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Some thoughts on the illegality of the war against Libya and UN resolution 1973

The illegality of the war against Libya and UN resolution 1973

In April 1994 a civil war began between the Hutu majority (88%),
and the Tutsis (11%) minority groups in Rwanda in roughly four
months 800,000 Tutsis were massacred. This was not an ordinary civil
war, but mass murder and genocide.

During this time the United States, France, Britain, Germany and Belgium
were silent and watched the horror spread without trying to stop it.

Now, we are to believe that the United States, Britain, France, and
Italy are waging a war against Libya for the purest of humanitarian
motives. That is, they are only trying to protect the Libyan people from
a crazed dictator.

President Obama, stated that the purpose of “military action is in support
of an international mandate from the Security Council that specifically
focuses on the humanitarian threat posed by Colonel Gadhafi to his people,”

Obama said that Gadhafi was murdering civilians, and had threatened to
"show no mercy." Well, we gotta do something about world leaders who kill
innocent don't we?

First, there was no 'international mandate from the Security Council.'
Like many UN resolutions of late an 'international mandate' has come to
mean us as in US (the United States) and some friends. Brazil, China, Germany,
India, and the Russian Federation abstained from voting.

It might have been better if Obama said about 50% of the people of the
world aren't in on this one.

Obama also said that (well let's call it what it is NATO-not the world)
‘We have to stop any potential atrocities inside Libya.’ Of course this
does not apply to all places. Fallujah, Iraq where there were horrific
atrocities, and murder and biological or chemical warfare committed by
US troops, on the civilian population in 2004.

Nor, does it apply to Haditha, Iraq where Marines went on a killing
rampage to avenge the death of a comrade. They kicked down doors...and
one young Iraqi girl reported that they shot and killed her father as
he was praying. They sprayed the insides of houses with bullets.

Five Iraqi men were forced out of a taxi, and then shot down in cold blood.
A fourteen years old girl was raped, murdered and burned.

When it was over 24 Iraqi civilians, 11 of them women and children lay dead.
They were killed by members of Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. I'm ashamed to say that and I was with K Co.,during my
second tour of Vietnam.

Atrocities, Mr. Obama? This also took place in Jenin, Palestine in April
of 2002 when Israeli occupation forces massacred Palestinian civilians.
The Israeli's called it a defensive operation.

Obama also claimed that “The core principle that has to be uphold here is
that when the entire international community almost unanimously (almost?)
says that there is a potential humanitarian crisis about to take place'
...and a leader..."decides to turn his military on his own people, that
we can’t simply stand by with empty words,” he said. “We have to take some
sort of action.”

This happens everday in Gaza, the West fact in all of Palestine.
Each and every day the Palestinian people who have lived under an Apartheid
regime are treated in the most inhumane ways by a people and army that despises
them just because of their nationality.

To this Vietnam veteran, war did one thing for me. It showed my the hypocricy
of spewing lofty sentiments and ideals by leaders who are morally bankrupt.
And, that is what western leaders are hypocrites who are morally and
spiritually bankrupt.

The US has been, like the Nazis before them waging multiple wars of aggression.
When Obama says “Gadhafi needs to go.” He is in no position to judge Gadhafi.
What about Netanyahu? What about the man with the Nobel Prize for making
promises that he knew were bullshit, and who promised to close down America's
gulags, and stiop the war in Afghanistan...and who is continuing the war
policies that benefit the Banksters. They are really 'Gangster.' Ditto for
the war industries.

The truth and the context of the assault on Libya, the Gadhafi family and people
of Libya who now are being liberated with Depleted Uranium...the context is that the United States is waging a global war to re-assert its waning dominance.

So one the one hand the US, nor its gangster allies are seeking a UN resolution
to operated a No-Fly Zone over Bahrain, or Yemen, even though the leaders of
those countries sit atop a regime that tortures and murders people people who
speak out. As Admiral Mike Mullen said the US has to treat Bahrain differently.

Why is killing and torture okay in one, or some countries, but not in others?

It is not, but the US and its allies look the other way when its a good
friend. The Headquarters of the US Naval Fifth Fleet which patrols the
Persian Gulf to maintain the oil routes belong in the hands of the US is
located in Bahrain.

Quadhafi has not posed a threat to international peace and security.
The Libyan armed forces and government did not pose a threat to either
Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, nor Egypt, and definitely not the US or it's

Article 2(4) of the UN Charter state: 'All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.

Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter Article 51 allows for individual and
collective self-defence 'if an armed attack occurs against a member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken the measures necessary to maintain international peace and security.

Again, Libya was at peace with it's neighbours and the international community.
Libya was at peace with the aggressor states waging war against it.

There is no cause to wage war on Libya under the UN Charter or Customary international law.

There is no other country on the face of the planet that is a greater threat to
international peace and security than the United States of America.

The US has a world-wide system of 'Black sites' for torturing people. It is in
no position to be pointing the finger at others.

UN Security Council Resolution 1973 is illegal as it is not based on the
reasons prescribed under the UN Charter for taking action.

The Libyan regime did not pose a threat to anyone. It is not the right
of the US, nor NATO to intervene in their internal affairs. The Libyan regime
is facing an armed group trained and financed by the CIA.

Justice lies with the Libyan government in this matter regardless of
what people may think of Gadhafi.

There is far, far more cause to intervene in Palestine to stop the daily
slaughter and dismantle Apartheid.

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