Saturday, March 20, 2010

Israel: A Boer-like State and Palestinians are paying for the holocaust-more to follow

Israel is a 'Boer' like State.

In 1948 the biggest post-WWII 'ethnic cleansing' took place,
and the world's powers turned a blind eye. It was not a 'War of
Independence' as the Israeli history and media say. It was a war
of conquest. And, since 1948 what Israel has done in 1967, and 1
973 and even today is NO different than what the Boers of South
Africa, or the American government did to the Indian people's.
Ethnic cleansing, and in the case of America...genocide.

As a boy growing up in America the word Palestinian was
synonymous with the word 'terrorist'. I was fed the propaganda
that the Israeli's were defending their homeland from Palestinians
and Arabs who were trying to destroy them completely.

I never knew, and America's media(and the worlds) remained
silent on what took place in 1948

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