Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Libya, a talk with a Moroccan friend

I had a talk with a Moroccan friend today, and the subject
quickly went to Syria, and then Libya. My friend is astute
politically and over the years I've learned a lot from him,
and his insights. Just growing up in two different places does
this. He grew up in Morocco, and I was born in Boston, and grew
up in the US.

My friend and I both view the NATO intervention in Libya as criminal,
and also another aggressive war by the US. NATO is the US, and NATO
is an international criminal organization. NATO is an organization
that has nothing to do with defense, and everything to do with aggressive
war making.

At one point my friend mentioned that Gaddafi had to go, and quick. He
reasoned that Gaddafi is very corrupt, and things would be better if he
left soon. He also said that there were many Libyan refugees abroad, and
he said that there were many in Ireland.

On the last point, I had known Cubans when I lived in Boston. Their
families had been relatively well-off and left during and after the

I had also known Iranians during the 1970s who were in self exile because
living under the Shah of Iran, a brutal dictator installed by the US in an
August 1953 coup d├ętat which deposed Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh who
had nationalized the oil industry which the British had controlled since 1913.

The coup was called Operation Ajax, and there are similarities to what
happened in Libya in one respect. An uprising of by armed gangs created
mayhem, and this was used as an excuse to force Dr. Mosaddegh to step down.

The CIA then created in intelligence and secret police force called SAVAK.
It was estimated that thousands of Iranians were killed in the first weeks
after the coup. They were active in the US and could kill Iranian dissidents
with impunity as the US government looked away.

I also knew Chileans who left Chile after the CIA blessed Coup by General
Augusto Pinochet and cohorts. The popularly democratic elected President
Salvador Allende had nationalized the copper mines (Anaconda) owned by the
Rockerfeller family, and he was deposed in a bloody coup.

I have also known Argentinians who escaped Argentina after another coup
in 1976. The Dirty War lasted from 1976 to 1983, and it is estimated that
at least 10,000 disappeared. They were known as 'The Disappeared.' Many,
many in both Chile and Argentina were shoved out of helicopters and into the
ocean below. This tactic was used and perfected by the CIA as an interroragtion
technique in the Vietnam War. And you thought that waterboarding was bad!

I also had friends from the Philippines who had escaped another brutal and
murderous dictator Ferdinand Marcos who reigned from 1965-1986.

And, I also had become friends with people from South Africa who were part
of the African National Congress (ANC). Others were from Guatemala, Brazil,
brutal dictatorial rule, Uruguay...

In every case these people were fleeing either a revolution (Cuba) that
would change their privileged status, or as in all the others they were
fleeing brutual dictators installed by the US.

Before the overthrow of those democratic systems by the CVIA working in the
in the interests of US corporations and banks the leader that they were about
to depose was demonized in the media.

However, some leaders were not demonized, and were held up as stalwart anti-
communist fighters like the leaders of the South African Apartheid regime.
It was the Nelson Mandelas of the world who were called terrorist by the USA.
There are two in particular, the Apartheid leaders of South Africa and the
Zionist leaders of Israel.

The Apartheid regime's best supporter was the illegal and rogue state known
as Israel. Israel was the biggest arms supplier of the Apartheid regime, and
helped the Apartheid regime develop its nuclear program. Israel!! Who would
those nuclear weapons be used against?

No Sharpville Massacre 21 March 1969(at least 69 dead) nor Soweteo uprising
16 June 1976 (176 students killed) upwards of 500 injured, none of these
cause the US to break ties with the Apartheid regime that idolized Adolph

And, in the 1940 in Palestine a steady ethnic cleansing began which is still
in progress today. The so-called War of Independence was in reality a war of
colonial conquest mostly by newly arrived Jewish people from Europe, and led
by others who had lived in Palestine for one to three generations.
With every massacre from Dier Yassin to the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila
with death figures rangind from 328-3,500, to Jenin with low figures of 23
dead and 52 wounded(and probably much higher) to Operation Cast Lead.

Crime after crime, nothing seems to affect the conscience of wester leaders
when Israel doing the killing. Like the South African revolutionaries who
were once called terrorist by the West, so too with the Palestinians
whenever they lift their hand to resist oppression and the genocide that
is being committed against them!

So, To get back to my friend I reminded him that Gaddafi was demonized on
totally unproven claims...rape and massacrers. The Russian satellites
disproved the alleged massacres, and NATO could not reply to that. But, the
war had already begun. I told my friend that NATO is waging aggressive war
against Libya and the Libyan people. The war party that brought war to
Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, and now Libya are trying to
assassinate Gaddafi.

Even progressive people were talking about the need for Gadaffi to go
forgetting that this is part of a broader US agenda, and the European
re-colonization of Africa! This was a pre-planned war. The distraction of
the US military's tectonic warfare on Japan the Earthquake in March that
was the product of a WMD in Alaska better know as HAARP (H.A.A.R.P. Was a
Direct hit on Japan March 11, 2011 Causing Earthquake, Inside Government
Sources Say. was used while the US and it's allies
ignored and still do the enormous humanitarian crisis in Japan.

In February 2004 the US pulled a coup against the democratically elected
government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He was literally woken up
with US troops in his bedroom, and a gun flashed and he was told 'unless
you leave we can't protect your life. Then, he and his family were flown
to the Central African Republic and later South africa.

This is the United States, a criminal rogue government that needs to be
dragged before an international criminal court, but as Glen Ford, of Black
Agenda Report said the international criminal court (ICC)seems to have
and indict Africans only policy.

If there need be a revolution in Libya that is a matter for the Libyan
people not the US which is on the warpath in six countries in three continents!

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