Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Veterans of Wars--Make Citizens Arrests of Bush, Blair, et al

A report in the Irish Examiner on Wed. 24 March 2010
by Ann Cahill under the header of ´Irish Reporter attempts

citizens arrest´ of Blair´noted that Dave Cronin an Irish
journalist from Dublin, attempted a "citizens arrest" of
`un-indicted´ former British PM Tony Blair during his trip
to the European Parliament.

Mr. Cronin, congrats. This is a beginning, but it is actions
like yours that are like a `shot heard around the world.´ It is
taking positive and assertive actions that say to those politicians
like Blair, Bush, Cheney et al that they will be given no rest until
they are before a court of law answering for their crimes.

And, we must not forget their legal counsel who suggested and
tried to offer legal cover for an aggressive war, and all that follows...
torture, renditions, killings of civilians, Crimes Against Humanity
War Crimes...

We must not forget the military command staff that planned and
executed what Nuremberg Chief Prosecutor Robert H. Jackson
said at Nuremberg that "to initiate a war of not only
an international is the supreme international crime,
differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself
the accumulated evil of the whole".

I suggest that war veterans form a posse to make "citizens arressts"
of these major war criminals.

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