Monday, April 18, 2011

I was sick since 3 april witha flu cold

I apologize to all.

I was in bed the first week of April...from
the 3rd throught the 8th of April, but it was slow
in getting out of my system. Mostly sinuses and a bit chest.

I have a problem in that my way to save money on doctors
bills is to avoid doctors until I know I have to go. The down
side of that is I would get better quicker if I just went to
see my GP. He's a great doctor.

I'm working on articles to get out in the next few days.

Also I've been back in Ireland since August 18th,
and I do not see much of my children, one is 28
(he's been the kindest and we used to have coffee
about once a week until December 22).
We will be having coffee again soon.

My other child hasn't spoken to me since March 2009.
I forgive and love both.

I'm divorced.

It is evil for a spouse to fill the hearts of your own
children with poison or hate by that they see you
(me) responsible for the dissolution of our marriage. If they
only knew!

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