not tell
us who they are. Nor, will they tell us the truth.

Fianna faíl have ruled this country for decades for the
benefit of the developers, bankers, speculators, and who
knows who.

While this went on successive generations of the best of Ireland:
it's youth were forced to leave this island and seek a life

How many politicians of the various political parties had to do
the same? None!

How many of the banking class, the developers(unless they were
bankrupt) had to leave this island. Not many. I learned when I
moved here in 1997 that the politicians, especially of Fiann Faíl
would make zoning changes or almost anything for a brown bag of cash.

No favours asked; none given. was the mantra when they were caught.

If Michael Collins and those brave men were to come back here for
24 hours they would be drawing up lists of people...parasites and
bloodsuckers (of society) that needed to be eliminated. That's what
they did less than 100 years ago.

That is how this country won its independence, and the 'Soldiers of
Destiny' and the other parties have sold it for a price.

No election will change the facts that whomever the people vote in
power resides with others who make the decisions. The politicians
are just the ones who implement the decisions of those who own this
country lock, stock and barrel!

Only a revolution will change that fact; no election will.

Only millions of people in the streets chasing this corrupt order
out of power will change that. And, that includes a full accounting,
a seizing of the ledger books as it looking over what's
transpired ov decades.

During those decades these politicians (those at the top) presided
over a system where children were sent to Catholic institutions and
beaten and raped. None of this could ever have happened without the
knowledge of the leaders who knew that many priests and above were
preying on the children of Ireland.

None of this could ever have happened without the knowledge of
some of the senior leaders of An Garda Síochána! I've no doubt that
the overwhelming majority are decent and would have done their upmost
to stop any such abuse had they become aware of it. The rot lies at the top:
political and other institutions.

Now without any investigation to determine if the bankers or speculators
were to blame and what share they should pay our politicians have sold the entire generations in debt to banking and financial interests.

Mr. Cowen was against any investigation.If his house were broken into, and
valuable items stolen would he accept it if the authorities did not want to investigate a major heist? No!

But, he did in regards to this crisis which is a man-made crisis! Over 50BILLION
was handed over to one of the most corrupt financial institutions on the planet:
The AIB!

I will not vote because democracy is a con by the moneyed interests. Every so
often they dangle a few faces in front of people, and say 'CHOOSE.' But, they
continue to run the show from behind.

They did it in America in 2008. Have the war policies changed despite all
the promises candidate Obama made?

No the same people run the show. Just as they did during the Vietnam war.
Lyndon Johnson was 'for peace' but he continued the war that profited his
friends in the armaments industry.

Then there was 'Tricky Dick' Nixon who in 1968 promised that he 'had a secret
plan to end the war; it continued for four more years. Then, he & the CIA
manipulated the American people, and got them to vote Nixon in again. Nixon
promised that 'peace was at hand' and to vote the other guy in would extend
the war. The war truly ended when Saigon was liberated on 30 April 1975.

Leaders lie, and central to a democracy is conning the people into the belief
that voting will bring change, or that voting is the way to bring change.

The only way at this point in Ireland's history is something else: Revolution

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