Friday, February 18, 2011

Empire, Brutality in Bahrain,and People's Revolutions

Up until the point when it became clear that President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak
would not be able to stay in power any longer the government of my country(of birth-I’ve not resided there since 1997) supported Mubarak regime, as it had
since he took power on October 14, 1981.

Mubarak was hailed in the US and western media as a moderate Arab Muslim leader (read cooperative with the US Empire and the illegal Apartheid state of Israel). Another word to describe such a person would be a traitor to his own people and nation, and one who turned his back on the Palestinian people.

Before the Mubarak regime (cut out the Mu from Mubarak and you have Barack…mmm)
the US backed the Sadat regime…years after the Yom Kippur War of 1973 War when
Sadat came to be seen as a moderate Arab Muslim leader. When Sadat signed the
Camp David Accords (1978) it effectively waived the ‘Right of Return’ of the Palestinian peoples. But, this right is enshrined in international law and is recognized under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (10 December 1948).

Article 13.2 states unequivocally ‘Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.’

Article 12.4 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) states ‘No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of the right to enter his own

This was done without consulting the Palestinian people, and it does not change
the fact that they have every right, legally, morally and ethically to return to
the homes, villages, towns, cities, farms, fields, businesses that were stolen
from them.

But, my purpose in this was to touch upon the situation in Bahrain, and reasons
for the brutal repression of the people’s protest. Bahrain hosts the Headquarters of the US navy's fifth fleet. The only reason for the Fifth fleet to be located in Bahrain, or the Gulf region is to maintain the constant flow of oil to the west.
The US military is the main user of the oil. It needs this oil to keep the Empires military machine running.

The other purpose is to monitor Iran, and to be ready to put down any threat to
its (the United States’)hegemony. So the response has been brutal, and I would
guess that every effort will be made to quash the demand for more freedom, and freedom and democracy really mean self-determination. That is, the right of the peoples of any country to determine their own destiny free from outside
interference or control.

The United States does not favour democracy because democracy can mean a country’s people telling the US to get its military bases out of their country. The people of Okinawa have been waging a determined effort to rid the US military from their soil since they were allegedly ‘liberated’ in 1945!

The Empire of the US has its hands stretched across the globe like an octopus,
but like an octopus the tentacles can be cut off one by one by sustained
resistance. And that is the weakness of the US Empire.

Secondly, the Empire can only be maintained as long as it has young men and
women willing to sacrifice their lives, and bodies as I once was willing to
do in Vietnam. But, the longer the people’s struggle for freedom goes on it
makes the troops necessary to maintain the brutal Empire question themselves
and ask themselves what are they doing.

All the weapons of war…every rifle, hand grenade, tear gas, machine guns,
planes and more are only good as long as some young man or woman are willing
to die for a lie. Without them the Empires comes crashing down…hence their development of drones.

Long live the People’s Revolution!

Fight non-violently until the end of this regime; the regime in Washington
which supports dictators all over the world whilst preaching human rights
out of the side of its mouth.

Viva La Revolucion until the people are successful

Paul Meuse

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