Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Avoid LAN Airlines

I am traveling and living in the least expensive places
I can find in España and Portugal after LAN airlines
didn´t let me board a flight to Quito, Ecuador on August
26th, 2011.

I´m trying to save another airfare. LAN didn´t let
me proceed past the ticket booth unless I either bought
a return ticket or a ticket for a forwarding flight to
another South American country.

They had a separate counter set up where people could
purchase either ticket. I was told that if I bought a ticket to
Medellin, Colombia for €350, then I could get on the plane and then
cancel that flight the next day in Quito. The woman said that LAN
airlines would then reimburse me.

I asked if LAN would reimburse me in cash, and they woman said "Oh,
we never do it in cash; we put it back on your credit card." The
problem for me was that I had no credit card; just €450 cash, so
if I did that I would only have about $140 until September 1st.

I thought that I might be able to make it on that, but realized
that they could refuse me entry for ´insufficient funds.´ So I
was stuck in Spain; I lost my flat in the process and am then
found myself living out of cheap hostels or hotels.

I spent 30 nights in Badajoz, Spain; it was a lovely place and I
saved just under €300, but I need another €1,000 tops.

I spend 7 nights in Lisboa, Portugal, a lovely city, but couldn´t
afford €30 a night. I am now in Porto for my first night in a place
for €20 a night. All the places have been very nice, and the people
at this one are great, and the place looks good. If not for a friend´s
help I would be spending nights on the street.

In fact, I have been looking for camping gear as I reasoned that 20-30
nights camping would save much more money quicker. I figured that I could
spend every 4th and 5th night in a hostel that way.

I am trying to save money to get back over to Ecuador. I wanted to travel
in South America; it is much cheaper and would ease my financial burden.
I make more than enough to live comfortably in South America.

I am a Vietnam veteran and I am writing a novel.

It seemed hypocritical for the airlines LAN not to let me board the
flight unless I bought a ticket that I could cancel the next day.
That´s a scheme, or what I would call a scam.

I lost €758+ in airfare, my apartment, and I found out that I am not
the only one that LAN has done that to. It´s a morally and ethically
bankrupt policy for them to do that, but it is also very profitable
for them.

So, if you intend to travel to South America avoid LAN Airlines.

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