Monday, August 22, 2011

Libya another nation overthrown:recolonizing Africa

Libya another nation overthrown:recolonizing Africa

To paraphrase Franklin Delano Roosevelt this is a Day ‘that will live in Infamy.’
August 22, 2011 the day that armed mercenaries created by the CIA, and armed and
trained by US and SAS forces and who else we don’t know with the terror bombing by NATO (read North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) came to be in control of Tripoli, the capital of Libya.

These are very ominous times, and I repeat to all we are in the opening stages of World War III.

The main aggressor is the United States of America. Its co-aggressors are the Zionist regime of Israel, the United Kingdom, France and Italy. Other European powers are bit players and play a supporting role.

On September 11, 2001 the criminal element within the United States and Israel- Zioinists on both sides - (google ‘Five Dancing Israelis - 9/11 Anniversary Edition - Part 1: Mossad Conspiracy’ ) launched attacks within the United States and blamed them on ‘Muslim extremists.’

At that point the plans to invade Afghanistan which were completed in the summer of 2001 were put into place. America invaded Afghanistan and have never left.

In 2003 lie after lie, fabrication after fabrication were put before the American people and the people of the world to convince them that Saddam Hussein’s regime threatened the entire Western world, and was close to developing, or had nuclear weapons. America has never left. The invasion of Iraq was a gift to the Zionists regime in Israel.

Many millions have paid with their lives, and they had nothing to do with 9/11. Want to know?

Who was involved? Get a water board and Dick Cheney! Of course I’m not, nor would ever suggest doing that:- But you better believe he’d spill his guts.

The US instigated a War between Georgia and Russia, (South Ossetia War, Russo-Georgian War-take your pick- in 2008).

The United States is waging a war for world domination, and the only reason most people, historians, lawyers, politicians, military men et al do not in world war III is because the big guys haven’t come to blows yet.

These wars the United States is waging are to kick the Russians (naval base) out of Syria; the Chinese out of Libya and Africa. To initiate a major war the aggressor puts itself in the best strategic position that it can, and that’s what the US is doing.

Muammar Gaddafi was the one African ruler that didn’t buckle under the to the US.

Muammar Gaddafi helped the other African nations become more independent by helping pooer nations with money.

Muammar Gaddafi proposed that all African nations use the same currency the Gold Dinar, not the worthless US Dollar, or the Euro, but a currency based on gold.

Libya had the highest of standard of living in all of Africa .

Unlike Mubarak, Ben Ali et al Muammar Gaddafi was not in the back pocket of the US
And western imperialist.

Gaddafi helped Africa establish RASCOM (Regional African Satellite
Communication Organization), in 1992. Forty-five other African nations
joined in the venture. Libya provided $300 million out of the necessary $400
million to enable Africa to have its own satellite.

Before that Africa paid European countries US$500 million fee annually
to use their satellites. It was a good source of income for Europe.

Gaddafi’s Libya provided US$50 million for the African Development Bank
and US$27 million for the West African development Bank

What Gaddafi did was to try and help Africa become independent.
Today, as in the past, Africa provides the natural resources, minerals, oil
and the like cheaply to the west. It is to the detriment of Africa’s development
as a continent.

Africa has massive amounts of every resource and mineral to make it as
prosperous and industrialized as the richest Western countries. But, these
bankers, oil companies, corporations use the military to try to re-colonize
(keep enslaved by economic chains) the African continent.

The ultimate irony is that they use an African-American president to do so…
to give their actions the fig leaf of legitimacy.

They do not say we are grabbing up your feckin oil; no when they go to war
Nowadays they say ‘We’re humanitarians; we’re trying to protect the prople’
War is peace. Welcome to 1984!

The most despicable part of this is the use of the so-called International Criminal
Court (ICC) to indict those African leaders like Gaddafi who stand up against the
West’s greed for control. Glen ford of Black Agenda Report rightly said that the ICC
isn’t an international criminal court as it seems to have an ‘indict Africans only policy.’

The Libyan people, like the Iraqi, and the people of Afghanistan have had their lives and nations devastated for the sole reason that they live in a country rich in oil and other resources. And, also like Afghanistan and Libya, or Egypt live in a place that is considered strategically important to those powers who seek to dominate the planet.

If soybeans, or green beans were the only crop, or national resource of these countries they would not have been invaded.

What is to be done, as Lenin said? Those who live in the major Western imperial powers must resist and confound every step that their leaders take. At home the Banking class mugs, thugs, plunders, and robs its own people while waging war abroad.

We must wage a non-violent revolution, and once and for all times destroy all weapons from the face of the earth

We must bring the OBOMBAS, CAMERONS, SARKOZYs, NETANYAHUS, the criminals
with CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 and the military leaders who carry out the orders of the bankster to jail.
We must never rest. Truth, justice and peace must reign

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